Bogus Method of Diagnosing Satanic Ritual Abuse from MRI Scans is a mediaeval witch-pricker coming to a surgery near you soon : Bogus method of Diagnosing Satanic Ritual Abuse from MRI Scans is a mediaeval witch-pricker coming to a surgery near you soon.

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Unique SAFF Timeline of the Invention and Development of DID -  and a Who's Who of MPD  promoters and SRA Movers & Shakers

1908: Eugene Blueler publishes the first works on defining Schizophrenia and coined the syndrome in common use today. The idea of MPD is a corruption of his work.

1944: By 1944 there were only 74 recorded cases of claimed MPD within all previous medical literature and the diagnoses on each case was indefinite/debatable.  

1952: Morey Bernstein, amateur hypnotist, puts Virginia Tighe in an experimental trance that sparked off revelations about Tighe's alleged past life as a 19th-century Irish woman called Bridey Murphy. 

1954: The Denver Post writes sensational articles on Bridey Murphy and it becomes a national sensation.

1956:  Doubleday publishes Bernstein's book 'The Search for Bridey Murphy'. Later that same year the movie 'In search of Bridey Murphy' was released. 

1957: Publication of The Three Faces of Eve by psychiatrists  Thigpen and Cleckley, who revivified the idea of MPD  based on experiences with one patient ( Chris Sizemore ).  The Media get in on the act and an influential film ensues.  At this point the vast majority of psychiatric professionals perceived MPD / DID as speculative.

1966:  Professor. J Eysenk, a leading light in psychiatry, published his seminal 'Fact and Fiction in psychology'  He found  that psychiatric interventions have no greater rate of resolution than not treating patients and allowing them to come to terms with their situations themselves.  In other words therapy has doubtful value.

1970: The spiritual revolution of the 'sixties' had developed into a wholesale melding of fringe philosophical ideas, spirituality and self-help. A new breed of 'psychologists' and 'therapists' were being trained.  Thus therapists who had not been properly trained in Freudian Analysis thought that  'Aquarian Age'  techniques ( such as re-birthing, role-playing, recovered memories, primal scream,  and the use of  hypnotic trance, etc. ) were short-cuts to the traditional and accepted method of Analysing patients.

1972: Fundie Mike Warnke (Mike Warnke Ministries) publishes 'The Satan Seller' a supposed account of him running a 1,500 strong Satanic Cult in the US desert which never existed.

1973: Doreen Irvine writes From Witchcraft to Christ, an early polemic against Paganism & Witchcraft  ( which did not, by the way, mention Satanic Abuse). Irvine was exorcised many times over a period of some weeks and claimed that 88 Devils (Alters) were cast out of her., before she was 'cured' of Witchcraft.

1974: The highly influential book 'Sybil'  was published, and later made into a sensational TV Series. The book and the series misrepresent Sybil's case as real.

1976.  Robert Rieber called Sybil "the third most famous of multiple personality cases."  and presented a detailed discussion of the problems of iatrogenic treatment of "Sybil Isabel Dorsett,".

1979: Ted Gunderson (fundie) retires from the FBI and begins to discover and develop the Illuminati and Satanic Mind-control Conspiracy memes. It is his work (backed up by the authority of his  supposed insider knowledge of the Secret Services) which creates the basis of the modern New World Order - Zionist - Qanon - Pizzagate axis which enters DID demonology and is perpetuated today through . SMART  to which many key UK SRA promoters are now allied (RANS, Laurie Matthews, Sarah Nelson etc) froming the 'mind-control' phalanx who maintain that Cults and Satanic Abusers use sadistic trauma to coerce their victims. 

1980:  ' Michelle Remembers' is published. It was the account of a relationship between Michelle Smith and her psychiatrist Laurence Pazder (whom Smith later married) which was a re-run of Sybil but placed squarely in the context of SATANIC ritual abuse.  It was the first ever mainstream book to make Satanic Abuse allegations in the public arena.

1980: '[the radical feminists] platform throughout the 1980s was not the traditional class warfare but the new politics of gender. This became translated into a theory where men were substituted for the capitalist ruling class as the oppressors with women and children their captives. In this world-vision sexual abuse was posited as a universal means of control of women and children as an induction into patriarchy, perpetuating the evils of history which had been caused by the violence of men. '

1980: BAPSCAN(British Association for the Study and Prevention of Child Abuse & Neglect) is inaugurated as an offshoot attached to the NSPCC, consisting of a majority of leading edge feminists and radical social work ideologies. They will later publish articles on SRA in their journal Child Abuse Review.

1983: First accusations made in the McMartin Pre-school case. An emotionally unstable mother, Judy Johnson,  claimed her son had been abused by his (estranged) father and teachers at the school.  This meme (common in marriage breakups where custody is contested) would repeat in many cases during the SRA panic (see Fran and an Keller case 1991) and featured in a renewal of the SRA scare in September 2014 in the Hampstead false SRA case   31 years later, where childrens' testimony was fabricated against their father and other innocent people in the school they attended by the estranged mother and her boyfriend.

1986: Judy Johnson drank herself to death.

1986: September: Pamela Klein is featured in the Maidenhead Advertiser as a “psychologist specialising in child sexual-abuse"

1986: Larry Jones CCIN (Cult Crime Impact Network) holds first Satanic Abuse Seminar in US. Speakers include Mike Warnke and Sandi-Gallant, a San Francisco cop specialising in gangs, who implies Satanic Crime is a real issue - a stance she later publicly retracts in 1988. 

1986: Gunderson and Larry Jones publish 'File 18' a supposed profile of Satanic Crime compiled from a newsletter/bulletin board alliance of a fifth-column of fundamentalist ex-cops and serving policement. File 18 is full of SRA mania and is mailed out to 3,000 members throughout the country and to police HQs. 

1987:  Dr F Jonker's starts the Dutch Oude Pekela mass SRA hysteria by misdiagnosing a child as having been abused.

1987: May: Sue Richardson promulgates a new Cleveland sex-abuse policy.

1987: June: The Cleveland Mass-Lifts Scandal occurs in the county of Cleveland, England.  121 children are taken into care on the basis of a new, idiotic belief by leading edge radical feminists using the trick 'anal dilation syndrome' test.  All children are eventually returned to their innocent parents.

1987: July 13: After four years of police investigations and preliminary hearings the McMartin Trial begins. Seven employees of the nursery are charged with abusing 40 children.

1987: first report of a ‘satanic abuse’ case in Congleton, Cheshire

1987: October:  The Broxtowe Satanic Abuse case begins in Nottingham, England. This was the FIRST claimed case of SRA in the UK.

1988: The compulsive liar and confidence trickster Rose Laurel Wilson  published  'Satan's Underground' a horrific tale of how she supposedly was sexually abused and tortured by murderous Satanists.  There was no psychiatric intention in Wilson's book and she had no feminist pretensions, she was just an out and out liar.  Satan's Underground was probably a main influencer of the Satanic Panic in the U.S. and it was then imported into the UK where the SRA scare hit the headlines from July 1989 when to their eternal shame the NSPCC publicly backed it.

