The Rise and Fall of David Icke

David Icke Jews Lizards Strange Idea until you listen to it.

How could a man start by wanting to Heal the World and end up flogging Nazi lies to a new generation of Jew Haters?

David icke's rise to fame and nonsense was greatly assisted by his former life as a professional footballer,  the Media loved to capitalise on his celebrity status as a sportsman and TV commentator.

They didn't quite know what to make of his sudden conversion to New-Age Prophet, but Icke's ill-considered pronouncements on the state of the world and his insistence that he was channelling God were just too outrageous for them to ignore.

David Icke had apparently started to get 'messages' and insights ( which he attributed to God and other spiritual beings)  during the late 1980s when he was a young man
.   Through these he became a Christian Mystic, a person who forms a direct relationship with god without the intervention of church ceremonial, or dogma.

How The New-Age affected David Icke's formative years and controlled his thought processes.

David Icke Says I'm a LoonyYou have to realise the influence of the New-Age at that time.  In the 1980s the New-Age movement had become fashionable. It was a development of the Aquarian Age of the 1960s.  The New Age was then taking Britain by storm. Revolutionary thinking on moral and spiritual values in the modern world lead to fantastically effective alternative healing systems.  Mental self-improvement and psychological self-help methods were being revolutionised with then leading-edge digital biofeedback techniques, and long forgotten perceptions were being unearthed or re-discovered buried in past civilisations (e.g. Chinese acupuncture, Ayurvedic healing, Herbalism, Yogic Meditation,  etc).   

For example, Fritzof Capra revealed in his Tao of Physics (1975)  that the Sanskrit Vedas (Indian Holy books) written 1,500 years before Jesus was born, contain explicit details of molecular physics which underpin science today.  How did ancient religious scribes know of the structure of atoms and the way the farthest reaches of the universe behaves 3,000 years ago before either telescopes or microscopes were invented?  Esotericists believe that it came through Revelation, i.e. direct communication with god.  David Icke thinks that the information was given to us by Alien beings, even though he claims he gets his information on occult things direct from god.  This self-defeating confusion is common in Icke's teachings but his followers are often too entranced to see it. 

How Piscean orthodoxy suppressed the New-Age, and directed David Icke.

Back then, the openness and receptivity of young people to the New-Age wave of self-empowerment was almost universal.  At first the old Monopolies of the Establishment resisted it.  For example, The Sorcerer's Apprentice bookshop, ( ridiculously defamed in David Icke's Webpage attacking the SAFF - see rightmost column ),  was at the forefront of this advancing wave of spirituality and experimentation with alternative religions. The S.A. were the primary source of  books and teaching-aids on little-known ancient knowledge and philosophies in the U.K. for nearly 70,000 souls at the time.   You can read about their open honesty and sincerity of intent and their authenticated history here: 

As David Icke will testify, the Mass Media have a history of ridiculing and falsely blaming alternative beliefs and perspectives, like his own.

  In the 1980s The Sorcerer's Apprentice Bookshop was vindictively slated in the News of the World newspaper for selling 'dangerous' acupuncture needles.  Medical 'experts' tried to frighten users off by exaggerating outcomes;  a misplaced needle could paralyse patients, they said.  It was a lie,  today Transcutaneous Pain Acupuncture machines are sold in Boots without prescription. They heal and help many people. 

It was visionary and ground-breaking people such as the ones who staffed the Sorcerer's Apprentice which helped influence every ordinary person's opportunities and choices in the U.K. today.  For example,  Chris Bray, the owner of The Sorcerer's Apprentice was a member of the United Nations Association. He founded the SAFF in 1988 and, six years later organised a petition of thousands of names for the first climate conference in Rio de Janeiro, taken there by Malcolm Harper, then director of the UNA, which successfully lead to the crucial Kyoto treaty on protecting the environment.  

During that period the lives of innovators in alternative treatments for Cancer were literally viciously destroyed by the Medical Monopoly, today most Oncologists are open to alternative treatments and cancer sufferers can control their own destiny using a combination of both allopathic  and alternative medicine, some highly successfully. 

During those times Icke and Bray seemed to be on the same philosophical and ideological trajectory, as were thousands of other New-Age devotees.  Icke was a major member of the putative Green Party and great strides were being made to alert the population to their responsibilities to the planet.  However,  an alliance between hide-bound religious doctrine and Big Business soon started a backlash.  There was a revolution in personal perception going on and of course the Establishment soon turned against the New Age as it spread previously suppressed knowledge through society to empower each individual. 

The Church was particularly venomous about the New Age and began campaigns to stop it. The Mass Media consistently either ridiculed the New-Age or portrayed it as Satanic.   In one instance, a full page special report in the Glasgow Herald on 6th March 1992, said that the New-Age was re-vivifying Neo-Nazi beliefs.   There is absolutely no link with traditional mystical schools of thought and Nazism, but strangely, four years later, David Icke had begun incorporating anti-Semitic, post-Nazi ideas into his own philosophy and began a new trajectory away from traditional mysticism and esotericism to where he is today.  We will discuss this in detail later but for now back to the young David Icke's formative years.   

The New Age ushered in ideas about the ecology that David Icke adopted.

The flowering of the New-Age is entirely responsible for the current wide-acceptance of the needs of the ecology and care for the planet. The Green movement grew out of New-Age philosophies, particularly the personal relationship with Nature which New-Age Neo-Paganism espouses.  At the time they called them 'tree-huggers', today everyone is a Tree Hugger!  Neo-paganism flourished in the West from the 1970s onwards and its teachings on the ecology bled into many esoteric disciplines. Many people including the young David Icke, riding this wave of New-Age ideas,  saw they had a responsibility to the planet on which they lived. Some, like Icke, became involved in 'growing' the Green Party.

Group-encounter therapy, and other psychological treatments such as the currently in vogue 'Mindfulness' systems relied upon by the NHS today in their new push for Mental Health ( Mindfulness is simply a repackaged form of Hindu Yoga originally popularised by New-Agers ) have become commonplace.   Respect for the Earth and all it's creatures is a basic New-Age dictum.  Strictures on diet and health, though somewhat overdone in certain areas, were based on ancient philosophies like Taoism the 4,000 year old philosophy from which the Macrobiotic system of eating developed and which in turn gave rise to a move away from adulterated foods creating the Wholefood Industry and lead directly to the government's latest food initiatives, 'five a day', reduced sugar and salt, no-smoking, no-drinking attitude to a healthy diet.

Yet whilst the New-Age was fighting to get individuals' rights to knowledge about these principles of choice established the unholy alliance between Christian fundamentalists, Feminist extremists and the political Elite, was becoming more virulent.  In 1987 they invented, yes INVENTED, the very first claimed Satanic Ritual Child Abuse case in the U.K. in Nottingham (the Broxtowe SRA case).  The SAFF has already exposed how this happened here:
and you will be shocked to read how, using malefic chicanery, they hoisted their lies into public debate. 

The Bigots saw the Sorcerer's Apprentice Bookshop as proving their SRA lies to be false, the shop had to be destroyed so they firebombed it.

It wasn't long before, using many deceits, the Child Scare Industry had falsely implicated the Sorcerer's Apprentice Bookshop in their lying allegations.   The S.A. was the foremost esoteric bookshop of the time, known world-wide and with 70,000 clients and a powerful influence on free-thinkers with it's highly respected magazine, The Lamp of Thoth.  One independent observer wrote it was 'the epicentre of European occultism'

Worse, The S.A. actually DARED to stock six (6) books out of their 3,000 book range on Satanism, so that 'proved' they were promoting Satanism first and foremost didn't it?   These idiots conveniently ignored the fact that the S.A. sold far more books on Mystical Christianity than Satanism!  

If the Fundies'' lies about Satanic Abuse were to carry they HAD to somehow drag the S.A. into it and smear them with lies about promoting Satanism. That way they could suppress Neo-Paganism and the New-Age as well.  The despicable and utterly discredited Cook Report was their Ace card.   And it is the very same Ace card which the crooked Jamie Busby tries to re-play in David Icke's Website page attacking the S.A.F.F. today 30 years afterwards!

