Jeanette Archer's International Satanic Abuse
                  Conference 2023Satanic Abuse Mania and Survivor Cults.

'When you see this parade of self-styled Satanic Abuse victims together, the strangest thing is how much they enjoy talking about the most awful perversions.'

It is now 35 years since the first claims of Satanic Abuse occurred in Britain in 1988. Despite the consistent failure to find even a single instance of Satanic Ritual Child Abuse during that time , a slow-burn Satanic Panic is still with us which few people can see until something like this latest International Satanic Ritual Abuse Conference occurs.

The panic is being sustained and heavily promoted by thousands of therapists around the world using the ducking-stool of DID (Dissociative Identity Disorder - previously made infamous as Multiple Personality Disorder  ) on hundreds of thousands of ill people whose mental vulnerabilities are being exacerbated by quack therapy which is creating and sustaining an army of neurotics. So paranoid are these patients that they've now surpassed their DID therapists and taken reality into their own hands.  The patients have become the therapists and are diagnosing other people as victims of Satanic Abuse and then training them to go out to  therapise others in a feedback loop of insane proportions which is highly damaging to them and to our society as a whole.  This can now be seen for what the SAFF always said it was.  Not a mental illness but a form of Religious Mania.   The 2023 Satan Seminar, held at a 'secret' Location in England,  is a classic example of the religious mania which is explicit in SRA claims and reveals why the government's current plan of simply pretending SRA is not there is perpetuating it.

RELIGIOUS MANIA: A state of acute hyperactivity, agitation, and restlessness accompanied by hallucinations of a religious nature.  APA Dictionary of Psychology
When it comes right down to it, the speakers at the International Conference on Satanic Ritual Abuse are people with unfortunate lives who have chosen to blame the trajectory of their destiny on Satanists instead of the caprice of Fate.  Almost all of them have admitted a prior history of mental illness. Like many people who are finding it difficult to cope in today's fast-moving and complex world they are searching for the meaning of life and trying to gain some contentment, yet their very fears mitigate against them obtaining happiness and so they fall into the hands of the growing army of DID therapists, or their equivalent, the priests of the orthodox religions. 

Almost everyone presenting at this conference has, by their own admission (Praise the Lord!), turned to God and blames all negative occurrence on the Devil or his henchmen;  some imagined phalanx of quasi-Masonic cult of Satanists. These are images and concepts which their God's priests massaged for them for hundreds of years,  just as much as the wicked DID therapists do today.  Whether it is personalities taking over the body and mind, or demons possessing them.  

Seeing them collectively in this Satan Seminar is very revealing. It's not your regular Satan Seminar which is usually organised by therapists or professionals involved in child-care.  This one was organised entirely by SRA victim-imposters. Everyone speaking is an SRA victim-imposter. The audience is an invited throng of people who are all without exception believers in Satanic Ritual Abuse. 

It is notable that there is no need whatsoever for any doctors, psychiatrists or qualified therapists to 'interpret' the mania of these people to suit a mainstream audience. At last we can see the unadultereted nonsense of what they are actually saying and how they are saying it.
Their unpolished, unguarded and fantastic testimonies are replete with errors, contradictions, logical fallacies, impossibilities, supernatural nonsense and unproven and untested criminal accusations.  If we believed what they say every single one of them would be on trial for being an accessory to murder and they don't even realise it.  

It is time to ask what drives theses people to say these ridiculous things.  The majority of self-styled victims of Satanic Abuse are neurotic women seeking, perhaps, to escape memories of youthful excesses, failing relationships and poor life-choices. They seek to change their lives and present themselves as respectable and moral people who might have been  mislead into doing things they would simply not countenance today.  The SRA myth gives them the excuse to do that.  For these people, it was the Devil that made them do it!  

Traveling Religious Tent Crusades

Deliverance! Audrey Harper's bookConfessions of a dissolute life used to be a regular and frequent part of religious tent-crusades and traveling fire and brimstone preachers. Indeed guilt-ridden 'sinful' people were usually publicly exorcised of their 'demons of lust' in a cathartic ceremony of rebirth which put their past behind them and lead to baptism. Some Christian sects specialised in this, the Baptists for instance. In order to be born again one had to go through an exorcism which began with confessing your sins.   You can see the mass hypnosis generated in such ceremonies in this video here of a London church performing mass exorcisms to rid people of the Devil during the 1990 Satanic Panic.   Religious Mania is not something from the archaic past, it is a phenomenon which has been increasing steadily in the West since the 1990s.  The exorcism of adults and small children was actually involved in the first TV documentary which unveiled the SRA fallacy to the British people in July 1989 (The Cook Report Special; 'The Devil's Work') and has been a constant feature behind the scenes ever since, growing in influence until in 2002 the SAFF exposed it and the BBC's irresponsible promotion of it on this webpage:

Two of the foremost Christian SRA activists, Doreen Irvine and Audrey Harper of the Reachout Trust were instrumental in hyping the idea of Satanic Abuse even before the 1990 panic. They travelled
around churches in the UK telling their horrific stories of life in a Satanic Coven.  Each of them had been repetitively exorcised in church ceremonies. Irvine underwent 48 separate exorcisms!  Harper's false stories powered many newspaper articles during the Satanic Panic (see image right)  and contained much the same stuff which is presented in this conference.  The delegates here don't realise how old this stuff is.  Indeed, these two ex-prostitutes created much of the 'demonology' of SRA for today's 'victims' to use and we can identify many SRA motifs which they invented reappearing in the stories of speakers at  this conference.  

Audrey Harper montage of her many press
                  interviews on SRAThe SAFF exposed Harper's book  Dance With The Devil here:  when she started out she claimed that Satanists and Witches sacrificed animals in rituals but as her fame and her story grew she changed it to sacrificing babies!  Hundreds of thousands of true Christians believed and still believe her even though the police have investigated her story twice and found nothing.

Doreen Irvine was a prototype of the supposed confessions of an ex-witch,  in fact she claimed to have become a 'Witch Queen' (a position and title which simply does not exist!) so the SAFF analysed her book From Witchcraft to Christ, here:     It was just a collection of unsubtle extremist lies intended to frighten people into believing mediaeval religious clap-trap about supposed Witchcraft and Satanism which had no basis in fact - a bit like the first-person accounts of all the people at this conference, and very, very much like the 'confessions' gained under torture during Witch-Trials of the 15th century.   

Believers in SRA point to this 'consistency' in SRA motifs as 'proof' that SRA exists, but ecclesiastical church records show clearly that the poor people falsely accused of Witchcraft in the 15c were not asked for their opinion but put under bone-crushing tortures first and whilst those tortures were ongoing they were then interrogated with leading questions which they had to admit for the torture to stop.  So naturally they did admit to them, wouldn't you?  Questions like  'Did you fornicate with the Devil?', Did you fly through the Air to the Sabbat?  etc. eventually received a YES and that box was ticked on every occasion.  Of course in those days when old biddies were being falsely accused of witchcraft the only form of transport was walking, or horse riding.  The 'Did you fly through the Air'?  Question was necessary to be able to convict the poor woman for being responsible for supernatural effects which according to informers occurred in their locality 20 miles away when other witnesses had said they saw her at home that morning.

Doomsday Clock book in the lead up to the
                  millenniumSo the Religious Mania of SRA began in the 1980s as these books were published by Christian publishing houses and distributed in their tens of thousands within Christian communities. There is no accident that this all occurred in the lead-up to the turn of the century.  Religious Mania has been tracked throughout history and an increase in it ALWAYS occurs in the lead up to a new century. End-time prophecies abounded and books for the Christian market massaged this paranoia.  All this evangelical Christian activity occurred in Britain unbeknownst to the general population but was priming them for the Satanic Panic which occurred in a cross-over at the precise time that 3rd wave Neo-Marxist Feminists were taking over child-protection and leading edge social services thinking.