1988: Ellen Bass and Laura Davis publish their controversial book 'Courage to Heal'. Which contains a self-diagnosed case of a woman who recovered memories of having been Satanically abused as a child.

1988: MP Stuart Bell publishes his book 'When Satan Came to the Boro' detailing the mistakes of the Cleveland Scandal where 197 children were kidnapped from their innocent parents by the State in dawn lifts.

1988: Pamela Klein and Norma Howes set up a child-abuse business in south east England

1988: Jan 27: Sandi Gallant US 'cult cop' is interviewed in the first SRA article published in Britain by the Colchester Gazette. She confirms the threat of Satanic Ritual Abuse.  It causes a great stir.

1988: March: . Dianne Core of Childwatch and aide-de-camp to Geoffrey Dickens MP invites Ted Gunderson compiler of  FILE 18  (a notorious police and fundie research/source document containing
lies and inacuracies on SRA) to visit UK to investigate the SRA case she suspected she had just discovered in Hull. In September 1991 after detailed investigation the police declare there was no SRA involved.

1988: April 15:  The British Public are for the first time warned about the threat of Satanic Ritual Child Abuse when Geoffrey Dickens forces an ajournement debate in the House of Commons and says Witches and Satanists are abusing Children in their rites.  The National and Local Media instantly accept the lies and jump on the bandwagon to create a hysteria to find it.

 1988: The methodist Evangelical Alliance committee ‘examines evidence' from the Reachout Trust and joins with them to create a coalition to campaign against SRA.

1988: October: Pamela Klein ‘diagnoses’ the first case of ‘satanic abuse’, from Kent

1988: October: Sandi-Gallant gives an interview to 'Green Egg' magazine in the US admitting that her original claims on SRA were overblown and unsubstantiated. That message doesn't get to the UK.

1988: November: Nottingham workers agree they have a satanic sex ring

1989: March: Dianne Core of Childwatch, Hull,  a key player in the early promotion of SRA, opens a branch in Munich under the aegis of The Schiller Institute linked to CIA shill and right-wing apparatchik Lyndon La Rouche.

1989: MAY: Evangelical Alliance study group on Satanic  Abuse  accepts  
input from Maureen Davies and other pro-SRAMists in London. The Reach- 
out Trus
t is a leading member of the Evangelical Alliance. 

1989: May:  Maureen Davies from Reachut Trust gives Lecture to Clwyd Social Services & North Wales  Police.

1989: May 3:  The Cook Report  team descend on Astonishing Books at the Sorcerer's Apprentice Bookshop in Hyde Park, Leeds. Yorkshire,   to 'doorstep' the owner and film the final part of their now discredited tabloid TV programme The Devil's Work.

1989: JUNE: 29  Conference on Child Abuse held in York, includes a  work- 
shop on Satanic Abuse. Lecturer Jeff Hopkins.

1989: July 17: The NSPCC, the UK's most trusted child-charity hold a press conference claiming that 17 of their branches had discovered cases of SRA. The British press go wild.  Every single one of these 'cases' turned out to be hysterical suspicion. Not one real case resulted.

1989: 17 July: ‘Devil’s Work’, Central TV’s Cook Report  is broadcast. Says Satanic Ritual Child Abuse is rife and says it has found 21 cases.  Cook's programme is made with cooperation of Reachout and RAINS All 21 cases mentioned collapse or are proven false in the course of time.

1989: August 13:  Fundamentalist fanatics firebomb Astonishing Books, an esoteric  Bookshop in Leeds, Yorkshire which Dickens named in his April 15th commons statement and which had just been featured as the 'villain' in the Cook Report's Devil's Work.  The S.A.'s loyal customer base spontaneously sends in donations to help the shop rebuild and offers voluntary assistance to fight the fundie menace. 

1989: August:  Lecture  on SRA with West Midlands  Police  Training  Corps,  
Birmingham. Speaker: Maureen Davies (Reachout Trust).

1989: August 25: Reachout lecture at Bramshill Police College, Reading.   
Speaker: Maureen Davies
1989: September: Norma Howes & Pamela Klein (Child  Abuse  Consultants   group)  organised  conferences  on Satanic Abuse  at  Reading.  Judith   Dawson  and  Christine  Johston disclose 'horrors'  of  Broxtowe  Case   publicly  for  first  time.  U.S. Police officer spoke -  claimed a  baby  had  been   cooked in a microwave oven during a satanic ceremony.

1989: September:  Norma Howes & Pamela Klein organise a  conference  on   
Satanic Child Abuse at Dundee at which Davies was invited to help. She  
arranged  for David Woodhouse from Ellel Grange to give  a  'Christian  
presentation' of the Satanic Abuse 'problem'

1989: October:  Maureen Davies visits USA fundies for a three week sojourn She meets and networks with Moody Bible College, Jack Roper, Robert Morley, Larry Jones, Mark Warnke, Pat Pulling (BADD) , Mark Kilroy, Robbie Mahandras, Charles Stromer, Carol Matrisciana (Jeremiah Films) and Bob Larson amongst others. She speaks on Christian radio and TV channels, attends Satan seminars and stands in for Lauren Stratford, the discredited victim imposter who wrote 'Satan's Underground'

1989: October: SAFF is officially inaugurated as an NPO by Chris Bray of the Sorcerer's Apprentice Bookshop to counter fundamentalist lies and agitation. The donations of people who have already sent funds is used as operating capital along with a sizeable donation from himself. Volunteers staff and run it.
OCTOBER 1989: Satanic Ritual Abuse Seminar held at Aberdeen, UK . 

1990: May: Klein along with Ray Wyre introduces satanic child abuse to New Zealand and Oz.

1990: 14 January: Protecting Children in the 1990s, Seminar held at the  
Crown  Hotel  in Harrogate, Yorks, organised by Department of  Health  Social   Services  Inspectorate for Directors of Social Services &  Child  protection  coordinators throughout Northern England. Rochdale  Director   of  Social  Services attended this seminar (pre Rochdale  case)  which  included a workshop on Satanic Abuse .

1990: January 18: Six defendants in the McMartin Case are acquitted and found not guilty.

1990: January: Lecture on Satanic Abuse at Child Abuse Seminar, Bolton, Lancs. 
Speaker Maureen Davies (Reachout Trust).

1990: January:  Lecture on Satanic Abuse to Church of  Scotland  Study   Group in Edinburgh. Speaker, Maureen Davies (Reachout Trust).

1990: January: the first Trafford arrest in what became known as the Trafford  / Manchester SRA case. (suspect is released after questioning)

1990: February 16:  Caroline Marchant, a 24 year old SRA victim imposter is found dead from an overdose in Rev. Kevin Logan's 'SRA Safe House' in Blackburn Lancs.  She is the first known casualty in the SRAmyth.

1990: February 19:  Harvest House withdraws the book Satan's Underground from sale as its first-hand acount of Satanic Abuse is exposed as a pack of lies

1990: March 11:  The Bogus Social Worker scare begins.  Reports occur from around the UK of paedophiles pretending to be social workers invading parents' homes and stripping and photographing their kids.  When the UK press hype this, suddenly reports become a flood. Over 60 cases are reported to the police.  SRA believers like Geoffrey Dickens and Dianne Core evilly massage the scare by insinuating a Satanic connection.