The S.A. Bookshop fought for the Truth for All.

Of course being ENTIRELY innocent of all blame the S.A. fought back against those lies, both for themselves, and for all other free-thinkers.  Chris Bray realised at the outset that this campaign was not really about child-abuse, for the abuse didn't exist, no cases have ever been found, it was instead about censorship and the suppression of free-speech and free-thought.    Read this to see how it was done:

The more the S.A proved the allegations to be lies, the more lies and opprobrium were heaped upon them by Media lackeys linked to the Child Scare Industry.  To stop the Sorcerer's Apprentice Bookshop from countering their arguments they ganged together to produce the biggest hoax in the history of TV;  The Cook Report's 'Devil's Work'  special, a bag of lies which was broadcast in July 1989.  A week later the bookshop was firebombed by fundamentalist fanatics.  
The idea of course was to destroy freedom of speech and thought.  To destroy those who gave the lie to their fabricated bigoted ideas about alternative beliefs. To crush any alternatives. To stop you thinking freely. To poison your mind against things that might help you in your life.

Ironically, it was this Cook Report programme, originally intended to crush free-speech and curtail New-Age expansion of the type Bray and Icke was then espousing, that the mischief-maker Jamie Busby revivifies to try to 'prove' that the SAFF is somehow linked to some unstated form of abuse. WE ARE NOT.  It was a lie in 1989 and it is a lie now If Busby believes the lies then he must also believe that his 'master' Icke was part of the same thing. Yes.  If you believe lies from those who want to do you down then you will work against your own interests like the knuckle-dragging morons who believe anything the Mass Media puts into print.     Learn about the lies in the Cook Report here:

Before the Cook Report tried to kill the New-Age every spiritual soul seemed preoccupied with Channelling divinity. How David Icke became 'enlightened'

So, as  you can see, during that time very many ordinary folk began to question and look at the status quo.  Before the Cook Report tens of thousands of people experimented with different spiritual beliefs and cosmologies ad hoc.  When  people open their mind to spiritual possibilities in that way a new state of mind ensues. It is called  Enlightenment. Enlightenment is a state of mind where a person's old beliefs and values crumble and are replaced by new insights and intuitions into who we are and what purpose life serves.   The mind reaches into mystical depths and sees far more in 'reality' than that which ordinary observers see.  In Christian mysticism it is sometimes called The Dark Night of The Soul and is outlined in the book of the same name by the 16C mystic St John of The Cross ( you can read it here for free:  )  Interestingly the Sorcerer's Apprentice Bookshop continually stocked a printed version of this important book, it is one of the main planks of the Christian Mysticism, but no fundie bothered to complain about that when they were diverting the publics' attention to the six books on Satanism that the S.A. also stocked! 

David Icke says he's not now the Son of God, he's a snowploughThis spiritual liberation is so powerful that every person who goes through it ( and be sure to know that every single person has the capacity to do so) has a compulsion to try to illuminate and enlighten others so they can perceive the same things and turbo-boost their lives as well. It actually feels like a duty and responsibility to others.    In most instances Enlightened people will work quietly with others in their existing sphere of influence, write books, volunteer in NGOs to help the less-well-off, start forums or discussion groups etc,  but sometimes the rush of blood to the head is too great and a few move into self-delusion. They become self-styled Prophets just as David Icke did.  

On 13 July 1994 David Icke gave an extended interview to Radio City Gold   in which he spoke about the spiritual intuitions and insights which spontaneously were occurring to him and which he inferred earmarked him for greatness. 

David icke Browned Off Green Party Chief QuitsHe said he had to face these spiritual perceptions, which started before he became a key member of the then 'fringe' Green Party which at the time had no MPs.  The impression he gave was that these revelations were 'forced' on him.   The interviewer said that Icke had been sacked from the Party in 1990.  Icke said he hadn't and proceeded to tell about calling together the heads of the party so he could explain his 'Damascus' spiritual moments which were happening involuntarily. 


 At this point in his early esoteric development David Icke was just one of many thousands of 'workers in spirit' who saw themselves as directly connected with the Godhead and were 'channelling' spiritual beings from other dimensions. 

Many New-Agers were developing their spiritual view of the world in ad-hoc fashion, but there is a trap waiting to catch a small proportion of such 'prophets' and that is megalomartyrism. The self-delusion that one has been personally 'chosen' to save souls and lead mankind away from aeonic evil into the light of True Knowledge.  Such megalomartyrism creates a messianic mind-set which throughout history has always resulted in Cults who condemn the rest of society as evil and withdraw from it in communes.   Just as Icke's following does today. 

 Victims of this psychology , like David Icke, tend to talk in mysterious allegories, say uninformed preposterous things and make irrational claims.  Then, when they are ridiculed for being irrational, the self-styled prophets interpret this as confirmation of the sinful nature of mankind and the need to gather receptive souls together in one like-mind or Cult which can be 'enlightened' by adherence to views which normal people in society ridicule.  This is one definition of a Cult and indeed David Icke is without doubt a Messianic cultist who relies, like many before  him, on belief in impending doom (Armageddon) bring others to join him and promote this world-view.  Almost all of David Icke's' supporters appear WASPs  (white Anglo-Saxon Protestants)      

In fact, way back at the start, the Green Party probably judged that Icke's celebrity as a TV commentator might have given them some traction but his increasingly megalomaniacal religious pronouncements about the end of the world eventually made them think otherwise;  as can be seen from this cutting (above) from 1992 when a Green Party leader resigned over Icke being invited to speak at their conference.

David Icke's Loony Period of Self-deception

BBC says no to David Icke, allowing him to spout prophetic nonsense could be construed as exploitationThe early 1990s were hectic years for the Son of God.  He provoked the media with any number of silly prophetic claims, such as that
'King Arthur was Jesus's father and the Devil was born on the moon.'  
It soon became apparent to experienced mystics that David Icke was being directed not by the Godhead,  but by counterfeit Astral Shells who were moving him so far away from reality that even those who had capitalised on his loony pronouncements began to fear he might be slipping into a Bizarro World of his own making.  Which is why the BBC eventually put a stop to it (see cutting right) by refusing to give him air-time because it would be exploitation.

It was at this point that genuine life-long esotericists began to look askance at David Icke and watch the corruption of his original message.  At one time he had been part of the New-Age community, now he was slowly moving into a world of his own without reference to the Historical Truths on which the New-Age was based.  Taking old Theosophical teachings and repackaging and twisting them to suit his view of the world.

Neighbour Tunes into Icke's Thoughts Through his Hi-Fi

David Icke Talks to me via my music centre speakersSelf-delusion is one of the major stumbling blocks of all mystical experiences and occultists and New-Agers work hard to avoid it.  David Icke, didn't work hard enough, stumbling about on his own and having his ego massaged by an increasing number of rather eccentric fans  he probably didn't see how his mentality and insight were subtly changing. The cutting here (right) about a neighbour of Icke who said Icke spoke to him through his sound-system's speakers, shows how, even as early as 1992,  Icke was attracting nutters and irrational followers who would believe the most outrageous things without any rational discourse.   A new 'Flat Earth' society in the making.

David Icke clashes with Orthodoxy who term the New-Age evil.

In a revealing article by the New-Age magazine Mind,Body,Soul in the early part of 1993 Icke went 'head to head' with the Reverend Kevin Logan, a Church of England vicar and evangelist who was very active in the 1990s in promoting the  false idea of a Secret network of Satanists who were sexually Abusing and killing Children in their ceremonies.  Logan had earlier taken part in the infamous Cook Report, The Devil's Work in 1989 which foisted the Satanic Hoax onto Britain.  (See: ) 

And , ironically, it was this discredited TV programme which David Icke's ignorant Staff Reporter, Jamie Busby,  rehashed to set up vicious untruths against the  SAFF today, 30 years later! 