Ironically the Marxists and the Christians (normally avowed enemies) jumped on the same SRA bandwagon together.  The Marxists representing secular scientific thinking controlled the 'professionals' and presented SRA as some kind of hidden Patriarchal threat suffusing society, whilst relying on the fundamentalist trouble-makers to provide the demonology of what witches did and how they did it.  Harper was a director of The fundamentalist Reachout Trust and close friend of Maureen Davies (also a director of Reachout)  who became the go-to 'expert' on the demonology of Satanic Abuse for the newspapers and eventually ended up training police top brass in SRA at Bramshill Police College! The Feminists would use their heft to get 'serious' articles across the press and then trot out the fundamentalist witch hunters and their stable of pretend victims like Harper and Irvine to 'confirm' hyper-sensational headlines for the press. The hysteria of those times was unbelievably excessive (see image right) and lasted from 1988 to 1994 when the government's La Fontaine report into claims of SRA concluded that it was all a figment of the imagination of religious zealots.

Back in the 1990s Satanic Panic, women were being therapised using a new method involving Reverse Remembering which did not come from the halls of psychiatry but from the pen of two radical feminists who wrote a best-selling book called Courage to Heal. It was based on the idea that ALL women had been abused at one time or another by their fathers but had locked away those memories. If Reverse Remembering was employed ( a simple technique allied to Rebirthing where people recalled their earliest memories and then tried to think back from there) almost every woman would come up with memories of sexual abuse by their fathers.  This dovetailed into the radfem campaign to publicise statistics to 'prove' that 1 in 4 girls would be sexually abused by their fathers.  This statistic was later proven utterly false. Note that the abuse being remembered under Reverse Remembering technique was 'ordinary' incest, NOT SRA.

Satan Kids Kill babies bread for sacrifice,
                    daily starWhen Courage to Heal was first published there was no mention whatsoever of Satanic or Ritual Abuse but after a few editions the incidence of  SRA memories had become the prime focus of  therapists using Reverse Remembering because most of them were seeing evidence of it as their patients regurgitated horrific ideas to do with black-magic and torture. So the authors of Courage to Heal then added a chapter on SRA.  Of course the SRA motifs had been put into the minds of the population AFTER the book was first published with the hyper-publicity concerning Satanic Abuse. The British Media, had been filling the newspaper headlines for several years on end with a diet of lies and unfact concerning claims of SRA and these ideas were simply regurgitated during Reverse Remembering therapy. Monkey see, monkey do.  This 1989 cutting from the Daily Express (see right) was very typical of THOUSANDS of similar articles which the SAFF have in their Research Library. Every statement on this story was fiction. No baby had ever been stabbed or harmed. 

Reverse Remembering lead to the development of MPD, another snake-oil method of therapy which recognised as real 'personalities' created by the patient under light hypnosis. When 'reverse remembering' some patients would talk in voices appropriate to their age at the time of the supposed memory, kind of take on the character of the child. Little squeaky voices for toddlers, teeny voices for 8/9 year olds etc. As the patient's story grew other personalities turned up to flesh it out, squeaky male voices for non existent brothers that the family had never had but who were then killed in dramatic circumstances, usually related to SRA.  Their fraudulent and false back-stories were endless. 

Bridey MurphyThe SAFF exposed the history of MPD and how it had started with an amateur hypnotist experimenting with a suggestable woman patient back in 1952. The woman created a sensation by claiming to be a reincarnation of a 19c Irish woman called Bridey Murphy. Her convincing story was replete with details, names, locations etc. It was reported across the national press in the U.S. as real.  Then someone went to Ireland to check and found that not a single fact she mentioned was real. It was all confabulation, just as are all SRA stories today.  See full details of the Bridey Murphy story here:

By the mid 1990s these MPD/DID therapists were  creating schizo 'alters' in patients by the dozen.  Roma Hart claimed to have 48 personalities locked inside her, each of which revealed stories of Satanic Ritual Abuse to her therapist.  This wasn't real of course but the claims of 48 'alters'  appeared shocking at the time.  However in the stories of SRA 'survivors' nothing succeeds like excess and it is an illustration of the power of DID therapy as a mind-bending method that in 2019 a 'DID sufferer' claimed in court ( with a straight face )  that she had 2,500 personalities!   

In fact during the 2023 International Conference on Satanic Ritual Abuse a man called David Wakefield stood on the stage and claimed to have 106 'alters' or personalities inside him after undergoing DID therapy.  Almost every one of the delegates was promoting DID as a cure for SRA and appeared to have undergone DID therapy. DID therapy is the worst kind of medical nonsense and basically a return to the mediaeval idea of possession.  The SAFF exposed the evils of DID in great detail here:     in which we also discuss in detail the history of the development of DID, MPD, Reverse Remembering and all the other faux methods used to placate mentally unstable people clamouring to be healed now that the government has thrown them out onto the street and closed all the asylums.

Of  course when Roma Hart woke up to how her therapist had twisted her mind and ruined her life she discontinued her DID treatment and sued her therapist.  Read about it here.     Unfortunately David Wakefield and his wife, along with most of the people at this SRA conference, are still dancing to the DID therapist's tune and he obviously has such ingrained psychological problems he may never recover control of his own life, not because Satanists are invading his consciousness, but because evil DID therapists are continually feeding his paranoia.   DID is now so discredited in medical circles that it should be called DIDN'T.

Self Victimisation Syndrome, Munchausens and Factitious Disorder

Yet as long ago as 1994 Jim Schnabel had already published his work on The Self Victimisation Syndrome in which his research drew direct parallels between adult claims of Alien Abduction and virtually identical claims of  Satanic Ritual Abuse.  See here for more details:

Much earlier than that,  In 1951, Richard Asher described a pattern of self-harm, wherein individuals fabricated histories, signs, and symptoms of illness.  Remembering the fictional literary exploits of 'Baron Munchausen' a con-man and Walter Mitty character,  Asher named this condition Munchausen's Syndrome in an article in The Lancet in February 1951.   Today Munchausen's is also termed Factitious Disorder, defined as:
People who affect, feign or induce disease, illness, injury, abuse, or psychological trauma to draw attention, sympathy, or reassurance to themselves 
You can see where we are going with this. Every single case involving Satanic Ritual Child Abuse has been checked out by the SAFF over the past 35 years and every one of them turned out to be an example of Factitious Disorder.  You can see it in action in the 2023 International Conference on Satanic Ritual Abuse.

So prevalent has Factitious disorder now become that Psychiatrists have since noted sub-divisions of it which further confirm the SAFF's conclusions.  Psychiatrists now recognise Factitious disorder in on-line support forums for 'survivors' of Ritual Abuse, SRA and Alien Abduction which is termed Münchausen by Internet, in which people fake illness in online chat rooms and support groups in order to get sympathy and attention from other Internet users. (Wikipedia)

Thus for over 70 years science has  known that some people will relate insane stories from within their own imagination and believe them to be true.  It is now accepted that Religious Mania is a SYMPTOM of mental illness related to Schizophrenic and Bi-polar patients.   See:

 The phenomenon of Psychological Projection makes clear that one of the biggest driving forces for the creation of these fantasies is sexual repression.   Psychological Projection has been known since ancient times and simplified it is when some unacceptable desire, idea or fantasy arises from the unconscious which is unacceptable to the Ego, it projects it onto another individual as a scapegoat.  Psychological Projection is even warned against in the Bible

And why beholdest thou the mote that is in thy brother's eye, but considerest not the beam that is in thine own eye?

Or how wilt thou say to thy brother, Let me pull out the mote out of thine eye; and, behold, a beam is in thine own eye?

Thou hypocrite, first cast out the beam out of thine own eye; and then shalt thou see clearly to cast out the mote out of thy brother's eye.  

Matthew 7:3- 5

So if the convoluted stories of Satanists killing and eating babies are the product of a Factitious mind, which they are, then are they not simply the guilty outpourrings of a disordered mind.  Well YES. That is exactly what they are. The problem is that instead of stabilising the patient (the sole purpose of psychiatry and therapy) therapists using DID actually exacerbate it.  DID condemns patients to increased suffering and is the worst therapy possible for treating such people.  You can see this working in real-time by watching sufferers giving their SRA stories on stage at the 2023 International Conference on Satanic Ritual Abuse. It is a quite remarkable insight into the dangers of DID and good evidence that the GMC and College of Psychiatry should get together with the government to ban it forthwith.