1990: March:  BASPCAN conference held at Swanwick, Derbys; in  conjunction  with The Social Workers' Christian Fellowship. Speakers  on  Satanic   Abuse: Maureen Davies, Judith Dawson, Christine Johnston (Broxtowe Team 4)

1990: April:   Presentation  to All Party Child  &  Family  Protection  
Group. (a private committee) House of Commons, London. Chair. Dame  Jill  
Knight. Presenters Maureen Davies, Marshall Roland.  

1990: May 7:  Ray Buckey, the remaining accused in the McMartin case is re-tried on six counts.

1990: May:  Department  of Health holds Study Group  &  Conference  on   Satanic  Abuse  at  Elephant & Castle. Maureen Davies  (  Reachout)  and representatives of NSPCC and National  Children's  Home   push for government funding and action.

1990: May:  Child Abuse Conference  entitled Facing the Unbeliev- 
able,  Ritual  Abuse and Satanic Crime, is hosted by Social  Care  Resource  Centre at Cardiff university who invite Reachout Trust to  give a presentation on SRA Organiser expects '100 Social workers  
from  all over Britain' to attend. Speaker on Satanic  Abuse;  Maureen Davies.

1990: May: The Rochdale Satanic Abuse Case begins. A cause celebre for DID therapists, an inquiry later proves it a figment of the minds of two Christian social workers.

1990: June: Rochdale workers are ‘trained’ to detect SRA by the Reachout Trust

1990: July 7:  The Effect of the Occult on Society; Satanic Abuse Day  semi- 
nar  hosted  by the National Viewers & Listeners  Association (Mary Whitehouse)  at  the   Wirral Christian Centre, Birkenhead. Speakers Maureen Davies and  Rev.  
Kevin Logan both directors of Reachout Trust.

1990: July 27:  Ray Buckey is released and all charges dismissed. It had been the longest criminal trial in U.S. legal history. There was absolutely no abuse at the McMartin pre-school, it had all been hysteria. Buckey had been imprisoned for 5 years for nothing.

1990: August 6-7: Fourth International Conference on Incest at  Northwich  Park  Hospital Harrow. Vera Diamond (RAINS) spoke on Satanic  Abuse  and  said that she was absolutely convinced that children have been  killed  during  rituals.  Sue  Hutchinson of S.A.F.E.  group  confirmed  this.   Valerie  Howarth vouched for Hutchinson and psychiatrist Norman Vaughton  told  the  audience  that 10,000 human sacrifices per year occur in  U.S.A.  most being 'specially-bred foetuses'.

1990: August 13:After in-depth investigations Manchester police (at the centre of Bogus Social Worker Scare) and with liaising with other police forces around the UK declare that not one of the cases was substantiated.   It was pure mass hysteria.

1990: September: International Congress on Child Abuse held in Germany.   Allan  Levy  senior  British barrister 'who has  handled  ritual  abuse   allegations  in the courts', speaks in a session on Satanic Abuse.  Sue   Richardson  &  Marietta  Higgs (CAUSE) presented  a  'vindication'  of   Cleveland.

1990: September 13: Mass lift of 13 children taken into care in the Trafford/Manchester SRA case.  All returned to their parents after case collapses later.

1990: October:  Fundie activists from Orkney attend a Satan Seminar in Aberdeen and 'sit through two days of SRA lectures by Maureen Davies'.

1991: February 27: Orkney girl in care 'reports' satanism; 9 more children are taken into care in South Ronaldsay which turns into a national scandal known as The Orkney SRA case resulting in a £6M Public Inquiry concluding in 1992 proving there was no SRA.

1991: February: Lecture to students, Campus Crusade for Christ,  Bangor  
university. Speaker - Maureen Davies.

1991: March 17:  Scottish Sunday Times reports kids have been indoctrinated with SRA fears during 'exorcisms' by fundies running the Rousay Summer camp in Orkney and that a clique of evangelicals are behind the SRA scare there.

1991:  A therapist treating a child after his parents separated, used leading questioning to get false SRA allegations against Fran and Dan Keller, who owned a Day Care business in Oakhill, Texas.  Convicted on multiple charges they were sentenced to 48 years in prison.  In 2017 new evidence proved the Kellers entirely innocent and they were exonerated and released.  They had rotted in prison for 26 years for something they never did.

1991: March: Maureen Davies Lectures on Satanic Abuse at St Michael  le Belfry Church at York.

1991: March:  Conference on Child Abuse, Ritual Abuse and the  Christian  
Response to it, held int Sheffield.  Keynote speakers and  co-organisers  are  
Andy Croall and his wife. As deputy director of Notts social services fundie Croall pushed SRA in the Broxtowe Case

1991: March: Living in The Light & Facing The Darkness: Conference  on  
Satanic Abuse at Swanwick, Derbys; hosted by Social Workers' Christian  
Fellowship  to an invited audience where the press were banned.  Speaker; Maureen Davies on behalf of Beacon Foundation/Reachout.

1991: April 7th: Maureen Davies, the prime fundamentalist involved in pushing the SRA myth is exposed as a bender of the truth in a full page Daily Telegraph Article Holy Crusader On the Trail of Satanism which says she was behind the mistakes of Rochdale and Orkney. 

1991: May: Nottingham Public Meeting on Child Abuse involving NUPE. Sue  
Richardson (CAUSE) protests against media Criticism of Soc.Workers  in  
Rochdale  & Orkney. Beatrix Campbell attends along with Judith  Dawson  
(TEAM 4).

1991: F.Jonker's article on Oude Pekela is published in the NSPCC's BAPSCAN Child Abuse Review as 'evidence' of SRA.

1991: June: Stephen Hempling a Police Surgeon and GP with a practice in Brighton writes an influential  article for the Child Abuse Review stating that over an 18 month period he had examined 90 children for indications of Satanic Ritual Abuse and diagnosed 7 of those children to have been Satanically abused.  These claims hit the headlines nationally but within days the Sussex police countermand his claims saying that there there have been no connected prosecutions in these cases and there are NO indications that any of the children were abused in Satanic Rites.

1991: eight children are removed and kept from their homes in Ayr SRA case. Allegations later found false and the children returned.

1991: September 16/19:  BAPSCAN (British Association for the Study and Prevention of Child Abuse & Neglect ) First National Congress on the  Prevention  of  Child  Abuse & Neglect, Leicester  University.  Speakers  on   Satanic Abuse; Maureen Davies; Roland Summit (inventor of the child-abuse-accommodation syndrome) . The NSPCC was heavily involved in funding BAPSCAN. BAPSCAN was later renamed Association of Child Protection Professionals. Their flash website mentions this first 'congress' but does not mention Satanic Ritual Abuse which featured heavily in it and which many of its then members promoted. The journal of BAPSCAN/ACPP is Child Abuse Review

1991: September 23: Ritual Abuse of Children & Young People  (one  day  
conference)  Speakers:  Tim  Tate, Ray Wyre,  Judith  Dawson,  Beatrix  
. Venue changed to Sedgeley Park Police Training College, same  
date because SAFF planned a protest outside.