David Icke goes head to head with Kevin Logan in Mind, Body Soul, magazineThe Satanic Ritual Child Abuse Hoax was still at it's height when Logan and Icke were giving these opposed interviews about the New-Age.  However , surprisingly, Satanism and Satanic Abuse  was not mentioned once in this article by either Icke or Logan. 

The Cook Report SRA Hoax ended when the government published its definitive report on the Satanic accusations in 1994
(Prof. La Fontaine. The Extent and Nature of Ritualised Abuse in the United Kingdom) which found that SRA did not exist in any of the claimed cases pointed out by the Cook Report and Logan. It further concluded that claims of SRA were invented by Christian fundamentalists like Logan to counter the growing interest in the New-Age.  And that's official folks!

No Mention of The Hot Topic of Satanic Abuse

Although Logan was a key player in this campaign there was absolutely no mention of Satanic Abuse from either Icke or Logan in this four page Mind,Body,Soul article.  That is very pertinent considering that the Media had been publishing controversial articles on SRA almost daily for the preceding few years.  

Kevin Logan Close Encounters with the New AgeInstead , the article contained David Icke's homespun New-Age philosophy and this was pitted against Logan's evangelistic Christianity.   Logan was adamantly anti New-Age and he deemed it a gateway to Satanism.

It was of course a fraudulent comparison because both David Icke and Kevin Logan were ardent Christians, the difference was that Logan was a traditional Church of England  vicar and Icke was a freestyle evangelist.
  Both were watching their Ps and Qs.  Logan portrayed himself as ecumenical, tolerant of other beliefs and welcoming of converts back to the Christian fold from the New-Age which was, he believed, 'a deception'.   He had recently written an entire book slamming the New-Age, and taken part in an infamous fundamentalist video called Doorways to Danger in which all New-Age activity was said to be a doorway to Satanism.  Yet here he was talking to 'Satanist' David Icke without his usual condemnations.

For his part David Icke wittered on about Karma being a cosmic policeman (which it isn't) and attacked Orthodox Christianity for keeping people ignorant (which it does).   Icke made the basic mistake of confusing Christian Dogma, and it's 'official' cannon, mostly created at the Council of Nicaea in 325 when the early church established it's monopoly;  with the essential teachings of Christianity which are quite different and which largely underpin Icke's own spiritual understanding, whether he recognises it or not.  

David Icke is a product of the Messianic Mind

David Icke himself is product of the messianic mind. His reliance on impending global destruction to drive change ( a meme borrowed from the ancient past and melded with the recent fashionable scientific idea of earth's destruction through Global warming ) was always a concomitant part of his teachings.  So here in 1993 David Icke is still forging ahead with regular and mostly harmless New-Age philosophical ideas.  There is no talk of Satanic cults, Illuminati, the New World Order or any of the other cultish conspiracy theories he now pushes to the nth degree.  

Like thousands who have come before him Icke is yet another self-styled prophet building loosely on the early 'Essenic' philosophy, a messianic ideology which requires followers to repudiate orthodox religion and isolate themselves from a 'sinful' world by coming together within their own isolated community, building a world of their own;  as the Essenes did first at Qumran, in biblical times, prophesying doom and seeking evidence of The Tribulations whilst waiting for Armageddon .  

This is the mindset which has chimed with the popular imagination of latent extremists in a world of constant change and increased stress about the repercussions of global warming;  where the old control methods of authority are fast becoming obsolete because of the digital revolution where anyone can address a world-wide audience on the net and, by the law of averages, find a million dim people to believe any old rubbish.

David Icke dumps the New-Age for extreme religious right politics

David Icke's 1994 Tour Heal The WorldDavid Icke's New-Age period culminated around 1994 with his excruciatingly optimistic   Heal The World  tour.   His objectives at this time still appeared to be 100% based on New-Age philosophy. In various venues around the UK he would speak about
'a message of fantastic change and opportunity for all on planet earth.' and how as the old Piscean order crumbles he would offer 'a new world of love, harmony and peace'.
This centuries old messianic claptrap always strikes a chord with certain types, particularly the unconscious Armageddonists, witness the quote from the magazine Psychic World which adorned Icke's pamphlet:   'David Icke has a sensible and vitally important message for the world - if only it would have the sense to listen'.

If only.

What then happened to David Icke's Destiny?  How did he switch from healing the world to distributing Jew-baiting anti-Semitic hatred?

The Yin and Yang People who mess it up for everyone else.

Peoples' nature falls into two main groups. Glass-half-full and glass-half-empty people. The reason is simple though in his unnecessarily complex cosmic philosophy David Icke rarely mentions it.
 There are only two forces in the universe, these forces create everything in it.
They are the force of
Contraction and the force of Expansion.

There are only two forces in the universe, these forces create everything in it.  They are the force of Contraction and the force of Expansion.

These forces are the building blocks of the universe and have constantly affected everything in it since primordial times. They have in particular affected the evolution of our planet and thence the evolution of our species and can be seen working in every one of us from the movements of the planetary systems to the beating of the human heart. Growth (expansion) and decay (contraction) also can be seen everywhere, in people, plants, religions, ideas, and across the entire eco-system; for example, the ebb and flow of the tides. 

This Expansion and Contraction also applies to peoples'  thinking and expectations.  People who are 'Contractionist' are hide-bound, resist change, are over-cautious, fearful, xenophobic, overly pessimistic, exaggerate risk and expect the worst.

People who are 'Expansionists' are innovators, constantly seeking new experiences, willing to try anything new, endophobic, outgoing, overly optimistic risk takers.   

Naturally life itself is subject to Contraction and Expansion so most Expansionists are so in their youth and often become Contractionists in their old age.   People can move from Expansion to Contraction during the course of a day, depending on stimuli and circumstance. This is why depression and fear can attack anyone at any time and why euphoric, even hysterical excitement is represented in TV programmes, game-shows, Movies, etc. to control the viewer's minds and emotions.

Obviously throughout the millennia Contractionists have imposed their fears of impending cosmic doom in many eschatological religious writings from Christianity and Islam and other religious sources.  Such people have sought ways to placate gods and unseen forces. What David Icke's Messianic Cult offers its members is no more nor less than a different kind of ignorance to placate their worst fears.

It's the oldest myth in the book.  Instead of burning incense and saying prayers at the foot of an image of Jesus to ward off Satan, which would look 'ridiculous' to today's 'rational' mind, modern eschatologists regurgitate conspiracy theories about shape-shifting Alien beings who, they believe, have controlled the direction of human history.  In the Old Days they called such entities by names like Lucifer and Beelzebub.  The vast majority of David Icke's supporters are like he himself is ; nominal Christians rushing to confirm their own biblical prophecies by reforming and representing ancient myths and constantly expecting destruction at the end of the world.   This is why the Satanic Ritual Abuse Myth and the idea of a conspiracy of an Elite Satanic cult running the country began to feature so much in Icke's teachings.

A Sinister Turn in David Icke's Megalomartyrism

So in 1994 the self-styled Christian Prophet David Icke was still gathering converts from the New-Age who responded to  his 'save the planet' predictions.  But things were soon to adopt a more sinister turn.

David Icke's 1996 Tour leaflet first promoting Satanic Abuse and New World OrderBy 1996 David Ike had switched from peace-loving New-Age principles of god instructing him how to heal the world into a political demagogue who blamed the ills of the world on an imagined world-wide conspiracy of Aliens controlling our planet through evil technologies.  From the New-Age to Conspiracyloon in one swift movement

 Here, right,  is his 1996 leaflet itemising all the current hatreds which are harming society and justifying racist attitudes and violence today 23 years later .   First comes CIA mind-control, a short way down the list we have 'Satanic Rituals' and 'Child Abuse', UFO cover-ups, Cults and The Global Elite (another name for the New World Order).  Click on the image and it will open up so you can read it in detail.   He attacks Tony Blair, Bill Clinton and drags in the Oklahoma Bombing where two White Separatist Christian survivalists, McVeigh and Nichols, killed 168 people in an attack on what they termed the  Zionist Occupation Government (ZOG).   Here Icke alludes to the ridiculous conspiracy-theory that the bombing was a false-flag operation by the CIA to justify persecution of U.S. Christian survivalists.   Such evil lies from the far-right encourage the appalling type of maverick lone-wolf attacks we have just seen in Christchurch New Zealand where Brenton Tarrant viciously shot and killed over 50 innocent people in revenge for imagined wrongdoing.   You can see how another Christian Crusader, Anders Breivik, was motivated by the same evil philosophy here. He shot and killed 70 innocent people  Well, in contradistinction to the hysterically self-righteous Jamie Busby and his mentor David Icke whose audience thrives on such nonsense, the S.A. and the SAFF have never done anything to promote that kind of hatred,  in fact for 30 years we have consistently worked to warn the authorities about how extreme right-wing groups are using the New World Order meme to create dissatisfaction and support from susceptible folk in the populace.