 A review of The International Conference on Satanic Ritual Abuse 2023

Note: You can view this entire 7 hour long seminar here:   but we have outlined the main speakers and high-points for you below:

Alison Hocking opens the Conference and makes a statement right at the start with strict rules about no photographing, no videoing etc. She specifically tells the audience not to reveal the location where the seminar is being held in any reviews or posts.  Presumably this is because they don't want to be cancelled from it for future conferences as they were when they tried to arrange their conference at the Gaiety Hotel in Southsea.

The conference had presentations from Australia, New Zealand, USA, Germany, Holland, Switzerland and a quota of UK 'victims'.  Most of the overseas contributors Zoomed in with recorded presentations which were shown on a small screen in the middle of the stage. 

The agenda begins with half a dozen SRA 'victims' giving testimony and then moves into the justification and validation of belief in SRA from assumed 'specialists' who  try to convince an already sold audience that there is no doubt SRA exists and that Christian Soldiers must march on to counter not just a lack of belief in it but anyone who decries DID or denies the existence of SRA because they are therefore, by definition, part of the Satanic Conspiracy themselves and must be eradicated 'to save the children'. 

FAnneke Lucasirst up is Anneke Lucas ( a Belgian who moved to the US in her teenage years, spent time on the Hippie circuit, Invented typical New Age pseudo-yoga therapy nonsense and then ended up jumping on the SRA therapy bandwagon.  She has been promoting her personal SRA story for decades now and as usual most of it is ephemeral, with a distinct lack of detail, names, places, dates, which can be checked.  There is an interesting thread on Reddit which says that a group of people who wanted to look into her claims found her evasive and think she may be lying.    Also, some say in this forum that she allows people to confuse her Belgian ancestry to tie in the Marc Dutroux scandal even though she has no connection with the Dutroux case.  Note that, although the lobby of SRA believers in Belgium seized upon the Dutroux case as an example of SRA the police proved that there was no Satanism involved in any of it.

                      Masters of Handing The Shame BackGloria Masters is up next. She's from New Zealand.  She runs 'Handing The Shame Back'  (a group for SRA survivors).  Australia and New Zealand were first infected with the idea of SRA by Ray Wyre and Pamela Klein in the late 1980s.   Other SRA crusaders from the U.S. also exported the scare to Australia at the same time.  Before that there had been no cases of SRA in the antipodes but after the scare was injected into that area cases began to turn up and now there is a veritable industry of therapists and support groups catering for self-identified SRA 'victims'.  Gloria doesn't mention any of this very important history.
'Wyre and Klein both were instrumental in spreading the SRA movement through Australia and New Zealand. Klein’s list of indicators included bedwetting, a fear of ghosts and nightmares. Four of those involved in the infamous McMartin pre-school scandal in the US, also targeted Australia and New Zealand. Almost immediately cases with strikingly similar allegations to those already seen in the US and UK sprang up. ( )
Ray Wyre trained as a Baptist Minister but left to set up Gracewell Clinic, an experimental agency designed to 'rehabilitate' abusing priests.  There were some notable failures at Gracewell and its idea of rehabilitating paedophiles was proven ineffective whereupon it was closed down and this coincided with Wyre's move into the new fallow ground of SRA.  Wyre brought over the since utterly discredited 'Indicators of Satanic Abuse' from Pamela Klein, a USA child-abuse consultant and self-styled expert in SRA.  Yet in a 1991 court case in the U.S. a judge ruled she was ' Not a legitimate Therapist'.  Wyre imported the now infamous Satanic Indicators into the UK's Broxtowe SRA case from the U.S.  On the strength of his involvement in the Broxtowe case (which was later proven false) Wyre then travelled to Australia and New Zealand with Klein under the aegis of their newly formed agency 'Child Sexual Abuse Consultants'  to 'teach' social workers and other child-care organisations there about the 'reality' of Satanic Abuse. 

Later in the summer of 1989 Wyre appeared as an expert on SRA on Australia TV's Sixty Minutes special called Servants of Satan which introduced the threat of SRA to the antipodes.  Before this there had been little if any recognition of the existence of SRA in Australia/NZ  but Wyre 'confirmed' to millions of Aussies the emotional testimony of Natalie/Theresa, a now famous SRA victim-imposter who gave believable testimony in the documentary. Wyre supported everything she said and added that he believed her tales of Satanic Abuse and he knew that it was happening elsewhere. He quoted 21 cases he was dealing with. These were the 21 cases featured in the Cook Report Special; 'The Devil's Work' on which Wyre was an advisor.  Every single one of them failed in the course of time.   Natalie/Theresa's story was proven false when her case was thrown out of the Old Bailey a month before this programme was broadcast in Australia!   Natalie/Theresa also appeared in 'The Devil's Work', you can see the appalling programme here:

The Australian SRA scene is livelier than its UK counterpart mainly because there is no SAFF there to damp down the flames of bigotry.  In fact a key SRA player in Australia is Mike Salter, a criminologist who now re-exports the idea of SRA back into the U.S. Canada, Europe and the UK through the S.M.A.R.T. ritual abuse network and his links with the ESTD.  Even after 35 years of failure some people are ready to believe the same weary claims from Salter and Sinason. 

The DID and SRA survivor circuit is big-business in Oz.  The SAFF analysed Salter's work and his attempts to refute the 1990 SRA cases which went to court and failed (Orkney, Rochdale, Ayr, Lewis, Epping, etc) He is intent on repopularising and validating SRA in modern times. Read about him here:  See         

Mike Salter and Valerie SinasonThe photo of Mike Salter (right) shows him embracing Valerie Sinason, one of the prime-movers in false claims of SRA in Britain who is internationally renowned as a doyenne of SRA insider-knowledge and she has been involved in almost all claimed SRA cases since the late 1980s.   Even though Salter and many others beatify Sinason her expertise on SRA is proveably weak and often in error but because she tells them what they want to hear she has remained an influential source for believers in SRA for the past three decades. 

The SAFF recently obtained a copy of her renowned 1996 magnum opus on SRA, called The Devil Report.  This report for the Department of Health in the UK was kept under wraps for 24 years!  During that time it was often referred to by SRA-hunters as containing proof of the existence of SRA. Years later when we obtained a copy we were stunned at how academically trite and factually inaccurate it was. In fact it actually proved the opposite of what it set out to do. Sinason claimed that it proved the existence of SRA but it actually concluded that there is no clear evidence of SRA!  Is that why it was kept secret for 24 long years?  The SRA believer lobby had been quoting Sinason's Devil Report  as 'evidence' of SRA for decades, at their conferences, in their literature, in newspaper articles etc.  Once the SAFF actually put it up so everyone could read it they stopped referring to it!  You can the worthless thing in full here:
Never believe an SRA-hunter until you see it for yourself.

Satanic Tattoos and Bogus Satanic Calendars

                      Robinson delivering her story of SRA abuse.Following Gloria, Kerry Robinson, stands to speak.  She hails from Cambridge, and her story is emotionally charged. She claims that Satanists gave her Scopolamine  ( or, as she says, Devil's Breath).  Scopolamine comes from several plants and is available in medications such as Buscopan, but Devil's Breath is different and very rare. It is prepared from a South American plant which is said to put people into a zombie state when someone blows smoke from it into one's face. There is no scientific rationale behind this. Anyone blowing 'Devil's Breath' smoke will be more affected than the person it is being blown at and the strength needed to have an effect in one inhalation would likely as not kill the blower!  'Devil's Breath' is mostly neighbourhood rumour but chimes with the anti-smoking lobby and the 'spiked drinks' hysteria. did a fine review of the rumour-mongering around Devil's Breath here    What a pity Kerry Robinson never thought to read it but  instead passed on untrue information about it to other delegates who attended this conference. 

Kerry then goes on to show a photo of her back and claims old tattoos shown there are the result of Satanic Blood Rituals she was forced to undertake. Unfortunately they don't look like any occult symbols we know of and we are pretty well versed in these things. Then she reveals that she found God and is now doing god's work. We hope she will be happy. 