1991: June : Tim Tate publishes his Children For The Devil, Ritual Abuse and Satanic Crime, an insider's view of the SRA controversy with 'proven' cases of SRA historic and current.  Within months it is withdrawn and pulped for libellous inaccuracies.

1991: September: 4th National Conference on Sexual Victimisation  of   Children  organised by Norma Howes and held at Reading University,  is   CANCELLED  at  11th hour 'due to lack of support'.  People  billed  to   speak  on  Satanic Abuse were Jerry Simandel (U.S. Cult  Cop)  Heather  
Richardson, Sue Hutchinson (SAFE)

1991: October:  'Britain's biggest ever child care conference' held in  Birmingham features Beatrix Campbell attendee reports that Campbell rows with a Channel 4  TV director  over  claims  that media have misrepresented truth about  Orkney  SRA case  by   taking the parents' side.

1991: October 1st:  Maureen Davies is exposed as promoting false SRA cases in the Welsh weekly documentary series Week-in Week-out two programme special. In contradistinction to her eagerness to mislead Social Workers and Therapists during the past few years, she refuses to be interviewed and is doorstepped here: 

1991: November 11/15:  Gathering Evidence from Children, Course held  at  
Liverpool University for established Social Workers includes  workshop   on Ritual Abuse. Organiser Mary Gregg Dept of Clinical Psychology.

1991: December 1:  British Judge rules that Pamela Kline 'is not a legitimate therapist' in the Epping Satanic Child Abuse case, which is thrown out at the Old Bailey

1992: January: Kenneth Lanning the FBI's specialist in Ritual Child Abuse publishes his official report concluding that SRA does not exist.

1992: February 19:  Channel 4 TV screen : Beyond Belief  by Andrew Boyd,  a fundamentalist Christian purporting to show actual video evidence of SRA. Turned out to be one of the biggest hoaxes of the 20th century. In the book he researched which underpinned the TV documentary  (Blasphemous Rumours ) Boyd quotes Jonkers and the  Oude Pekela case as a proven case of mass Satanic Abuse even though the Dutch authorities had by that time disproved it.

1992: March 26: Diane Core appears in a German TV documentary Der Gott Des Gravens making insupportable accusations of the existence of SRA in Britain.

1992: April: Day seminar at Keele university involving Jeff  Hopkins   (RAINS member).

1992: A £2 million police inquiry is held into a claimed SRA case in Hull which Core undermined. Police concluded a second time that there was no SRA involved. Core has never found one genuine SRA case.

1992: David Long, a social worker with inside knowledge of the Broxtowe SRA case publishes his 'Where Reason Sleeps' diatribe against false claims of SRA, outlining the main players pushing the fallacy. 

1992: August 13th: A Swedish TV company making a documentary on SRA called No Greater Evil  (Octopus)  interview Dianne Core and Geoffrey Dickens about SRA and contribute £1,000.00 to Childwatch funds.

1992: September 24: Sexual Abuse Past Present Future. Ray Wyre  Beatrix Campbell. Details on Network Abuse (another euphemism for SRA) at Keele University

1992: October 27: Lord Clyde's official report on the Orkney SRA fiasco in which 13 children were taken into care, is published. He concludes there was no Satanic Abuse involved.

1992: November 5th:  Working Together To Protect Children. Does not  use   term  Satanic  Abuse but the euphemism 'Organised  Abuse'.  Speakers:  Ray   Wyre;  Marietta Higgs; Valerie Howarth; Michael Hames  (Met. Obscene  pubs. squad); Peter Bibby; Marianne Tranter.

1992: December: first arrests in the Pembroke ‘mass abuse’ trial with SRA overtones.

1993: May 5: The West Memphis Three
SRA case allegations begin. In 1994 two teenagers are imprisoned for life and another is given a death sentence for the supposed Satanic killing of 3 children. The trial is a farce. In 2010 they are all released as innocent.

1993: Bishop Auckland satanic abuse case begins - collapses in due course.

1993:  Shieldfield Nursery Crimes fiasco begins. In a McMartin copycat case false allegations are levelled at two innocent  nursery nurses by Satan Hunters.

1993: Roma Hart, one of the first victims of DID therapy to break her hypnosis starts her campaign to get justice and expose the dangers of MPD / DID (see 'Case Histories' above on this web-page).

1994: Jim Schnabel published his seminal work on schizophrenic patients who Self-Victimised and traumatised themselves under therapy: Chronic Claims of Alien Abduction and some other traumas as self-victimization syndromes:  

1994 Official Hulsenbek committee in Holland concludes there is no SRA in any of the claimed cases there.  

1994: May 26: 'Devil Cults Slay 100' Daily Mirror reports that Valerie Sinason is claiming that: '[Therapists] have treated patients who have detailed at least 100 murders'... 'They are mutilated, made pregnant, their babies used in sacrifices.They are tortured and killed and the bodies disposed of' 

1994: June:  April: Professor Jean La Fontaine Report. Official government report on claims of SRA concludes saying it doesn't exist in any of the cases claimed by 'survivors' who underwent MPD / DID therapy .

1994: The San Antonio 4 case begins in U.S. Four women are put on trial for Satanic Abuse and spend 15 years in prison before new evidence proves them innocent.

1995: Ayr inquiry finds social workers fomented the claimed ‘satanic-abuse’ case there and are disciplined. No Satanic Abuse involved.

1996: March 21:  A speaker from the BFMS is shouted down and refused a platform to present his lecture at a Seminar on Ritual Abuse in Bradford. In contradistinction Valerie Sinason is applauded when she presents a report on the incidence of Satanic Ritual Abuse in her work at the Tavistock Clinic.

1996: September: RAINS issue a printed letter to its members imposing strict secrecy and an almost cult-like approach to dealing with non-members and  inquirers/journalists who have not been vetted. Current members are made to sign a non-disclosure 'confidentiality bond'.  RAINS has become a closed secret society.

1996: September: RAINS conference at Warwick University Chaired by Norma Howes. Speakers include Catherine Gould (the inventor of the now infamous Satanic Indicators) and Valerie Sinason. Sarah Nelson's presentation claims there are 1650 SRA victims in Edinburgh alone! Mail On Sunday newspaper headline reporting it says: Satan Abuse Zealots Meet to Plan New Witch-hunt.

1996: October 4: The Rikki Neave murder trial begins. His mother is found guilty of  'neglect' and jailed for 7 years. Sensational claims were made during the trial  of Satanic sacrifice and Mrs Neave is given the monica ' the most evil mother in Britain'.  SAFF produce evidence to show it is a lie. and  25 years later James Watson was arrested for the crime.

1996: October: The Sinason-Hale 'Devil Report' is commissioned by the UK Department of Health amid great controversy.

1997: June:  The Creation of Satanic Ritual Abuse. A 12 page paper for the University of Illinois, USA,  by Bette L Bottoms and Suzanne L Davis, explains exactly how and why the SRA hysteria occurred. 

1998: In the Sinason/Galton 2003 Interview Galton says ' In 1998 she founded the Clinic for Dissociative Studies, which has seen more DID patients than any other single treatment centre in the United Kingdom.'