What a cynical person would see here is not someone who wants to save the world, but a list of controversies designed to fill a hall.   David Icke MUST share some of the blame for collating these disparate and imagined controversies and cobbling them together into a Conspiracy Theory which SAFF believe has seriously harmed the peace of the planet over the past two decades. 

Note carefully that in this 1996 leaflet there is NO mention whatsoever of Ted Heath and Westminster VIP Abuse.

Three years later in 1999 David Icke's book 'The Biggest Secret' appeared.   It firms up his Right-wing extremist Christian fundamentalist position and posits that a conspiracy of VIPs exist at the highest level of British Society in a freemasonic style cult allied to Satanism and overseen by advanced alien beings called the Illuminati which seeks to abuse children not only for the abusers own sexual gratification, but as some kind of mind-control technique to program the masses.    In this manic rambling book David Icke names Sir Edward Heath as one of the VIPs involved in the child abuse conspiracy run by the Elite,  and rolls into it a whole host of false facts and conclusions about the CIA's long-dead MKUltra program (a favourite of the conspiracyloons since the late 1980s).  
Let's look at that more closely.

The Truth about MKUltra

Search for the Manchurian Candidate John Marks 1978There has been SO much nonsense written about MKUltra all over the net for the past 30 years that it is almost impossible to extricate the truth - which seems to suit David Icke's followers nicely - however the truth of the matter is clearly outlined in a fantastic collection of research by John Marks 'The Search for the Manchurian Candidate'  which, being published in 1978 long before the Conspiracyloons got to it with their exaggerations and lies, is one of the few remaining trustworthy historical accounts of the CIA MKUltra program.

MKUltra was started after Albert Hoffman a German scientist, synthesised Lysergic Acid Diethylamide (LSD) in 1943.

When WWII ended the Cold War between Russia and the U.S. began. In Europe many of the CIA's agents were recruited from the disbanded Gestapo 'who knew where the bodies were buried'.  These ex Nazis preferred to work for the US than to be executed by Russia, but their loyalty was questionable. It resulted in double and triple agents and a flow of unreliable espionage data and information.  It also created many turncoats who defected from the Russian side.

The problem the CIA had was to try to identify whether those who defected were actual traitors to Russia seeking a new life in the U.S. or double-agents sent here to obfuscate or activate secret existing spy-rings which had been established in the West by the Comintern between the wars.  

Just questioning the defectors was no good as they could be trained to resist interrogation. What the CIA required was a Truth Drug under the influence of which any and every human being would openly answer any question their interrogators put to them.  And so the MKultra program was started to investigate the possibility that LSD, still then a secret substance, little known to the general population, would be successful.  After years of experimenting they found out that It wasn't.  That's the full story. End of.

Because LSD was not the Truth Drug the CIA so badly required, the MKUltra programme also tried other mind-control techniques such as high-voltage shock-treatment, hypnosis and other methods.  In the end they failed entirely but before the handful of unscrupulous people who were involved in this satellite operation had been closed down they had tried a few highly unethical experiments. Mass dosage of prisoners and other blind tests were done illegally by MKUltra personnel because they knew they could never get legal permission to do them.  But not many of these occurred and Marks' book outlines them all in great detail.  Certainly no experiments of the type and extent as is currently believed in conspiracyloon circles took place.  None of these mind-control methods were ultimately successful and because of that none are in use by the CIA today for mass propaganda or control purposes.  Ultimately there was no magic truth drug or mind control method that could make people tell their secrets.  So the MKUltra program was closed down in short order.

There was no magic truth drug or mind control method that could make people tell their secrets.  So the MKUltra program was closed down in short order 

The mountain of accusations about torture and mind-control experiments which has grown to monumental proportions across the internet since had nothing to do with the real MKUltra, which was a relatively small scale operation, but are to do with the inflation of the existence of MKUltra with suspicions  about Brain-washing techniques supposedly used by the U.S. Military.   This is an entirely separate issue and should not be conflated. 


After the end of the Korean war in 1953 there were many U.S. servicemen left in Korean Prisoner of War camps. They became a bargaining chip for political agreements after cessation of hostilities. Many didn't get released for years.  When prisoners of war did start returning to the U.S quite a few were found to have converted wholly to Communist ideology and could not settle back in the USA. 
So many in fact that the media coined the term 'Brain-Washed' to describe them. 

The phenomena of U.S. soldiers criticising their country upon return with 'memorised communist speeches' was embarrassing to the authorities. The only reason the government could come up with as to why these once loyal soldiers had converted to Communism was that their minds had been cleared of all past value sets and moralities using some unknown devices and methods which the fiendish Koreans had developed, and then imposed their own communist ideology into the soldiers' brains.

Senatorial inquiries were made into how they might have done this and the scare persisted to underpin paranoia from the Republican right which resulted in the McCarthyist communist witch-hunts of the 1950s, and the creation of the UnAmerican Activities Tribunals which hunted down socialist intellectuals throughout America on paranoid assumption that they were all communist spies and sleepers. 

The Manchurian Candidate concept:

The Manchurian Candidate (Richard Condon) 1960 front coverIn this climate Richard Condon, wrote his seminal novel The Manchurian Candidate  (1959).  This fictional NOVEL told the story of a group of US soldiers who had been brainwashed in Korea, reprogrammed, then returned to the U.S. oblivious to the fact that when presented with a post-hypnotic trigger they would go into a trance and assassinate one of the candidates to the Presidency of the United States to enable a communist-aligned stooge to take his place and get elected.  

The book was highly commercially successful and resulted in the making of the movie The Manchurian Candidate in 1962 with Frank Sinatra and Lawrence Harvey playing key roles.   The gist of the book and film is that Raymond Shaw (the brainwashed assassin) is compelled against his troubled mind to shoot anyone he is directed to shoot, in this case a likely winning candidate to the presidency which the communists do not want in power. Sinatra (Marco) feels there is a  problem but cannot recall details of the tragedy he knows is going to happen.  However, ultimately Robert Condon, has Shaw find superhuman control within himself to move his rifle to instead shoot the communists' own candidate, a McCarthy like figure (Iselin), at the last moment.  Even though Shaw DID NOT perform his mind-control orders and Marco was able to regain control over himself and see right from wrong, the book and the film did more to establish the idea that mind-control methods which turned men into zombies existed and were used by the Koreans and thence taken up by the U.S. Military.  In fact as the book itself concluded, it is all absolute nonsense and doesn't work. 

Even though Shaw DID NOT perform his mind-control orders and Marco was able to break his mind-control conditioning ignorant people still insist that the book proves that Brainwashing is successful.

The Truth About Mind-Control; nobody controls your mind unless you let them.

Battle For The Mind, William Sargant 1959 front coverWilliam Sargant was one of the most experienced and well-informed psychiatrists in the world after WWII. He specialised in groundbreaking new methods of treating soldiers with post-battle traumatic shock disorder.  His treatments were highly effective. Many of them are incorporated in PTSD treatments today.   He wrote a seminal book  Battle For the Mind (1959) in which he relates how totalitarian groups have tried to control the minds of others throughout history,  and applies it to modern psychiatry.