Unfortunately Kerry  then disqualifies her presentation entirely by using a bogus 'Satanic Calendar' which is supposed to show the dates on which Satanists Abuse and kill Animals and Children. She projects the document onto the screen for all to see.  She claims she was abused on one of these dates and nearly killed. She tells the shocked audience that she found this official government document from the US department of justice which proves that Satanists perform human sacrifice and gives a calendar which shows when they do it.  

Maureen Davies in front of her bookshelf
                      showing propaganda from the USA on SRAAll this is untrue.  What Kerry is referring to is not a government sponsored document at all. It is a COMPLETELY FICTITIOUS Calendar drawn up by Christian vigilantes in 1988 and amounts to complete speculation about what Witches and Satanists do.  Titled Satanic Cult Awareness it was created by the Cult Cops (Christian evangelistic police officers in the U.S.) who contributed false facts and prejudicial ideas to a conglomeration of lies about Satanists and Wtches which was distributed by File 18.  The agglomerated information was worked-up by another obsessed fundie, Larry Jones, from CCIN (Cult Crime Impact Network) an organisation specifically invented to misrepresent all non-Christian beliefs as counterfeit and dangerous. 

was very active during the start of the Satanic Panic in the late 1980s in the U.S. forcing itself upon local and national government to influence belief in a non-existent Satanic crime wave.   This is therefore NOT a government document and it shows how carefully you must always check and question what Satan Hunters say.   Satanic Cult Awareness is a training manual prepared by fundamentalist propagandists which ignores the true history of Paganism and its tenets and instead promotes historic lies and false allegations so that activists can bad-mouth the religion of Paganism and Witchcraft.  Indeed, that is just what Kerry, a new found Christian, has done with it!

Satanic Cult Awareness document was not requested by the U.S. Office of Justice but sent by it's authors to the Office of Justice LIBRARY.  Anyone can send anything they like to them and it is duly logged for research purposes.   Acceptance does not indicate confirmation of or correctness of content.  The 49 page Satanic Cult Awareness manual was written by bad actors to infect and corrupt the mind of anyone who read it later, just as it has infected and corrupted Kerry's unequestioning mind and lead her to falsify information about SRA iin her own story.  And that is PRECISELY what it was originally intended to do. 

This manual on detecting 'Satanic Crime' was compounded and developed from 1986 to 1992. It was distributed to Christian activists and anyone who wanted to persecute Pagans in the U.S.  It was variously imported into the UK by other fundamentalist activists living here.  If you look at the photograph (above right) there is the proof.  It shows Maureen Davies standing in front of her office bookshelf on 23 September 1990. Davies was a director of the avowedly fundamentalist Reachout Trust and a key player in infecting British Police and Social Work with false claims of SRA.  You will see that 33 years ago, before Kerry was born,  she was compiling, reproducing and passing on the very same false information on Satanism and Witchcraft that Kerry Robinson is doing today, from File 18, CCIN and the rest.  

The authors who put their names to this despicable document,  which is utterly replete with lies and guesswork, and reveals the worst kind of unprofessional investigative proceedures,   are all clearly marked on the imprint page thus: 
Sandi Gallant admitting she got it wrong
                          about SRA

  • Detective Sandi Gallant Daly - San Francisco P. D.
  • Dale Griffis Ph.D - Tiffin, Ohio P.D. (Another typo, this is Dale Griffiths)
  • Lt. Larry Hones - Boise, Idaho P. D.  (There is a typo in the original document here this should be Lt Larry Jones of CCIN)
  • Sgt. J. Hill - San Diego P. D.
  • Kurt Jackson - Beaumont, California P. D.
  • Gary Bradford and Jim Craig - |U.S. Defense Investigative Service 140554

Now check out the cutting from CultWatch Response on the right. This is Sandi Gallant (the first name in the author list) repudiating almost everything she ever said about SRA and apologising to Witches and Pagans for promoting lies about their beliefs, many of which stem from the document Kerry is trying to foist upon the audience today.

 Note that Gallant  SPECIFICALLY denies ever having promoted the idea of Pagans and Satanists sacrificing animals and killing children. 

She was not alone in having to eat humble-pie. Another famous cult-cop from the L.A. Police, Lt. Randy Emon,  went public with his apologies about promoting untruths about Satanism and Witchcraft, after having trained at least 5,000 police officers with lies of this kind in the 1990s!  It was unprofessional police standards of this type which created the very many miscarriages of justice in the U.S. over innocent people being falsely accused of SRA.  The SAFF's webage listing some of those miscarriages of justice is here  Several people wasted years of their life unjustly in prison. One pair of innocents were wrongly incarcerated for 17 SEVENTEEN years.  Another spent 19 NINETEEN years in prison because some gullible person like Kerry Robinson read and believed idiotic claims about SRA.  But do the authors of the Idiots Guide to Satanic Cult Awareness care? 

The so called 'Satanic Calendar' ( which was an appendix to the original document and is therefore is often extracted and used independently elsewhere) is complete fiction. It does not represent any of the actual festivals of the Pagan Year (there are only 8 recognised Pagan festivals) and is the worst kind of sectarian poison. 

According to the Idiots Guide to Satanic Cult Awareness there is hardly a day in the year when Satanists are not committing some heinous crime for some piffling justification.  This would of course make it easy for prejudiced policemen to find 'evidence' of SRA.  In short they wanted observers to believe that ANY crime committed on ANY day of the year indicated Satanic activity It was utterly reprehensible of these cult-cops to misuse their position in this way.   Let's analyse their claims of human sacrifice which have become compulsory in ALL stories created by SRA victim-imposters

Satanic Human Sacrifice - Let's Get Down To The Numbers

4000 kids sacrificed per yearAstronomic numbers of dead children were claimed during the Satanic Panic. The cutting on the right comes from the Daily Star of the 20 September 1990 where Dianne Core (who helped start the Satanic Panic in the UK alongside Geoffrey Dickens MP), claimed that 4,000 children a year were being murdered in Satanic Sacrifices and the cynical Daily Star just goes ahead and prints it.  In fact Core was a colleague of Maureen Davies and also, like Davies, traveled to the U.S. to 'learn' about SRA there from U.S. conspiracyloons.  Of course there has not been a single baby or child killed in Satanic Ceremonies in the past 33 years but what does that matter to these Religious Maniacs?  

According to the Calendar in the Idiots Guide To Satanic Cult Awareness there are 18 occasions during the year when Satanists and Witches will kill other human beings in terrible ceremonies.  How many dead babies is that?  Let's find out:

The 2021 census in the UK counted 5,039 people who declared themselves as Satanists. 
That means, if we are to rely on the Idiots Guide to Satanic Cult Awarenesis
there would be 95,000 children and adults sacrificed to Satan every single year! 
There would be bodies piling up EVERYWHERE.  It would be IMPOSSIBLE to hide.  Yet in 35 years precisely none have been found anywhere. None. Nada. Zilch. Zero!

It gets worse.
The Idiots Guide to Satanic Cult Awareness  clearly accuses Witches  as well as Satanists of being murderers ( the title of the calendar is 'Sabbats/Festivals, Paganism, Witchcraft & Satanism' )  so the number of dead babies would be even more astronomical.
Lets run the figures again.
The UK census listed 73,737 people who declared themselves as Pagans.
Thus  there would be 1,327,266 sacrificial murders EACH YEAR in the UK alone! 
PLUS the 95,000 Satanist murders. (i.e. 1,422,266)
That is nearly one and a half million deaths! Per year!
Do give it a rest, p-l-e-a-e-s-e! 
People who believe the Idiots Guide to Satanic Cult Awareness are simply nuts. 

Another statistic to give a comparison. Tragically, during a year there are roughly 1,500 people killed in road traffic accidents on UK roads. Thus if the Idiots Guide to Satanic Cult Awareness is to be believed there are 800 times more people sacrificed to Satan than killed on our roads.  I mean,  come on. 

For the U.S. this would work out pro-rata at over 29 MILLION Satanic sacrifices per year!

So collectively for both the UK and the US, according to the Idiot's Guide To Satanic Cult Awareness there would be over 30 million human sacrifices per year. 
That is more than the entire death-toll of World War II (per annum).
I mean WTF listens to these idiots and why do they do so?