1998: February 1:  "A British Psychological Society report stated that 13 out of 800 psychologists who answered a survey had worked with clients who claimed they were victims of Satanic Ritual Abuse and they believed them." 'Witch Hunters' Daily Mail 

1999: Beatrix Campbell and Judith Dawson Jones' book Stolen Voices a supposed polemic against SRA disbelief, is withdrawn due to libellous inaccuracies .

2000: February:  Sir Ronald Waterhouse publishes his wide-ranging report on child-abuse in institutions and care homes in the U.K.

2000: February 10:  Sinason announces conclusions which she says are the results of her interim report on SRA 'The Devil Report', claiming it proves the existence of Satanic Abuse. Tellingly the report itself is never published but the SAFF obtains a copy which is found to be dross and publishes it here.

2000: February 9: 11:39 GMT  BBC Radio4:   Police investigate satanic abuse charges.  Despite the continuous false accusations and singularly failed cases of SRA, on the strength of supposed interim findings of Sinason's 'Devil Report'  the Metropolitan Police have seconded detective Inspector Clive Driscoll to work with Sinason one day a month to check and follow up on what her patients are saying.  Yet Sinason's report clearly is nonsense and contains no proof of SRA whatsoever, as you can check  here.  

2000: Wilfred Wong organises a satan seminar at the House of Commons featuring as guest speaker Valerie Sinason who lectures to MPs about the 'reality' of SRA, presumably misrepresenting her 'interim' conclusions in the Devil Report as proof of SRA when they are nothing of the kind.

2001: February: UK Department of Health confirm to the Independent newspaper that they have received Valerie Sinason's Devil Report but have no intention to publish it. One of the concluding recommendations of the report is that there should be multidisciplinary teams hunting down SRA as recommended by F.Jonker from the Oude Pekela case!

2002: February 25:  Izzy's Promise (RANS) hosts a Satanic Abuse Conference in Dundee.

2002: March 21:  Sinason and other RAINS members lecture to MPs in a private meeting at the House of Commons in an attempt to link a renewed promotion of SRA to the then current case of the Thames Torso.  Their nonsense is not well received by the press.

2002: July: the two innocent Shieldfield nurses are awarded maximum libel damages against members of their Newcastle review panel.

 2002: Sinason's move towards DID begins with the publication of  “Attachment, Trauma and Multiplicity: Working with Dissociative Identity Disorder”

2003: the Royal College logs over 100 complaints against paediatricians compared with fewer than 20 in 1995.

2003: August:  The BFMS publish a key article showing in detail how false memories are created by DID therapists and the methods they use to do it.

2003: October: Isle of Lewis SRA case begins with co-ordinated raids by police on homes in Lewis, Leicestershire, Yorkshire and Dorset.  After a long inquiry it is later ruled in 2004 that there is no substance to any of the SRA claims.

2004: The National Lottery gives a £340,000 in grant aid to Izzy's Promise of Dundee, the charity outreach of RAINS Scotland  ' to raise public awareness about organised and ritualised abuse '  Even though they've spent the last 16 years trying to prove it exists and failing.

2004: July 16: Laurie Matthews, head of RANS/Izzy's Promise, travels to lecture at the loopy  SMART conference in USA on  "The Fight Against Ritual Abuse in Scotland."  Ignoring the fact that every single one of the claimed cases of SRA in Scotland failed after doing tremendous damage.

2004: December: The Metropolitan Police child protection unit arranges for officers to undergo training in Satanic Child Abuse by ACAL a group of Christian lawyers who believe implicitly in SRA and is fed false facts and propaganda about its existence. Police go public with ridiculous untrue claims about human sacrifice

2005: January 8th:  Rochdale children taken into care have now reached the age when they are out of the thrall of the legal system and can tell the full story of how their lives were ruined by false accusations of SRA.

2005: Carol Myers dies in mysterious circumstances whilst undergoing MPD / DID therapy for supposed Satanic Abuse during which she falsely accuses her own parents of SRA.  A police investigation finds nothing.   Her parents since conduct a crucial campaign to discover the true facts surrounding her death from DID which they blame on her therapists.

2006: Steven Oglevie is Ellen Lacter's mentor. He identified and treated MPD / DID patients who were diagnosed as having been Satanically Abused. In 2006 (three years before Lacter was invited to speak at the London 2009 Seminar (below) his reputation was shattered when an SRA patient sued  him for implanting false memories!  This lawsuit was a direct unmasking of the dangers and falsities of DID

2006: The Witch-Children scare  was created by 1000s of children being abused in church exorcism ceremonies. Some were actually killed.  Hypersensitivity to possession by the Devil by fundamentalist Christians is at a hysterical level.

2006: The ESTD (European Society for Trauma and Dissociation) was established.

2006: The British branch of ESTD (ESTDUK) was opened by Sue Richardson.  Richardson was a key member of the coterie of Radical Feminists behind the Cleveland mass child-lifts scandal of 1987, the forerunner of SRA.

2006: January: ‘When Satan Came to Town’, The Real Story, BBC North West documentary about the Rochdale SRA case, the children, now adults, tell their story.

2006: Harrison Pope and colleagues publish an analysis of academic papers associated with MPD from 1984 to 2003 which shows a sharp peak in articles in the late 1990s followed by a steep decline after it was exposed as unsafe.

2007: December.  Valerie Sinason lectures on DID to the influential   London Safeguarding Children Board.  Sinason was billed as the Director of the Clinic for Dissociative Studies and her seminar Dissociative Disorder and Ritual Abuse proved conclusively that DID was using unsubstantiated SRA claims to make a comeback.

2007:  Some irresponsible media types did a remake of the Sybil film, still portraying the case as reality even though discredited.

2008: February:  SRA hysteria explodes again  in claims of Satanic Abuse at the Haut de la Garenne children's home in Jersey. (later fully discredited)

2009: September: The journal Current Psychiatry carried an article by Numan Gharaibeh, a staff psychiatrist at Danbury Hospital, Danbury, Connecticut, calling for DID to be removed from DSM-5 because of conflicting support for it within the Medical Professions.

2009: September:   After a thankful absence of Satanic Seminars for five years a new one is held at the Bowlby Centre in London featuring a host of new players pushing DID and SRA, along with the usual the hard-core of SRA believers still making unproveable claims about abuse. (see here).

2010 Sinason's  Clinic for Dissociative Studies was being funded almost entirely by the NHS  as Private Eye Magazine revealed (issue 1325)

2011: March: The Kidwelly SRA case is brought to trial. A Welsh brothel is passed off as a Satanic Cult.

2011: April:  Sinason and her followers  collectively start a campaign to have DID recognised within psychiatry as a genuine therapeutic technique.

2011: July: Whilst this  'push to establish DID as real' campaign was ongoing the SAFF unearthed evidence that Valerie Sinason was being sent 'Satanic Abuse Victims' by the notorious conspiracyloon David Icke,

2011: November 3:  The Archbishop of York makes a public demand for Exorcisms to be paid for by the NHS.

2012: January 23:  An open letter is published in the Guardian newspaper signed by  Valerie Sinason and Wilfred Wong and 10 others from the Committee On Ritual Abuse, insisting that SRA exists.