The book has several chapters on Korean prisoners of war.   The unique research William Sargant undertook proves that the Koreans did not have a magic brainwashing machine. They simply broke down the U.S. soldiers in their prison camps by a process of sensory and physical deprivation coupled with clever psychology.   For instance, the communists themselves caused a delay in releasing the Korean prisoners yet the prisoners were told that the war was over and their country had abandoned them. The prisoners were never left alone with their own thoughts and were put into peer groups of confirmed communists day and night where they were challenged on the negative aspects of life in the U.S.  and how communism would correct them.  e.g. Why were so many dirt poor Negroes dying in Korea when they were third-class citizens back home?  Eventually what is now known as 'Stockholm Syndrome' took place.  By a well-known Pavlovian process of praise and companionship U.S. soldiers 'saw the light' and 'voluntarily' converted to become ardent communists, voluntarily joining their peer group and adopting communist principles.  There was no hypnosis, no EEG shocks, No blatant torture, no magical drugs and no conspiracy of Alien beings.

There was no hypnosis, no EEG shocks, No blatant torture, no magical drugs, and no conspiracies of Alien beings.

The most important thing to remember is that, according to William Sargant, the very same mechanisms of adjusting a persons reality occur within religious groups or special interest groups who are eccentric to normal life.  He traced this 'conversion' mentality in all Christian religious revivals in history.   In other words, by working-up falsehoods about hi-tech mind-control, people like David Icke are actually using real mind-control methods to fool and manipulate their own supporters, whether they consciously know it or not.

In other words, by working-up falsehoods about hi-tech mind-control, people like David Icke are actually using real mind-control methods to fool and manipulate their own supporters, whether they consciously know it or not.

Again the esoteric Axiom proves correct, 'the true meaning of a thing always resides in its opposite'.  The conspiracyloons who complain about government mind-control methods trying to brain-wash them, are the ones using mind-control methods both to recruit new followers and to confirm their own false beliefs. A Paranoic's Nightmare. 

The Deadly New World Order Lies, backed and promoted by David Icke

David Icke a jew-baiter?  Where is the evidence?The third plank of David Icke's modern Messianic Cult is the myth of the New World Order.  You can see how this forms a fundamental part of his world-view by reading the article on the right. Right Click on it to open it up in large format to make reading it easier.

 The NWO myth is supposed to account for the tragic history of mankind, all wars, and economic depressions.

These are, the myth insists, a result of Satan's helpers the Jews, gaining a monopoly in banking and money-lending and directing, politics, wars and human tragedies for profit throughout history.   

Interwoven within the NWO myth are deep eschatological Christian teachings from the Old Testament.  In ancient times, and even today in Islam, Usury (the lending of money for profit) was a sin and so, deprived of the ability to work in other areas, Jews became the financial scapegoats for society.

Jews would lend money and be damned by God for it.  It had the additional advantage  that if any Aristocrat/Noble who borrowed money found themselves unable to pay it back, one could always count on the Christian mob to start a Jewish pogrom and erase the debt by killing the money-lenders.  This is precisely what happened in York, England, in 1190 when 150 Jews were massacred at Clifford's Tower and others killed in London and Lincoln; to default on paying back loans.  The SAFF unique research on this is here;

The traditional detestation of Jews by Christians because 'they killed Jesus' is a recurrent theme running throughout history, as is the concomitant 'Blood Libel' in which Jews are falsely blamed for kidnapping and sacrificing Christian children at Passover.  In the SAFF's seminal work on the New World Order here:
we show how already existing deadly enmities between Christianity and Judaism were amalgamated by Hitler to create a climate where six million Jews were exterminated in the 'Final Solution'.  For example the enforced wearing of Yellow Star of David symbols to identify Jews was not a Nazi invention, it was first used hundreds of years before here in the UK when  Edward expulsed the Jews in the 12C.

Already existing deadly enmities between Christianity and Judaism were amalgamated by Hitler to create a climate where six million Jews were exterminated in the 'Final Solution'. 

The entire New World Order Myth has been debunked by the SAFF here;

The Protocols of the Elders of Zion, front coverThe Protocols of the Elders of Zion

There is   ABSOLUTELY NO DOUBT that the modern retelling of these ancient myths that has been built up about a supposed conspiracy of Jews (.e.g Zionism) is an utter falsity based on a single forged document , The Protocols of the Elders of Zion, created by the Tzar's secret service at the turn of the 20th century to justify pogroms against Jews who they believed were at the source of the communist ideology trying to start the Russian Revolution in Tsarist Russia.   Yet the falsehood keeps getting traction and creating virulent anti-Semitism again today in the minds of conspiracyloons who are latent Jew-haters.

By the 1970s The Protocols were out of print and had been extirpated from academe. Remnant copies languished in the bottom drawers of extreme right Neo-Nazis and anti-Semitism was at a low ebb.
When the internet was created in the mid 1980s, copies of the Protocols began to appear on fledgling computer Bulletin Boards and News lists, which was the way special interest groups communicated before social media like Facebook, Twitter, etc were invented.  A caucus of nutty conspiracyloons took these disparate ideas and wove them into the current New World Order myth at least a decade before David Icke monopolised it for his own purposes , the polishing of the tale by its constant re-telling giving it an air of false certainty and hiding it's out and out Nazi origins.

Anti-Globalists hi-jack the Protocols

After 1994 the Protocol's memes began to be woven into a new presentation by anti-Globalists,  rewritten as a confirmation of Banking-System hegemony in a Global monetary system. This started with irrational fundie insistences that digital money transfer was prophesied in the Book of Revelation but soon it was a new generation of Stalinists and Leftists, ( ironically the ideological revolutionaries whom the original Protocols were forged to decimate ) , who themselves revived these anti-Jewish lies and gave them credence to gather support for  Palestinians against Israel, and slowly but surely, over the years, 'Gramsci's children'   graduated from now left-wing dominated universities with the idea of Cultural Hegemony;  the theory that economic control by a clique of Jewish Bankers was the source of the world's intractable human problems.  This is how anti-Semitism inexorably crept into the Labour Party and is destroying it from within.

This extra push from Leftists was manna to the ears of the 'disguised Neo-Nazis' and the extreme Christian right who were able to present their traditional anti-Semitic hatreds by disguising them as economic philosophies.  David Icke's book The Truth Shall Set You Free  was one publication which formalised these disparate anti-Semitic blood libels in New-Age Rhetoric and acted as a half-way-house between extremist Christian fundamentalist Jew Haters and nominal Christian radicals who wanted someone to blame for the political corruption of the West.   David Icke's continued use of the memes massaged this;  particularly the unproven allegations about the Rothschild banking family,  and according to the Guardian he apparently had an influence on anti-Semitism in the Labour party (How David Icke influenced Labour policy). 

Why Did David Icke Turn from Love and Peace to becoming a Jew Baiter?

Martin Luther cursed the Jews in his book so:

What shall we Christians do with this rejected and condemned people, the Jews? Since they live among us, we dare not tolerate their conduct, now that we are aware of their lying and reviling and blaspheming. If we do, we become sharers in their lies, cursing and blasphemy. Thus we cannot extinguish the unquenchable fire of divine wrath, of which the prophets speak, nor can we convert the Jews. With prayer and the fear of God we must practice a sharp mercy to see whether we might save at least a few from the glowing flames. We dare not avenge ourselves. Vengeance a thousand times worse than we could wish them already has them by the throat. I shall give you my sincere advice: 

First, to set fire to their synagogues or schools and to bury and cover with dirt whatever will not burn, so that no man will ever again see a stone or cinder of them. This is to be done in honour of our Lord and of Christendom, so that God might see that we are Christians, and do not condone or knowingly tolerate such public lying, cursing, and blaspheming of his Son and of his Christians.