Now I can just see yer average Satan-Hunter salivating at the above figures and I confidently expect to see some loony victim-imposter now claim that Satanists sacrifice 30 million babies each year!

Other Cult-Cop Contributions at the OOJ

Ironically, a similar Satan-hunter guide to 'discovering SRA' in the OOJ's library was one which Randy Emon himself contributed information to, titled, Occult Crime A Law Enforcement Primer and it was deposited with the OOJ Library in late 1989.  This was a far more sensible and balanced review but still assumed Witches and Satanists were, ipso-facto, criminals.

By 1992 sense had returned and this coincided with the FBI  depositing The Investigators' Guide to Allegations of Ritual Abuse in the OOJ's Library. The report was written and compiled by Special Agent Kenneth V Lanning. His in-depth  report for the FBI's National Centre for the Analysis of Violent Crime concluded that Satanists DID NOT abuse children or adults in their ceremonies and this has become the definitive law-enforcement perspective over the past 3 decades.  Here's what the  Lanning Report concluded:

After all the hype and hysteria are put aside, the realization sets in that most satanic / occult activity involves the commission of NO crimes, and that which does, usually involves the commission of relatively minor crimes such as trespassing, vandalism, cruelty to animals, or petty thievery. pp30.
I should just point out that the capitalisation of NO in this paragraph was an emphasis in the original text, we have not capitalised it.  In relation to the various 'Satanic Calendars' which Satan-hunters like Kerry love to get their hands on as 'proof of SRA' Lanning's Report notes:f

One note of interest is the fact that in handout and reference material I have collected, the number of dates with satanic or occult significance ranges from 8 to 110 per annum. This is compounded by the fact that it is sometimes stated that satanists can celebrate these holidays on several days on either side of the official date or that the birthdays of practitioners can also be holidays. The exact names and exact dates of the holidays and the meaning of symbols listed may also vary depending on who prepared the material. The handout material is often distributed without identifying the author or documenting the original source of the information. It is then frequently photocopied by attendees and passed on to other police officers with no one really knowing its validity or origin. p.p.12

Exactly as Kerry Robinson has herself done...

Satan Squad, Randy Emon Cult Cop and lies
                        about Satanic AbuseAs the SRA hysteria subsided, the activity of Cult-Cops melted into the background. Few had the gumption to actually come out and admit that they were utterly and totally wrong on all counts and that their Satanic Calenders were false.   

Randy Emon was one honourable person who did come clean. Compare this gung-ho full page article on Cult Cop Randy Emon and his Satan Squad ( published in June 1989) including a photo of him with a cross in one hand and a gun in the other like some modern day Vampire hunter (see right).  Take a look at that image  and then read his later contrite apology for being a deluded believer in SRA in the inset panel.   Remember, you can obtain full-size easy to read versions of all these images by double clicking on them.

It is testimony to the stupidity of people STILL insisting on believing the content of the Idiots Guide To Satanic Cult Awareness which is astonishingly still being distributed today either in its complete form or in separate sections, (usually the Calendar) by Satan-Hunters who simply grasp at the 'evidence' and are utterly unconcerned where it comes from and whether it is true. Do they know they are promoting the most heinous socially destructive lies? Do they even care?

Almost all the Cult Cops have remained utterly silent and apologetic for the harm they did to the religious rights of Pagans, Witches and Satanists.  Remember, you can double click on all images on this page to get full size easy-to-read versions.  Lastly if you want to actually see and hear Randy Emon admit his foolishness (the same kind of foolishness now exhibited by Kerry Robinson and almost everyone else in this conference) see this short video here:

Metropolitan Police's Shame in Falling For The Idiots Guide to Satanic Cult Awareness

Kerry shouldn't feel so daft about falling for this one because the Metropolitan Police did exactly that back in 2004!  Metropolitan Police Commander Peter Spindler actually went on record by issuing a media announcement that people should prepare for Human and Animal Sacrifices on January 7th next, for it is a day when 'there will be' Animal or Human Sacrifices.   This shameful and utterly false announcement followed the Met suckering in to holding Satan Seminars for its child protection teams. The bad actors who 'trained' Scotland Yard in human sacrifices were so convincing that Spindler went public to warn of it!  Of course there has never been any Satanic sacrifices on January 7th, or any other day! That imagined date came from the Idiot's Guide to Satanic Cult Awareness.  Fancy that.  The most respected police force in the world suckered into chasing phantoms.  If you read the SAFF expose of how Scotland Yard was manipulated you will see that it was all based on the same false Satanic Calendar  information which Kerry and most delegates to this conference believe is real too.   Here's how the SAFF proved to the Met. how foolish they had been.

Satanists at The Vatican

Portrait of
                      Satanic Ritual Abuse Survivor Max LowanThe  next speaker on the screen is Max Lowan, a middle aged woman from the USA who spent her childhood in Italy.  Her story is amazing. She was abused by a cabal of Satanists in the Vatican.   Max tells us that among other things, she was locked in a giant freezer with dead bodies. She doesn't explain how she managed to survive being locked in a freezer without freezing to death herself, but having survived freezing to death in the cold-store, the Satanists then buried her underground for good measure 'for days at a time' she says.  Another impossibility, If they put her in a coffin the air would last about 2 hours at the most. If they had just put her in the open ground and covered her she'd be dead before the hole was filled in.  Perhaps the Pope kindly insisted that the Vatican Satanists put a breather tube into the coffin?   Max
then relates how she was taken through subterranean tunnels under the Vatican to a cellar with a marble altar upon which children were sacrificed with blood running in rivulets into chalices which were then drunk by head Satanists.

Yes, folks it's the old  Adrenochrome rubbish. Remember when Jeanette Archer stood outside No.10 Downing Street and using a Jeanette Archer accusing Boris Johnson of
                      drinking the blood of babiesmegaphone, said;

 ' Boris Johnson I want you to tell the world about the childrens' blood that you are drinking.   The children that are tortured before you drink their blood. I want you to admit to Satanic Ritual Abuse... You are a Satanist! ... and I know why you are doing the Covid Lockdown, because you want the Childrens' blood!   I was tortured, you kept me in your underground tunnels. yadayadayada.  

Want to hear her say it?  Use this link:

Lowan is in full flow, her story would make a good horror movie script.  Later, she says, at an outdoor ceremony with a bonfire in the woods, (Rome is a pretty built-up place so we have to assume that this crime scene had nothing to do with the Vatican) she tells of being drugged into a stupor, so unfortunately she can't remember any detail .... except that 15 men raped her and every time they raped her they slit the throat of an animal and threw it on the bonfire.  

max lowan showing her hands which have no
                        scar tissue from being nailed to a treeThen the 'Vatican Satanists' (they call them Priests actually Max - the Catholic church is run by Priests and clergy, not Satanists) impregnated her and then slit her baby's throat. Obviously they had to wait a few months for that.  Whilst they were at it she says they nailed her hands to a tree above her head in a mock crucifixion and applied electric probes clipped on to her breasts.  As she says this she waves her hands about on screen, kindly giving us a view of them showing that she has absolutely no scar tissue to suggest that they were ever nailed to a tree.

Yes folks, it's the usual unadulterated nonsense with not one real fact revealed.  No Names, No dates, No locations, No witnesses, No forensic evidence, No bodies, No Bones, nothing. Even so this SRA performer gets predictable shocked intakes of breath from the audience and then receives cheers and claps as her story progresses.   Of course few realise that mythical stories of Satanists in the Vatican are 400 year old lies put out by Protestant churches after Luther broke away from the church of Rome.  Are any members of the audience Catholics we wonder?  They would of course instantly know of the sectarian conflict in Ireland, Scotland and elsewhere which portrays the Pope as the anti-Christ.