2012 Simone Reinders et al begin the first experiments in trying to prove the existence of DID using electrodes and encephalographs. This was the forerunner of using MRI scans.

2012: The Savile Hysteria explodes into British headlines.  The policeman in charge of Operation Yewtree investigating 450 victims claiming to have been abused by the DJ is the same one who organised Satanic Ritual Abuse seminars for the Met in 2004. 

2013: January 13: Valerie Sinason is featured by the Sunday Express claiming that Jimmy Savile was a Satanic Abuser based on DID memories from two of her patients.

2013: March: Professor Elizabeth Loftus gives a presentation at Goldsmith's University of London. Loftus refers to numerous experiments and research conducted by herself and others over 40 years which show that a third of the poppulation are susceptible to false memories.

2013: Carol Myer's family publish a sensational book on their daughter's death implicating the NHS and various therapists who 'treated' her with DID, titled Justice for Carol. which shows how the medical profession covers up its malpractice. The book heavily criticises Valerie Sinason's input.

2014: ESTD publish an article by  Suzette Boon-Langen headed: The treatment of victims reporting ritual abuse by organised networks; a reflection on 30 years of clinical experience' indicating that the ESTD is directly linked with and promotes old-style 1990 Satan Hunters.

2014: Final official inquiry into the SRA hysteria at Haut de La Garrenne children's home in Jersey is concluded: There was no SRA involved.

2014: April: Stoke Mandeville Hospital's inquiry into Savile's abuses concludes that there were no Satanic Connections.

2016: February: Operation Midland is disbanded with no prosecutions made at a cost of 1.8 Million pounds. All allegations are false

2016: July: Wilfred Wong, along with Andrew Boyd, inaugurate a Sectarian campaign calling upon all Christians to fight to  outlaw Witchcraft and Paganism using despicable ancient blood libel accusations of them killing children in rituals.

2016: October: Judge Henrique concludes his Inquiry  which found serious errors in police investigations into false allegations of sexual abuse by overly trusting the accounts of self-diagnosed victims and castigated the police for not using common-sense and checking allegations before believing in them. 

2017: January: At  the yearly ESTD conference in Berne, Switzerland, Dr. Brendan O’Mahony, Professor Becky Milne and Dr. Kevin Smith presented a revolutionary paper demanding that DID therapists be compulsorily called to attend first-level police interrogation of claimed SRA victims to 'interpret' the evidence for the cops!

2017: January: Rainer Kurz delivers two lectures at the same ESTD 2017 conference. One on Recovered Memories,   and another on 'Organised Ritualised Crime Abuse Network (ORCAN), a supposed network of criminal satanic abusers in the UK which Kurz has fantasised.  On his website Kurz carries an article promoting the lies about Hampstead SRA case (ruled false by a judge in 2015) and gives it as a lecture to the European Congress of Psychiatry held in Florence in 2017.

2017: Operation Conifer (inquiry into late Prime Minister, Edward Heath and VIP abuse in Westminster publishes its closure report - all allegations are false

2017: June 17: Fran and Dan Keller are found innocent and set free. They had spent 26 years in prison due to false SRA allegations.

2017: September 22:  Reiner Kurz appears at a Satan Seminar held in London organised by Canadian counsellor Sandra Fecht, another long-time believer in SRA.  Wilfred Wong is co-speaker making untrue claims of Satanic Ritual Abuse. Kurz lectures on 'Family court Child Snatching'.

2019: July 28: Carl Beech is sentenced to 18 years imprisonment for knowingly perpetrating the most despicable false abuse allegations.  In a letter to the Guardian the coterie of SRA believers propounding DID, including Valerie Sinason, infer Beech was a real victim and should get sympathy.

2019 January: Sabine McNeil, ring-leader of the false allegations of SRA against Christchurch School, Hampstead, is jailed for 9 years for perverting the course of justice.

2019: July 28: Another public letter signed by 38 SRA believers and DID practitioners is published in the Guardian, arguing that the number of false-accusers is 'small'. Amongst the signees are old hands at making failed SRA claims, including Valerie Sinason, Reiner Kurz and Sue Richardson.

2019: September: Simone Reinders, a Netherlander, who is a leading player in the coterie of SRA hunters in Europe within the panoply of the ESTD published the results of a Dutch and English funded project to try to use MRI scanners to identify people suffering from DID.

2020: February: The government's own Historic Abuse Inquiry (IICSA) after taking the most extensive evidence judged that the idea of a conspiracy of abusers in Westminster was bunkum.

2020: September: Dutch Radio company Argos, presents circumstancial evidence to promote renewed  belief in the existence of SRA in the 'Shards of Glass' documentary

2020: October 5th  Following public outcry after Shards of Glass is broadcast, a motion is accepted unanimously by the Dutch Parliament for the Dutch government to start an investigation into the existence of SRA in Holland.

2020: November: Wilfred Wong and five other people are arrested and remanded in prison for 'abducting an 8 year old child at knife-point' after kidnapping the child and driving him 230 miles from his home.    The case is ongoing as we write and we will report on it soon. )

Timeline Ends:


Case Histories

The Woman Who Had 48 Personalities - New

The Woman Who Had 48 Personalities - New Scientist

Roma Hart was 26, a single mother, from Winnipeg in Western Canada, studying at Manitoba University to become a teacher, and working two jobs, when she was referred to a psychiatrist for stress. In a sworn affidavit, seeking to sue the psychiatrist for medical malpractice, Ms Hart states:

 “ In October 1986 I was diagnosed with multiple personalities by Dr Colin Ross. In October 1986 I began multiple personality therapy with Dr Colin Ross as a psychiatric out patient at the McEwan Building of the St Boniface Hospital.”

Her affidavit continues:
“Dr Ross’s multiple personality therapy caused an immediate worsening of my mental health. My initial problem of stress became a problem of nightmares, incest, satanic ritual abuse, murder, torture, and alien abduction. I had no memories of any of those activities in my life but Dr Ross told me that my new memories were flashbacks of real events. I complained that I was getting worse and I was told that in MPD therapy you always get worse before you get better. I soon became very suicidal.
“Dr Ross’s multiple personality therapy included extremely high and untested amounts of Halcion (a sedative). In January 1987 after I first took the drug Halcion I complained to Dr Ross that it made me feel very upset. He replied that my new ‘upset’ feeling was caused by a personality called ‘Desi’ who was upset. For every Halcion side effect there was a personality to blame instead of the drug… I would experience Halcion withdrawal symptoms after only three hours from my previous dosage: anxiety, muscle cramps and shaking. I experienced severe Halcion withdrawal symptoms in January 1990… I was addicted to Halcion.”
Ms Hart’s affidavit states that in January 1990 Dr Ross discharged her from St Boniface Hospital
 “on an unsupervised, extremely high and drastic drug switch from almost 52.0 mg. of Halcion per day to 320 mg. of Valium per day.” Dr Ross left St Boniface Hospital in November 1991. and Ms Hart eventually weaned herself off Halcion and complained to her family doctor that she continued to suffer withdrawal symptoms and after-effects for several years.
In March 1993 she heard a radio talk show programme about false memories and people falsely accused of satanic ritual abuse and the following month attended a Winnipeg False Memory support group. There she began to wonder whether her memories of Satanic abuse, alien space ships and mind control were false. By then she had already concluded she did not have multiple personalities – 48 of them at their peak. And eventually Roma Hart became one of a growing number of recovered memory and MPD “retractors”.