Read the full extract from Martin Luther, here:
Why David Icke turned from being a love-and- peace New Ager into an anti-Semitic Jew-baiter has never been fully explained but of course as a born-again Christian prophet he had plenty of precursors to that position, following in the steps of  the 'saintly' Martin Luther, inventor of Protestantism, who tiraded against the Jews thus: 

"First, set fire to their synagogues or schools and to bury and cover with dirt whatever will not burn, so that no man will ever again see a stone or cinder of them. This is to be done in honour of our Lord and of Christendom, so that God might see that we are Christians."

Of course, it is more likely that his fanatical followers pushed him into it.  We know this may sound strange to outsiders but Cult psychology means that although initially the leader invites followers in to build his influence and grandiosity, once they have grown to a certain level, the tail begins to wag the dog and the followers' insatiable demand for confirmation of their messianic needs pushes the leader into providing evidence of it, often going further and further out on a limb. The Leader no-longer pro-actively leads but his direction is actually controlled by the demands of his/her radical followers and he spends more and more of his time supplying their expectancies. 

David Icke Banned from Australia For Denying The Holocaust

As this web-page was getting ready for upload news came in that David Icke's latest Australian tour has been banned by the Australian Home Affairs department because he is a Holocaust denier and Anti-Semitic.

A review of Icke's The Truth Shall Set you Free by the said:
'The word Jewish appears 241 times and the name Rothschild is mentioned 374 times.... the book was so obviously anti-Semitic that Icke's own publisher refused to publish it and he had to print it himself.'

And on 30th August 2017 David Icke was made to settle out of court for £50,000 for falsely libelling a Jewish human rights lawyer:

'Conspiracy author David Icke was forced to pay £50,000 for lies spread about a Jewish Canadian human rights lawyer in one of his books.

In an embarrassing defeat David Icke quietly settled out of court for indefensible statements he had written about Warman, which included false allegations that Warman was seeking to suppress Icke’s purported exposure of Satanic child abuse and murder.

David Icke is not shy of making allegations, often vicious and vitriolic in nature, about people on his website  However, it is noted that Icke hasn’t mentioned this recent defeat anywhere, despite having previously widely publicise it to his readers and appeal to them for monetary donations for a legal defence fund.
Source: '

Why The self-declared Son of God would want to continue pushing these evil anti-Semitic disproven historic lies about the New world Order is puzzling, except that it appears they, rather than his original New-Age message is what now drives his following on Facebook etc. 
  • He must know that the Protocols are forgeries. 
  • He must know that despite the popularity of the NWO myth and the Satan Scare amongst his followers it will not be profitable if he ends up having to cancel Tours and pay out for libelling innocent people. 
  • He must know that every time his pronouncements on the NWO are proven false his esteem in the eyes of his supporters diminishes. 
  • He must know that pushing wicked anti-Semitism will get him banned from regular media coverage.
  • He must know that other more intelligent esotericists and spiritual workers who might have given him the benefit of the doubt will jettison his message as fraudulent.

David Icke - Prophetic FailureHe must also know that others are keeping track of all his failed prophecies from the past.  After you've read this SAFF webpage, take a look at the ridiculous things he once said about the end of the world in 1997 (full-size cutting at foot of this article). Icke's track record as the UK's most well known self-styled prophet is not just poor, it is 100% wrong. Not very good even for a 3rd rater. We haven't found any prophetic utterance from Icke which has actually come true, despite him claiming otherwise. Just look at his early end-time prophecies in the cutting on the right. All wrong.

By allowing his Staff Reporter to attack The Sorcerer's Apprentice Bookshop, one of the most trusted and respected key sources of New-Age and genuine esoteric material which has a 50 year long positive track record of assisting tens of thousands of good people to reach spiritual harmony, he has displayed  his inherent wickedness and burned all his New-Age credentials.   All pretence to spiritual insight must now have evaporated completely.  By their works are they knowest.

The Sorcerer's Apprentice stood fast against censorship and suppression of New-Age ideals which David Icke himself at one time held and promoted to others. For their pains the S.A. were attacked by fundamentalist nutters and the shop was firebombed.  This occurred two weeks after the despicable Cook Report programme which Icke's Staff Reporter is trying to promote.

The Sorcerer's Apprentice rebuilt and continued to provide their service for 30 years afterwards but in Icke's  Website's despicable attack on them, the perverse Jamie Busby appears to actually be urging Icke's followers to do it again by giving email addresses and locations and urging them to react negatively to the shop over old lies which utterly misrepresent what the S.A. has stood for.  This is true extremist hatred, backed by no evidence, just bigoted malignity.
He apparently hates us because the SAFF has produced evidence to contradict his own standpoint.  
Notice that Busby doesn't produce any evidence to counter the SAFF's expertise and documentation he just insults,  defames us and falsely accuses us, hoping his readers will not bother to check the facts.
Here are the facts;
  • The S.A.'s record spans half a century. It has been attacked and criticised thousands of times by bigots and has held up to public scrutiny every time.  
  • The S.A. and the SAFF work positively with the police and all child protectionists. 
  • The record of S.A.'s honourable dealings remains 100% intact. 
  • The S.A. has never done anything wrong and has done a myriad of unselfish work for society, 
Yet here  Jamie Busby, a new kid on the block, is  trying to tell a new generation of  foolish people the VERY SAME LIES that were floated and discredited three decades ago! 
ike the Ourobourus itself Jamie Busby is consuming itself with hatred. He jumps in with both feet and tells you falsities which are already disproven;  untruths which were directed at Icke and all other New-Agers all those decades ago. 

Martin Niemoller quotation they came for the jews when they came for me there was no-one to speak out for meWHAT BUSBY IS TELLING YOU ABOUT THE S.A. AND THE SAFF IS NOT TRUE, PURE AND SIMPLE.
It is the same lies they supported about 'Nick' and about 'Heath' and the Protocols.  
You've really got to begin to think for yourself if you want this evil to end.
Believe it at your peril.
Learn from history: 

When they came for the Jews I did not speak out, because I was not a Jew. When they came for the Pagans I did not speak out, because I was not a Pagan. Then they came for me, and there was no one left to speak for me.
(Paraphrased from Pastor Martin Neimolle. Right-click on the image to read the quotation full-size.)

SHOCK HORROR!  David Icke wanted to do business with the people his website is now accusing of being Satanic abusers.

And, as if that wasn't enough to show you the core of  David Icke's spiritual evolution, you might be interested to learn that five years after Roger Cook's programme started the Satanic Panic in 1989 (the programme which underpins the contemptible Jamie Busby's feigned webpage outrage), David Icke was still sending regular mailing shots about his books and lectures addressed personally to Chris Bray, the man who Busby now condemns as being a Satanist!  
Chris Bray is not a satanist and has never been a satanist. 
David Icke knew this long after the false Satanic Abuse allegations had begun.

Today of course the liars in Icke's Staff will invent anything to persuade you into remaining in their thrall. 
THEY are the mind-controllers and if you listen to them it will be YOUR mind they are controlling.

 What kind of intolerance is this from the saintly David Icke, who started off hoping to do good for the world and ended up attacking other New-Agers with whom he originally shared like-minds?

Is David Icke on the way to ignominy like almost all the other self-styled Messianic cultists before him in all ages?  
People who were consigned to the dustbin of history as freaks of the times?

By their works are they knowest!

John Freedom and Tony Rhodes, Mortlake, Vernal Equinox, 2019

The SAFF has done more to save Children from Paedophile Priests over the last 30 years than any other organisation - why would David Icke's lying website tell you the opposite?

On 22nd January 2019  David Icke allowed a radical paedophile vigilante using the name 'Jamie Busby' to publish an utterly defamatory attack on the good work of the SAFF.

Defamatory false accusations made against the SAFF by David Icke's websiteThe despicable article by David  Icke's 'Staff Reporter'  is an utter pack of falsities and innuendo.

Unlike Icke's pronouncements over Heath and other dead people whom he has accused of abusing children, the allegations in Busby's article can be disproved instantly, but did Busby bother to contact us prior to publishing his diatribe to check his evidence.
Did he produce documentary evidence to prove his allegations?
What he did was write a dishonourable hatchet-job to try to besmirch the SAFF's  excellent 30 year track record of protecting children and adults from false-allegations.
False allegations which he and his mentor Icke delight in promoting.