Black Museum of
                      Priestly Abuse ReportInstead of listening to this invented rubbish why doesn't Lowan listen to the SAFF's research which has been proven 100% accurate over three decades. SAFF were at the forefront of research to expose paedophile priests in the Catholic Church.  In 1991 we published our paper The Black Museum of Priestly Abuse, which was a landmark in history as previously the media had avoided addressing the shame of consistent abuse of children by priests. This was followed in 1992 by Black Museum of Priestly Abuse II  and the media began to listen and cooperate with us to throw light on this endemic problem and how the church covered it up. We worked with documentary makers and supplied our research to the national press until we had a successful break-through and this resulted in numerous national investigations into abusers in the orthodox churches in the U.S., Ireland, Australia, Belgium, Northern Ireland, and of course, as part of IICSA, the UK as well.

Priest Rapists Are Tools Of The Church, Not of Satan

Priest Rapists are the tools of the church
                      not satan.The SAFF's ground-breaking research wasn't limited to Catholics; the Baptists and Anglicans had their share of perverts and we included those too.  So we are not averse to claims of abuse by priests and pious churchmen but we do require factual evidence. By their own admission, there is an estimated 40,000 child abusing priests in the Catholic Church worldwide. This makes a mockery of people complaining about SRA and diverts both resources and expertise from this REAL risk to kids into the miasma of untruth which is SRA. 

There is of course absolutely NO evidence of SRA. And unfortunately for Max Lowan, no evidence whatsoever of any Satanists being in league with the Catholic Church or killing children in vaults in the Vatican. Precisely the reverse is true. The Vatican has campaigned against and defamed Satanism for SRA just as she is doing.

In 2019 the Pope specifically tried to put the blame on Satan for the appalling actions of its thousands of child-abusing priests. The claim was derided here:     
Does Max Lowan not realise that by associating Satanic Abuse with the Vatican she is aiding and abetting the Catholic church's alibi to dodge the suffering caused by priest-rapists to small children by creating an opportunity for the to blame it on Satan?  That attempt by the Pope to pass the buck created widespread criticism in the international press as you can see from the cutting alongside. 

Witnessing in The Congregational Church

Carla Hamoen
                      from NetherlandsAfter Max Lowan the Conference moves on to a recorded presentation from Carla Hamoen from the Netherlands. Carla is a therapist who runs and is part of the SRA contingent at the ESTD (European Society for Trauma and Dissociation an outfit which the SAFF has already reviewed here:  )  Carla Hamoen's website story contains Witnessing for The Congregational Church and the SRA story given is the usual collection of stereotypes created under DID therapy.  Most patients just assume that DID therapy will help cure them but it never has. Most patients don't realise that DID is a never-ending cycle of expensive visits to a 'therapist' who lets them rant on about SRA until they've developed another thousand or so 'alters' to converse with.  Easy money. 

Carla Hamoen specialises in holding vigils for hundreds of satanically sacrificed babies
Of course there have never been any Satanically sacrificed babies and she can't name even one  so we are not quite sure whom her prayers will be for when she's on her regular vigils, but it's nice when people want to be nice isn't it?  

Carla's initiative is a twisted replay of the Baby Memorial Gardens projects where a number of hospitals and local authorities have created places which 'honour all babies who have died during pregnancy, during birth or in the months after birth'   Grieving parents can have bronze plaques with sentiments attached to these melancholic monuments.  There's a nice one in Aberdeen, and also in Bolton here:   Most of these are set-up by local NHS trusts to help the grieving of parents and are a good idea which has been hijacked by Hamoen for an entirely different sectarian purpose which she explains below:

'We made this Memorial to remember the little babies and children who died as a result of
ritual abuse. We will not forget them. And we also want to acknowledge those of you who
have lost children this way and suffered tremendous pain and sorrow because of it. This is
for all the children, unborn, little and bigger, who died as a result of ritual abuse. And this is
also for their mom's who so often were still children themselves when this happened to
them.......And who have suffered this agony in silence. We won't be silent about it anymore.'

There has not been a single baby killed by Satanists or Witches during the past three decades and I for one think that Hamoen's attempt to monopolise the grief of parents who HAVE lost children in childbirth is nothing sort of despicable..

But something else is going on here that people not tuned-in to fundie-speak are missing.  Hamoen is not talking about babies killed in Satanic Rites, she is talking about the thousands of abortions which occur every year.  The SRAmyth  is a parable of the Anti-Abortion lobby.  People who undergo abortions or support the idea of womens' rights on abortion are, to Hamoen, SATANISTS!  Only the Devil himself could countenance the clinical killing of 214,000 babies every year in the UK alone, so it must be the case that abortion is part of Satan's plan, yes? 

Do you think this is a stretch?  Then think again. The  Human Fertilisation and Embryo Bill was the last piece of legislation which lowered the limit for abortions from 28 weeks to 24 weeks. This came into effect on 1st April 1991, right in the middle of the 1990s Satanic Panic.   One of the key players in promoting the Satanic Panic was Wilfred Wong a Christian activist who began working with Lord David Alton, a committed Catholic and the leader of the opposition to abortion in Parliament who fought against that bill for several years. He even resigned from the Liberal Party over their support for it.  

Wilfred Wong leturing on
                                        SRA and Abortion at the Clarkson
                                        Academy in London Tall tales of child-sacrificing Satanists was a very useful fable for these people who are very organised and well resourced.  You can see how they work behind the scenes to cancel or attenuate any new Abortion laws by Wilfred Wong's request for other evangelicals to combine in objecting to the relaxation of abortion in the republic of Ireland in November 2012. Wong's  call to action was published in letter form in The Jarrow Scriptorium and elsewhere  It told supporters exactly what to do and say and whom to contact in Irish politics to influence the issue.
The other major part of Wilfred’s calling has been his involvement in investigating and uncovering SRA (Satanist Ritual Abuse). This began in 1993 when he was approached by an MP on the matter. It would occupy Wilfred’s attention for the next 25 years.  (Prophecy Today Evangelical Magazine)
Wong's interest in Satanic Abuse has run parallel with his interest in attacking those who support womens' abortion rites. It is Integral to it.  In 2019 he openly amalgamated both issues  in a lecture at the Clarkson Academy in London (see conference agenda above right).  Notice that Wong's lecture on Satanic Ritual Abuse AND Abortion, is top of the bill.  In his presentation he told the audience that 'Even some churches and the British government have been infiltrated by Satanists, Wong claimed, hence their reluctance to “deal with abortion”

Wong also repeated lies about Edward (Ted) Heath, the late Tory Prime Minister, saying he was a child-abusing Satanist. An extensive police inquiry into these claims which was published in 2017 had proven them false.  There was absolutely no excuse for Wong to repeat these lies in 2019.

Wong was at this time working with Abort67 and CBRUK, a radical bunch of anti-abortion protestors who persecuted MP Stella Creasey for months by sticking up posters of dead babies outside her constituency office and running a troll campaign on twitter under the hashtag #stopstella.

At a Westminster demonstration in 2017, there were  also “Game of Thrones-style CGI pictures of babies being sacrificed in some sort of fantasy orientalised temple,” she said, describing the images on display
at the protest, organised by the campaign group Abort67.

This fictional scene from GOT was obviously being used by the anti-abortionists as 'evidence' of Satanic Baby Sacrifice to rally anti-abortionist activists.

So how was Wilfred Wong involved in the 2023 International Satanic Ritual Abuse Seminar?   Read on: 

Child Abductor Wilfred Wong is Lionised

Miriam Beatty
                      Wilfred Wong's spokespersonThen Jeanette Archer introduces Miriam Beatty  (Beattie?) from Northern Ireland who apparently is now the official spokesperson for convicted child kidnapper and Arch Satan-Hunter Wilfred Wong.  Jeanette Archer reads a glowing CV of Wong which slyly uses the work and influence of other people to portray him as a hero . All of the impressive stuff on this CV was from his time working for  Lord David Alton's Jubilee Campaign. It was committed Catholic Alton who put his weight behind campaigns to free Christians who were being persecuted in other countries.  Alton started the Jubilee Trust charity in 1987 to combat child-prostitution. Wong joined him in 1989 as a volunteer dealing with Refusenick Russian Christians and Jews whom the Soviets denied a leaving visa to.  None of this concerned SRA.   In 1992 Wong was given charge of a subset of that group by Alton The Freedom Project which worked out of St John's Catholic Seminary at Wonersh.  Christopher Graffius was the real powerhouse behind the Jubilee Campaign and Wong was just a gopher, but this CV makes it sound as though he organised the lot by himself. Tsk Tsk. 