Ms Hart was encouraged to write her story about multiple personality therapy and it was published in a newsletter by the False Memory Syndrome Foundation, based in Philadelphia, formed in 1992 to support families falsely accused and also former patients who had suddenly recovered ‘memories’ of childhood sexual abuse, many of them diagnosed as harbouring multiple personalities, and then realised the memories were false. Within two years the FMSF had been contacted by 6,000 families.

When Roma Hart eventually realised she did not have multiple personalities and her memories were false she sought to sue Dr Ross for malpractice. Expert opinions and legal advice seen by New Scientist supported her. But after delays caused by a succession of lawyers, by the time she was able to bring her malpractice claim to court it was ruled to be out of time, beyond the statute of limitations in March 2015. Today she is pursuing the hospital for an apology for the diagnosis of MPD, an acknowledgement that it happened and caused her harm, that they were responsible for the harm and to make amends for the harm caused."

Source: 'Do You Remember?' published in Skeptic Magazine Spring 2015. First published as 'The Woman Who Had 48 Personalities' in The New Scientist (Sept 2013).

Bennett Braun, the DID therapist which DID therapists don't want you to know about.

'But perhaps the greatest blow to the SRA/MPD movement was the investigation into the irresponsible quack antics of an MPD therapist from Rush University Medical Center by the name of Bennett Braun.  As the head of a “Dissociative Disorders” Unit, Braun took one Patty Burgus under his care treating her for severe and prolonged depression, the resistance to treatment of which was quite enough to convince Braun that a satanic cult was somehow involved.  Burgus would suffer continuous treatment at the hands of Braun and his troop of clowns for two years.  Hypnotized, sedated, and reminded that the only way to achieve healing was to recall the memories of satanic ritual abuse that were surely hidden in the compartmentalized recesses of her mind, Burgus would come to believe that she contained over three hundred personalities, had been involved in cannibalism, infanticide… all the standard satanic unpleasantness.

Eventually, Burgus herself began to doubt her own “recovered memories” and began seeking corroborative evidence for the cult activity that her therapists had lead her to believe existed.  As the drugs and hypnotherapy wore off, Burgus came to recognize that it was all a sham.  Seeking legal remediation for the malpractice she suffered, Burgus was eventually paid a settlement of $10.6 million, and Bennett Braun – perhaps the most widely recognized expert in MPD at the time – had his medical license suspended.

Independent Report on the proceedings at SMART's 2009 Conference:

Aad (aka Adrian) Sti
Abel Learwellie
Abigail (Abigail Mar
Adah Sachs
Adrian J. Connolly
Adriano Schimmenti
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Ajita Acharya
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Annette Renee Vielle
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Antoon Willemsen
April Clarke
April Prita Manganie
Arianne Struik
Armagan Ozdemir
Arne Blindheim
Aryeh Levenson
Ashley Ford
Astrid Davidson
Athena Phillips
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Baerbel Benzel
Barbara Elsner
Barbara Lewison
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Carla Hamoen
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Catherine Anita Hyne
Catherine Classen
Catherine D Klatzker
Catherine E. Hansen
Catherine Horvath
Catherine Jensen
Catherine Keech
Cathy G. Neuhauser
Cathy Kezelman Blue
Cecelia A. Bushery
Centerstate NY Socie
Chantal Cohen
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Charme S. Davidson
Cheryl Seaman
Cheryle Jones Andrew
Chloe Wilkinson
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Christel Kraaij
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Christina E. Hirst
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Christine Forner
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Christine Hatchard
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Christine Sells
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Cindy (Cynthia Ann)
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Colin Ross
Colleen Koncilja
Con Stough
Connie M Siciliano A
Connie Mitchell
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Constance Dalenberg
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Corrina Rinella
Cristina Domingues
Cynthia Amodeo
Cynthia E Parker
Cynthia Jane MacLeod
Cynthia Kiddoo
Cynthia Mansbach
Cynthia Shaffer
Cynthia Wilson
C. Lange

Daeho Kim
Dalal Musa
Dale B Ault
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Daniel Shaw
Daniela Wiethaeuper
Danielle Kay Dittmer
Dave Lord
David Blihar
David Eliscu
David Gleaves
David Howsam
David Hubbard
David L. Calof
David Radmore
David Seagull
David T. Bice
David V Baldwin
Dawn LaCarte
Dawn Sage-Chychula
Deanna McClannahan
Debbie Harvie
Debora Romeo
Deborah Azoulay
Deborah Christensen
Deborah Galaska
Deborah Horan
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Deborah Mata
Deborah Mikita
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Deborah Rubin
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Fowler's Phrenological HeadPSYCHIATRIC VOODOO!

The Royal College of Psychiatry embraces Phrenology within Modern Psychiatry to validate spurious Dissociative Identity Disorder. 

Can it really be true that junk-science akin to phrenology is today being used to diagnose Dissociative Identity Disorder in the UK, USA and Europe?  Absolutely, and in this astonishing Special Report the SAFF exposes the workings of a new kind of Frankenstein therapy which will mentally incarcerate hundreds of thousands of ill people, if the medical fraternity allow it to prosper.  If you or anyone you know has mental issues you must read this to protect yourself.

How DID was invented and how harmful is it to patients? 

Back in the bad old days of the Satanic Ritual Abuse Scare of the 1990s most of the people who promoted the idea of SRA came from a coterie of Psychiatrists and Feminist therapists treating patients who, apparently,  spontaneously under analysis, began to adopt different personas.  Different characters would pop-up in their minds when they were under hypnosis,  or when subject to trance techniques which were believed to 'recover' forgotten memories of past sexual abuse which had been repressed.   The key common-denominator in all these patients was not their psychoses, but the fact that all their therapists believed that there was an epidemic of Ritual Sexual Abuse which had been hidden and which they were courageously exposing. 

Are my recollections true or false? Article in the
                Independent Newspaper 1 May 1994The 'personalities' which appeared during these sessions could be male or female, young or old, beautiful or ugly,  clever or idiotic, strong or weak.   When an adult woman patient, (it was invariably women who suffered from DID),  suddenly began talking in a teeny-weeny child-like voice, their psychiatrist / psychotherapist would 'help the story along' asking leading questions about the person's childhood, so the patient could 'flesh-out' the 'personality' of what was then termed their 'Alter'. 

After many sessions of 'therapy' some patients would generate dozens of these 'Alters' ; there hardly seemed an end to them.  Most patients stopped at creating a handful of Alters, which were trundeled out in subsequent sessions by being called-up by the therapist, almost like Faust would call up Mephistopheles, ( and this similie is rather closer to the mark than some readers might believe, as we will show below).    The 'Alters' of DID patients would often begin competing with each other, sometimes fighting and insulting each other in the process, like a poor TV soap-opera.   Verbatim case-histories are almost humorous in the way that patients and therapists jostle to create sensible sounding stories out of the babble produced by DID therapy.  So what is happening?