SAFF is NOT a Satanic Organisation

Busby infers that the SAFF is a Satanic group. We have made it clear on countless occasions over the decades that SAFF volunteers come from ALL beliefs and all walks of life.  I and my co-writer are NOT satanists.  The SAFF is NOT a satanic organisation, it is an organisation that fights for human rights for EVERYONE, yet look at the graphic of the devil (above) which this idiot Bubsy uses on Icke's webpage.  Right Click on it to see a larger version.
 Did the message go into your unconscious? 
Who are the mind-controllers? 
The Satanists or the Busbys of this world? 

And even if we were Satanists, what difference would that make to the facts?  Statistics prove there are far, far fewer criminals within the Satanic religion than within the Christian religion. 

Five Thousand Times more of a chance of being abused by a Clergyman than by a Satanist

In 30 years there has not been one prima facie case of what  David Icke's website calls Satanic Ritual Abuse, proven in court yet during that same period there have been thousands of trials involving 5,000 children abused by Christian Clergy.
That means a child  has five thousand times more of a chance of being abused by a Clergyman than by a Satanist!
These are the FACTS

Yet when Busby and Icke tell you that the biggest problem the world has is related to Satanic Abuse you believe them.  They hardly ever mention Clergy Abuse of children even though at least three children a week will be horribly abused by vicars and priests in the U.K. alone
These are FACTS!

The Catholic church itself has estimated that there are about 40,000 (forty thousand) child abusing priests in its ranks world-wide.
That is a FACT. 

Priestly Abuse is a Scandal of enormous proportions which the SAFF and only the SAFF has been campaigning against consistently for 30 years. Long before Busby's tiny mind became aware of itself, let alone imagined threats of SRA.

Yet the moronic Busby tells these porkers:
(a) we apologise for paedophiles
(b) It is Satanists who are the Abuse problem not Christian Clergy. 
For these utter misleading and false allegations he has
NO facts,
NO evidence and
NO proof. 
Dumber and Dumber!

If Busby is not a cretin the conclusion must be that the false Satanic Abuse allegations are not about saving children from harm at all, they are a ruse used by sectarians to push their Christian world-view and silence dissenters and alternative philosophies.  

Of course we have been this way before; 600 years ago the Inquisition mass murdered millions of people across Europe. The largest number were falsely accused of witchcraft, few realise that the next largest group murdered were Jews  Does falsely accusing dissenters and Jews sound familiar to you?   Yes, dear reader, The SRA Panic is simply a re-run of the senseless Witch-hunts of the 15C and David Icke's website is helping fuel it.

SAFF counteracts abuse, we don't condone it.

Busby Lie No.2 is that the SAFF are paedophile apologists. The SAFF does NOT condone any form of abuse.
Paedophiles should be banged up using the full weight of the law. 
We are on record saying  this numerous times over our organisation's 30 year lifespan.
Nobody has every found any evidence to con
tradict this truth and neither Icke nor Busby have provided any evidence. They employ their bigoted personal opinions to sway your mind, but cannot prove these false allegations because they are untrue.
We couldn't be clearer, but David Icke's website appears to be ready to lie about anything to control the direction of YOUR mind.   Perhaps we aught to remind Busby and Icke of the Lord's condemnation of the most wicked sins?

Proverbs 6:16-19 King James Version (KJV)

16 These six things doth the Lord hate: yea, seven are an abomination unto him:

17 A proud look, a lying tongue, and hands that shed innocent blood,

18 An heart that deviseth wicked imaginations, feet that be swift in running to mischief,

19 A false witness that speaketh lies, and he that soweth discord .

What a pity that in their self-righteous Christian moralising neither Busby nor David Icke remembers the Word of their Lord.  Luke 6:31  And As ye would that men should do unto you, do ye also to them likewise.

Why would Icke want to smear the SAFF?

Why then would David Icke condone an utterly false web page designed to smear the SAFF with fake allegations like these?  
It is one thing to make outrageous allegations against dead people who cannot defend themselves but quite another to try to besmirch an honest and decent NGO who can answer back.
Why did they risk it? 

Sabine McNeill gets 9 years for lying about SRA satanic ritual abuseBecause the entire false-allegation, Satanic Abuse lobby is collapsing around their ears

From the recent jailing of Sabine McNeill for NINE years for promoting SRA lies about Christchurch School in Hampstead, to the exposing of the VIP abuse lobby's star 'witness'  Nick (real name Carl Beech) who many of you may have relied on for 'insider information' but who turned out to be a pervert himself.

He has just pleaded guilty in court to Kiddie Porn charges.   You harboured a paedophile in your midst and Icke's website complains about the SAFF alerting you to it?

Carl Beech 'Nick' trial to start on May 7.Beech is soon to face even more serious charges in Newcastle in a new trial for Perverting the course of Justice and for fraudulently claiming victim compensation! 
I don't see these things being covered by David Icke or his Staff Reporters do you?

Instead we get a full page of despicable untruths about the SAFF!   Even followers who think Icke is some kind of prophet will see that the intention of this disgusting web-page was to con them into avoiding SAFF evidence which showed that Icke's campaign was in error. 

Unlike the SAFF, which is manned solely by volunteer unpaid labour David Icke reputedly makes a million from people who go to see him. 

David icke gets £1000 per night in 1992 
He was reportedly creaming £1,000 per night in 1992!  Today his take runs into  tens of thousands per appearance.  Yet, as is proven by the Warman Libel Case (see leftmost column) which David Icke lost and had to pay out £50,000 to escape, he reportedly requested that his supporters send him money to pay for his legal defence!  

David Icke's followers are beginning to ask difficult questions:

Now many of his followers who trusted in him are beginning to ask how David Icke could have got it SO wrong.  Many are beginning to  search the internet for alternative perspectives. Alternative evidence which the SAFF provides in spades.   Remember, the SAFF never say or state anything unless we have documentary proof. (You can right click on any of the images/cuttings on this page, choose 'view image' and it will open up into a full-size image so you can read the small-print. WE don't hide anything. The SAFF speaks the Truth. )

We can imagine that many of David Icke's supporters may be quoting excellent, authenticated , incontrovertible SAFF research on SRA and VIP abuse back to him and his 'staff' and asking if what we say is true. Well it IS true as this SAFF webpage proves. (see here:  

The only thing a dishonourable person might do under those circumstances, where almost their entire philosophical stance has been undermined by SAFF FACTS  would be to put up a fake news web-page like the one above to try to discredit the good work of the SAFF and stop Icke's followers reading it.   Isn't this really what all this current hullabaloo about what happened in a discredited TV programme in 1989 is all about?

Unscrupulous Action By the Ignoramus Busby has brought the entirety of Icke's teachings into question:

There is only one word for such a wicked action UNSCRUPULOUS; and it brings into disrepute everything, EVERYTHING David Icke has told you before.  If just one thing is found to be factually inaccurate on Icke's website it brings into question everything that is up there, but  when he allows, nay, for all we know probably instructs, one of his Staff Reporters to put up a whole page of misleading distorted unfact and wrongful conclusions about a genuine organisation which has spent 30 years looking after the best interests of our society, then it is a form of philosophical and journalistic self-destruction.

 After this no-one can ever believe anything David Icke has said, or will say in the future unless he provides documentary evidence to back it up.

At the Crossroads:

If you are a David Icke supporter you are now at a crossroads.   If his website is prepared to lie about the SAFF, and it clearly did at least a dozen times, then  it is obviously trying to control and direct your mind.  David Icke prattles on about  MKUltra  but who is actually using mind control on whom?  Think about it.

What other Deceits does the Icke Website hold?

What other unfact does his website contain?  
Well, it definitely contains lies about the anti-Semitic Protocols of the Elders of Zion, a provably forged false document invented by the Tzar's security services in 1905 to justify pogroms against the Jews which played a leading part in the rise to power of Hitler and the death of six million innocent Jewish men, women and children in the Nazi Extermination camps.  