The first public mention of Wong and SRA was in 2002 when he arranged a press conference at the House of Commons attended by David Alton and a clique of Satan Hunters from the 1990s who splashed more false claims of SRA. After the errors of the early 1990s these repeat allegations were treated with disdain by the national press.  Damian Thompson, an ardent Catholic journalist who goes under the Twitter handle of @holysmoke wrote a disparaging article in the Telegraph on Wong's SRA presser with the title ' The people who believe that Satanists might eat your baby'   ( 22 March 2002) which re-iterated that Wong and Valerie Sinason, (who also spoke on SRA at Wong's press conference), have not one iota of evidence to back up any of the serious claims they make.  In fact it is worse than that, because Sinason has backed numerous celebrated cases of SRA and not one of them turned out to be true in any way so one could say that Wong and Sinason's error factor is actually 100%.

Jeanette Archer then announces that she was so close to 'Wilfred' that they both went together to investigate locations where she claimed she had been Satanically Abused.  If they were that close I wonder if Archer had any inkling of Wong's despicable plan to kidnap an 8 year old boy from his foster parents and put him in a van, take him to Europe and hide him there so his father would never see him again.  Oh, I forgot, that's OK because the father is a SATANIST.  Or at least Wong and his gang believed him to be a Satanist and even a detailed North Wales Police investigation that ruled those claims were nonsense was not enough to shake that belief because these Satan Hunters are monomaniacal about SRA as you can see from this conference.

Pity they didn't smell a rat when Wong threatened the foster mother with a commando knife whilst wearing a black outfit and a balaclava like some kind of ninja nutter, stole the kid and slit her car tyres  so she could not follow.  
Wilfred Wong ehind barsGodly Wong must have been very pleased with himself until armed police caught up with him on the motorway 4 hours later, slammed him across the bonnet, cuffed him and extricated the terrified child.  

That's what you do when you set yourself up as a protector of children is it?  Put on a hood so the kid is terrified,  run at him brandishing a commando knife, physically attack the kid's foster-mother and hold the knife to her throat, drag the crying kid from the back of her car, push him violently into a getaway car and speed off down the motorway so Wong could smuggle him overseas and stick him with other strangers he's never met for safe keeping? 

It makes one wonder what Alison Hocking, an established and caring fosterer who has successfully fostered dozens of vulnerable kids thinks of people in this conference supporting and promoting Wilfred Wong and how she herself might have reacted if Wong had jumped out of his car and hyper-aggressively threatened her with a killing knife one day because of unwarranted suspicion that she or her husband were somehow involved with Satanists?  Has she no sympathy for what this 8 year old child went through?

If these people attending this conference knew how evil Wong really was they wouldn't be clapping would they?  Of course they would!  They only see what they want to see.  They still think he is a hero even after he tried to wheedle out of what he had done as leader of the gang. The coward tried to get himself off after leading the other foolish evangelicals into long prison sentences.  His Alibi was that he wasn't involved in the kidnapping, he claimed he was, get this,  on a walking holiday and thumbed a lift in the car.  Guffaw!  What a good little Christian Wilfred Wong is.  Wong even refused to swear on the holy bible in court.  Why did he do that do you think?  Could it be that he didn't want to damn his soul when he lied?   Wong involved innocent and naive Christians in his gang using false fears about SRA to do it.  His cult-leader mentality could have easily inveigled 7 more putative kidnappers from the audience at the conference into his plans;  see how they clap and cheer for him as though he is some kind of political prisoner! 

One middle aged woman, Janet Stevenson, was sent to prison for 15 (fifteen) years. By trusting in Wong and believing in SRA she ruined her life and her husband is bereft.  Yet even she had the courage to stick to her principles,  to face the judge and imply she would do it all again to save a child from Satanists.  Whereas Wong tried to blame his gang and pretended to be a hitch-hiker to get off. What high moral principles Wong has. His gang foolishly trusted him as the attendees at this conference are foolishly trusting him.

One of Wong's gang, Robert Frith,  ended up dead. He was so ashamed of what he had done that he killed himself whilst in prison on remand. I suppose reality eventually broke the hypotic spell Wong had woven around these people.  Wong has Frith's death on his conscience at the very least, and how is that explained away by Wong's followers?  By starting an utterly untrue conspiracy theory that Satanists assassinated Frith in Berwyn Jail!   Cognitive Dissonance in action!  I mean, if there were actually any murdering Satanic assassins in Berwyn prison the first person they'd top would be Wong, not an also ran like Frith.

Here we are with the spectacle of Jeanette Archer lauding Wong as though he is some hero, whilst the zombies in the audience cheer and clap him.   Wilfred will be FREE!   Archer says to applause all around. As though he is some political prisoner who has been persecuted by the State, instead of a lying toad who has hijacked Christianity for his own personal hates.   Obviously none of the delegates have read the true story of the kidnap which the SAFF has analysed and outlined in detail here:    

And even after all these tragedies and errors Wong is still at it pushing his SRA mania:

'Take my Advice, SRA has been proven to exist in the Beyond Belief video' - Wilfred Wong

What's he talking about?  We shall explain.  The truth about Jennifer's Story Andrew Boyd
                      and the channel 4 Devil VideoAs Wong's CV is read out it is projected in large letters onto the screen so the assembled throng can applaud him.  Beatty then takes the podium and reads out a missive from Wong which he wrote specifically for the conference 'just last week!'    He slanders again the father of the kidnapped child who is totally innocent and has a police investigation to prove it, but again is accused of being a Satanic Abuser! 

Then the ultimate switcheroo. Archer has the gall to say that Wilfred succeeded in saving the child from Satan because his actions made the social services NOT pass the child back to his father and kept it fostered instead.  To which the audience is in uproar cheering and clapping. 

Wong ruined eight peoples' lives. Ten if you count the falsely accused father and son.  One of them (Frith) is prematurely dead and the others may die in prison as their life fades away.  What Wong did was Evil, yet the approbation of delegates knows no bounds. The boy was not returned to his father because of Satanic Abuse,  but because  likelihood of SRA hunters continuing to stalk his father put the child at risk.   They see this as a win, a success, a worthwile outcome for the destroyed lives of 8 foolish people.   What does Alison Hocking think about all this and why is she trafficking with these nutters?

No wonder these attendees are daft enough to believe in SRA.  Wong has been trying to 'prove' the existence of SRA for over thirty years. He's called out dozens of claimed cases.  Every single case he backed or identified as SRA failed and turned out to be something else.  How many more times are people going to listen to this idiot?  But Wong talks a good game. His religious conviction that SRA exists comes through in the dozens of long interviews he gives to conspiracyloon streaming sites. Millions of people listen to him. And here he is again, like some Svengali, misleading all the attendees at this conference directly from his prison cell as well , because his plea is for them to look at Andrew Boyd's 'Beyond Belief' .  He is continuing and encouraging the madness from his prison cell.

 Wong declares to the assembly  (via Beatty) that there is no debate about Satanic Ritual Child Abuse; that a 1992 Channel 4 documentary actually proved that SRA existed.  Wong is referring to  'Beyond Belief ' a documentary produced and directed by fundamentalist agitator Andrew Boyd.  The much-hyped documentary claimed to have found actual video footage of Ritual Abuse occurring.   When the SAFF saw the footage we knew it was bunkum.  It turned out to be an performance art video by a fringe rock group which had an over 18 rating on it. It had been on sale for years!   The woman interviewed in Boyd's Hoax video declared that she had been part of the group and had been forced to satanically sacrifice her newborn baby.   Within 24 hours this was found to have been another lie.  The woman Louise Etherington, was married with two healthy kids. She had been manipulated by Christian evangelists and the idea that she had killed her own child was put into her head by them.  The entire video was a put up job by sectarian liars. A scandal from which Channel 4 hasn't really recovered.  Now here again, Wong, assuming that no-one would remember the details of what happened in 1992. is posing the Beyond Belief video as factual evidence of SRA when he full well knows it is absolutely nothing of the kind.  Want to read the full story?   Then see the exclusive SAFF expose here:

Defamatory Attack on Professor Elizabeth Loftus

Impossible Bugs Bunny Elizabeth LoftusAnneke LucasAnneke Lucas then starts a snide presentation, the aim of which seems to be to accuse memory scientist Prof. Elizabeth Loftus of being part of a Satanic paedophile conspiracy.  Professor  Loftus is one of the world's foremost specialists in memory research. Her work in this area is unparalleled and she is called upon as an expert witness in many cases and inquiries which  have nothing whatsoever to do with SRA.   She has never in any way championed the existence or otherwise of Satanic Ritual Child Abuse. 