I don't really care if you yourself are latently anti-Semitic. there's a lot of those kinds of people about,  but I do care about stupid people who accept falsehoods as fact.  The PEZ is provably fiction (see ), yet Icke promotes its anti-Semitism as though real! 
So, hate the Jews if you must, but be honest enough to do it without all that PEZ deceit, yes?

If The Protocols is old news repackaged for modern times, is anything Icke has to offer actually original?  Where did David Icke get his 'expertise' from?

Chariots of the Gods, the first book to theorise that interplanetary travellers came to Earth millennia ago.As my colleague has outlined elsewhere on this page, David Icke's 'teachings' and 'philosophy' are not wholly new, they are a re-presentation of earlier people's work.   For example, his idea of Aliens directing the course of human history is a modification of theories first floated in Erich Von Daniken's 1968 book Chariots of the Gods. Daniken claimed to have found archaeological evidence to suggest interplanetary travellers had reached Earth and affected the course of history millennia ago.  Whether Icke's version of this was done consciously (plagiarism) or unconsciously is open to question but for Icke to claim that he had these original thoughts first is obviously wrong. 

 Xfiles meets Alien LizardsThis was later worked-up into a very influential TV series The X Files which radically altered many peoples' view of the possibility of Alien species invading the planet. Even though the TV series was obviously FICTION.   Notably the X Files took the world by storm in September 1992, only a short time before Icke switched from New-Age ambassador to Conspiracyloon.

David Icke's method of playing to large audiences with complex graphics supposedly proving auric vibrations etc, was originally invented by Dr Douglas M Baker, very active in the U.K. at workshops during Icke's formative period.  A prolific author 
Dr Douglas Baker Esoteric Psychology The Seven Rays
Baker wrote many books expounding similar stuff to that which Icke is now presenting, minus the anti-Semitic smears and New World Order nonsense, of course.  
Baker perfected a relaxed style of podium presentation of modernised Theosophical mysticism which David Icke's teachings in the past mirrored.
The Sorcerer's Apprentice Bookshop in Leeds, which the spiteful Jamie Busby condemned with untrue guile in Icke's web-page, used to be the main purveyor of Douglas Baker's books in the U.K.

Illuminati Nonsense

The Illuminatus Trilogy, Three books on the IlluminatiOf course the Illuminati nonsense which underpins most of David Ike's world-view was first invented by Robert Shea and Robert Anton Wilson, two authors who fictionalised a little-known ancient esoteric belief in Ascended Masters and wrote it into three powerful novels in 1978 called the Illuminatus Trilogy
All Illuminati postulations. which have achieved enormous currency on the net today, came from these three novels.  Yes, that's right, they were NOVELS for goodness sake, the authors invented the stories and never ever claimed they were in any way true!    In fact, at the time the authors wrote The Illuminatus Conspiracies they were both associate editors of Playboy magazine

"As part of their job, they dealt with correspondence from the general public on the subject of civil liberties much of which involved paranoid rants about imagined conspiracies. The pair began to write a novel with the premise that "all these nuts are right, and every single conspiracy they complain about really exists".[3]

So in effect the Illuminatus Trilogy is a satire of just the type of paranoid people who flock to support David Icke.  They made the trilogy sound believable to see how far idiots would take it.  Didn't they do well?

And, as if that wasn't enough to show you the core of  David Icke's spiritual evolution, you might be interested to learn that five years after Roger Cook's programme started the Satanic Panic in 1989 (the programme which underpins the contemptible Jamie Busby's feigned webpage outrage), David Icke was still sending regular mailing shots about his books and lectures addressed personally to Chris Bray, the man who Busby now falsely condemns as being a Satanist!   Chris Bray is not a satanist and has never been a satanist.  David Icke knew this long after the false Satanic Abuse allegations had begun.

Today of course the liars in Icke's Staff will invent anything to persuade you into remaining in their thrall.  THEY are the mind-controllers and it is YOUR mind they are controlling.

Read a  Dozen Unfacts and Misrepresentations from David Icke's website.

Here's a few unfacts which Jamie Busby tried to get you to believe.
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David Icke's Website Falsely Accuses the SAFF of supporting paedophiles.

David Icke's Website Lies No. 1



David Icke's Website Dishonestly Misuses  20 FAILED cases of SRA in the Cook Report as though they actually existed!

David Icke Website Lies No2.


David Icke's Website Falsely Accuses the SAFF of being unsympathetic to Victims by quoting the case of a Victim Imposter who later admitted lying about her SRA experiences!

David icke's Website Lies No 3


David Icke's Website Falsely Accuses Aleister Crowley of having committed Human Sacrifice and then Falsely infers that the SAFF  condones it!

David Icke's Website lies No.4

See: http:///

David Icke's Website Falsely Accuses Andrew Newell of being a Satanist and Then tries to make you believe he committed Human Sacrifice.

David Icke's Website Lies No 5

David Icke's Website Falsely Infers some secret conspiracy between SAFF and one of it's sponsors when it has been open knowledge for at least 30 years!

David Icke's Website Lies number 6, 7 and 8


David Icke's Website Falsely Accuses the SAFF of being in a conspiracy to hide abuse when our website documents show we've spent 30 years exposing it.

David Icke's Website Lies Number 9, 10 and 11



So there we are folks, you can't trust anything that falls from the pen of wicked Jamie Busby, he/she is simply a political agent-provocateur. A troublemaker  who seems intent on trying to get you to  NOT  look at SAFF research. Busby wants to convince you NOT to consider SAFF FACTS and NOT considering the Truth of the matter.   One way tricky-dicky Busby tried this is to state on Icke's webpage that the SAFF website is 'insecure'.  The message is to frighten you into NOT looking at any of our webpages. However there is nothing wrong with our website. It is written in HTTP to achieve maximum distribution across all platforms worldwide.  As we don't collect information on visitors, we don't track and we don't use cookies at all, we don't need HTTPS, which is only necessary as a precaution  when computers send data to each other. As we don't ask for data we don't need HTTPS. Simple.  When Busby's browser pulls up a SAFF webpage it will warn that our site uses HTTP not HTTPS and therefore you should not transfer data (i.e. fill in forms etc) but as we will never ask you for this anyway, it simply doesn't matter. See. The TRUTH of a thing reveals the intent of those who want to distort it. 

 On the other hand the SAFF has always been ready to discuss these matters and provide our incontrovertible evidence to anyone who challenges us.
We INVITE you to do so to learn the Truth. 

You can email us at SAFF Email Address

Or you can tell us what you think one-to-one on twitter at @safftweets

We realise that your mind may have been crocked by deceit from David Icke's website but challenge us if you think we are wrong and we will be delighted to provide you with documentary proof of any of our conclusions.  
The Truth is the TRUTH.

The Truth is that in 30 years since the start of the Satanic Ritual Child Abuse Myth there has not been one case of it found.  

No bones, No bodies,  No forensic evidence at all.

The Making of a Satanic Myth, No bones, No bodies....
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The uncomfortable Truth:

The uncomfortable Truth is that David Icke never mentioned the 1990 Satanic Abuse Panic or New World Order conspiracies in his 'teachings' until after his 1994 Heal The World, tour, before which he had spent 5 years standing on the sidelines whilst the scare was ongoing and still communicating with the SA in good faith whilst they were being falsely accused of SRA. 
Now 25 years later and without any contact or corroboration with us his ignorant minion Jamie Busby writes this bag of untruths!

You judge!

Liars, Liars, Liars, Liars, Damned Liars, Unfit Liars, Vicious Liars, Spiteful Liars, Evil Liars, Dishonourable Liars, Scum Liars, Sinful Liars, Deceitful Liars, Consummate Liars, Dirty Liars, Liars, Liars, Liars,


So Far The SAFF has counted two dozen public 'prophecies' from David Icke during his New-Age period. 
Not one of them came true, not one.  
On this record, how many of you would stake your life on his prognostications about the NWO and Satanic Abuse? 

A dozen of David Icke's early prophecies. None of them came true.

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