All she has done is show, using scientific experiments and research, that the human mind is malleable and can be made to believe anything if the conditions are right.   She was the originator of the Bugs Bunny Experiment.  She elicited false memories in random subjects simply by asking people who had visited Disneyland if they met Bugs Bunny there.  Many were adamant that they had met Bugs Bunny but that was impossible because Bugs is a Warner Brothers character, not a Disney one. 

Lucas directly attacks and tries to diminish Loftus' work on False Memories by dragging in the debate about False Memory Syndrome which is somewhat different. FMS says that some people are more readily able to form false memories than others under certain circumstances and the point at issue of course is that people who claim to  have been Satanically abused are predisposed to confabulating these false memories.   Thus the debate is whether the process of DID therapy  creates false memories in the mind of these people or whether these types of people readily create false memories as a matter of course. 

Yet because Loftus' work is key to establishing the fact that false memories exist, Lucas has to attack her work and expertise first.  She does this by showing the audience  fabricated evidence (such as listing the most horrific people in trials where Loftus gave evidence  (e.g. serial killer Ted Bundy - who was not of course a Satanist!). The insinuation is that Loftus was trying to somehow protect these awful people when often she could as easily be appearing for the prosecution!    Lucas tells her audience that there is no such thing as False Memory Syndrome, which is patently and proveably false.  Lucas insinuates that everyone involved in trying to establish FMS is a paedophile facilitator, which is a lie.  She goes on to slate Loftus for getting grants and funding from people or groups who support the idea of FMS which would obviously happen. She repeats the libel that Ralph Underwager (who helped run the False Memory Society three decades ago) was a paedophile.  He was not.  Lucas then shows the Satanic Temple's Grey Faction logo to the audience as though Loftus and they are somehow related.   They're not, but what would it matter if Grey Faction WAS in touch with Loftus because they are not involved in abusing anyone and have never been accused of anything like that anyway.  It is all paranoic suspicion with no basis in fact.  Ironically  Anneke Lucas  is simply trying to control and direct the minds and memories of the audience and create false memories in them about Loftus' work. Her presentation actually goes to prove what Loftus maintains! 

New World Order and Illuminati Nonsense

After this Archer steps forward again to introduce the New World Order, Rothschild Illuminati Conspiracy and says that the next speaker is a descendant of the  Illuminati Blood line which is tied in with it all.  We are surprised that Archer got involved in this section at all considering she was arrested by Thames Police in January 2022  for trying to arrange a protest outside what she identified was the home of the Rothschilds at Waddesdon Manor (It actually wasn't anything to do with the Rothschilds). For a time it looked like charges were going to ensue but eventually the police let her off with a Caution. 

                      Vaughan Speaks on the IlluminatiRachel Vaughan from Australia, the supposed scion of an Illuminati strain linked to the Kennedys, then presents a recorded presentation of the usual Illuminati twaddle liberally spiced with misrepresented news cuttings from Australian newspapers of the 1990s onwards. Her semi-documentary style is riddled with 'and I was there and saw young babies dismembered'.  It really is just like being back in the 1990 panic.

The modern idea of The Illuminati was first invented by Robert Shea and Robert Anton Wilson, two authors who fictionalised a little-known ancient esoteric belief in Ascended Masters and wrote it into three best selling  novels in 1978 called the Illuminati Trilogy.   All Illuminati postulations. which have achieved enormous currency on the net today, came from these three novels.   Rachel Vaughan obviously doesn't know these facts and thinks the Illuminati actually exist!  A race of super-terrestrial beings which have guided human history for aeons?  In that case why is the world in such a mess? 

Yes, that's right folks, Wilson and Shea's books were NOVELS, for goodness sake, the authors invented the stories and never ever claimed they were in any way true!    In fact, at the time the authors wrote The Illuminati Trilogy they were both associate editors of Playboy magazine and were starting to receive letters from readers with emergent embryonic themes which have all now become standard in conspiracyloon thinking.   They thought: Why not roll all this lot together, chem-trails, mass-medication, poisoned soda pop, subliminal TV messages, MK-Ultra, the lot. It would make a fine book. Which is exactly what they did.   

The New World Order Myth involving defamatory allegations against Jewish Bankers etc. is a separate conspiracy theory which though rolled into the modern Illuminati nonsense is rooted in anti-semitism and goes back hundreds of years.  The SAFF analysed it in detail here:   for anyone who needs an unbiased history of it.

Snuff Movies and 70 Satanic Sacrifices

Marcel PolteThe last speaker in the conference has prepared a video presentation which is now mirrored on the screen.
Marcel Polte is a German lawyer and quotes pseudo research based on data from therapists who specialise in SRA victims. He shows the audience documents that state 70 people have been satanically sacrificed in one small area of Germany alone.  He quickly throws official papers up on the screen to impress the audience but when I chased one of these down, which he said proved that 7% of mental patients had been Satanically Abused, it turned out to be the results of an anonymous on-line form filling exercise and therefore statistically worthless.    Izzy's Promise, a front for RAINS Scotland, a key player in pushing SRA for at least two decades,  tried something similar out of Dundee University several years back and that came to nought too.  See

Most of the data Polte is using for his stats come from therapists linked to the ESTD who have interpreted what their SRA victim-imposters have told them.  For example, How many patients have you who have self-identified as SRA victims?   Of these victims how many witnessed the sacrifice of babies?  etc.   This method of disinformation is as old as the hills.  It was first used in 1989 by the NSPCC in the UK (National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children)  which on the 17th July 1989 declared that it had evidence that SRA existed and children may have NSPCC sorry for wild statementsbeen killed. 

They eventually had to apologise publicly for what they had said and were roundly condemned.  Their 'research' had been a tick box questionnaire sent out to their 66 child protection teams.  Seven of them returned questionnaires intimating that they had seen children who COULD have been involved in Satanic Ritual Child Abuse.  The police immediately began working with those teams.  NOT ONE TEAM produced any real instances of cases of Satanic Ritual Abuse.  

Then Polte delves into Satanic Snuff Videos.  This SRA motif is ALWAYS popping up but of course there never have been any Snuff Movies found of any kind.  The first claim of snuff movies linked to SRA was in 1988 related to a speech by Maureen Davies on Ritual Abuse.  Then in the early 1990s
Ray Wyre, a key player in the promotion of SRA during the Satanic Panic (See Broxtowe.htm ) was quoted as saying he had personally seen a Snuff Movie. However when he was challenged about this directly he retracted saying that it was a movie which simulated a murder.  When questioned, both the FBI and Scotland Yard said Snuff Movies did not exist .   Snopes has a whole section on the history of the Snuff Movie Legend here: and have concluded that Snuff Movies don't exist either. Let's run that again:

There have never been any snuff movies found in reality, let alone linked to Satanism,  yet Polte claims they exist!  What can you do with these people?

After Polte comes the finale, and  'effusive thanks' with continuous clapping for anyone Archer calls out or blows kisses to. It reminds me very much of a poor-man's Oscar presentation ceremony, even down to the obligatory bouquet of flowers. These people are so self-congratulatory and smug in their self-righteousness.   

We have only included analysis of the main presenters at the 2023 International Conference on Satanic Ritual Abuse (those with something key to say). We did not include all of the victim-imposters tales as most of them are repetitive and had nothing new to add, but you can find them in the video link at the top of this article if you want to waste your time with them.

Review by Paula Keynes
Additional material by John Freedom, Tony Rhodes
Autumn Equinox, 2023


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