Dissociative Identity Disorder is a Mind Control method which implants fantasies.

Of course any sensible therapist would have immediately seen these 'Alters' as a chimera resulting from the repetitive questions of the therapist.  Indeed Sigmund Freud warned against unconsciously feeding one's patient with clues as to where to go next during analytical sessions.  The danger was that the patient would subconsciously pander to the expectancies of the Therapist and tacitly confabulate personas.

Most of the patients who were filtered into MPD/DID techniques had a long past history of orthodox psychological treatment which had not cured them.    To the coterie of therapists and psychiatrists who were using DID to seek out abuse this lack of response to orthodox therapeutic methods was a clear 'symptom' that exceptionally evil sexual abuse was being 'hidden' and so their intention was not so much to cure the patient from their psychoses, but prove that they had been abused.

 The intention was not to cure the patient of their psychoses, but prove that they had been abused.

Campaigning Therapists appeared more interested in claiming that they had uncovered the hidden abuse they suspected was there;  rather than resolving a patient's problems. For example, none of these therapist ever thought that a patient who did not produce SRA 'Alters' during therapy indicated that they had not been abused and so had nothing to recall.  They just kept on insisting until the patient made something up!

None of these DID therapists ever thought that a patient who failed to produce SRA Alters during RMT indicated that they had  had nothing to recall.

Many of these women patients were chronically mentally ill.  Mainstream psychiatry was not curing them and so they were passed down the line to the new breed of Feminist Therapists who specialised in DID.  The truth is that since 1966 when Prof. J Eysenk published his seminal 'Fact and Fiction in Psychology' it has been a psychiatric secret that interventions have no greater rate of resolution than not treating patient and allowing him/her to come to terms with his situation himself. 

'Eysenck found that spontaneous remission in severe neurotic disorders is such that some 45 percent recover after one year and over 70 percent after two years, without any form of psychiatric treatment.

Within 5 years 90% of all cases recover. Orthodox psychiatric and psychoanalytic treatment produces effects which are not in advance of these figures and in many cases may even be below them.' 

Fact and Fiction in Psychology (pp 154).

Psychiatric treatment has no greater rate of resolution than allowing the patient to come to terms with his situation himself. 

Today there are hundreds of thousands of academic papers written on Psychiatric treatments and methods but  you will not find one of them which analyses or rates recovery statistics!

Whilst psychiatry is very helpful to reveal how people might feel about their illness all complexes are ultimately treated by the patient him/herself coming to terms with it.  The psychiatrist simply identifies the crux of the problem within the patient and let's them become aware of it.  Just as in medicine, it is not the wonder drug which heals the patient but the effect that drug has on super-charging existing natural healing mechanisms of the body which cures the patient.  The patient always heals him/herself.   Coping with mental illness is a process leading to a resolving of the issues by the patient but continuous application of  'therapy'  of the DID kind does nothing but incarcerate the patient in a perpetual psychoses and therefore using DID a resolution is impossible. 

Radical  therapists campaigning to highlight the mass of hidden sexual abuse they felt existed looked back in the annals of psychiatry to justify their beliefs and found that an unproven theory coined Multiple Personality Disorder (MPD) had first been identified in the 1840s, when psychiatry was in its infancy.   It was VERY rare but there was one recorded case by  Dr. Morton Prince of Boston, USA, in 1898 when he was consulted by one Sally Beauchamp, a young single woman aged 23 who claimed to suffer various nervous disorders. A long period of psychoanalysis resulted in 3 'personalities' surfacing during a seven year period.  None of this was conclusive and there is no insistence that the 'personalities' were anything other than figments of Ms Beauchamps subconscious.

                Jekyll and Mr Hyde. Robert Louis StevensonAt the time, competing psychiatric syndromes were vying against each other to explain why some people acted out of character;  one minute contented, the next tortured and depressed.    Books like Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde,  and other fictional accounts of people whose personality 'split' and was taken over by  their 'evil' self.  These ideas were actually the result of much older memes, combining the religious idea of 'possession' of the body by devils with the then novel psychiatric theory of schizophrenia, or split-personality.  

In 1908 Eugene Blueler had published the first works on Schizophrenia and coined the syndrome.  MPD / DID is squarely based on Schizophrenia and DID therapists have hi-jacked Schizophrenia syndrome and corrupted it to suit their beliefs in DID. 

So a valid syndrome which went on to become the basis of the treatment of hundreds of thousands of mentally ill people, was hi-jacked in the 1950s by people who believed that multiple personalities could infest a person's mind, which is something entirely different.   There is one important distinction between Schizophrenia syndrome and DID/MPD and that is that schizophrenia has never ever made claims to be a mechanism to hide sexual abuse.  Hiding supposed sexual abuse is the sole purpose of DID according to its devotees.

Technically since the 1950s MPD / DID has since come to mean 'schizophrenia with more than two personalities'.

The Great Reality Shift -  Reincarnation and UFOs

Religion had been losing ground to Science ever since 1610 when the burgeoning astronomer Galileo had published his Sidereus Nunciu which proved Copernicus's theory of Heliocentrism.  Galileo was accused of heresy and tried by the Inquisition, found guilty and sentenced to 'whole life' imprisonment where he died in total censorship, in 1642.  

What the Galileo affair highlighted was the constant battle between reality and superstition. For over a thousand years the church had dominated Europe, dictating laws and punishment, prescribing dress, culture and traditions, selecting and controlling the issuance of books, governing education and even controlling time itself via its  calendar.  Religion's power and authority was based on a dogma and philosophy built on a mythic and partial history backed by Superstition.    

As the growth of the Scientific Enlightenment proceeded apace to produce the Industrial Revolution,  and the medical and technical achievements of the Victorian era occurred, the world then suffered two brutal wars made ever more heinous by the very weapons which technology had created for mass killing (e.g. the machine-gun, high-explosives, motorised tanks, mega-cannons, ballistic missiles, and atomic bombs).  The horrors of these wars undermined more than anything else the idea that a benevolent deity was directing mankind.

By the 1950s orthodox religion had become something of a hollowed-out shell for many.  By the 1960s church attendance had fallen to 6% and pews were virtually empty.   People now trusted more in Science to guide the State, Education and Health, relegating Religion to the cultural pomp of the State.  But Superstition is a component part of the human condition and had not been defeated.   This battle between Religion and Science gave rise to a new techno-religion which was being formed in The Great Reality Shift.  The story of the development of MPD / DID encompasses this shift as belief in extra-terrestrial god like beings who visited Earth began to develop alongside claims of the hidden evil of a Secret Cult of Satanists and the Bridey Murphy case illustrates it well.

Bridey Murphy - MPD falsification of memories reaches back into past lives.

In 1952 an experiment by amateur hypnotist Morey Bernstein put housewife Virginia Tighe from Pueblo, Calif, in a trance that sparked off startling revelations about Tighe's alleged past life as a 19th-century Irish woman called Bridey Murphy.   

Bernstein used an untested technique now called hypnotic regression. Today the method is almost exclusively used by MPD therapists under the name of Recovered Memory Therapy [RMT] ). During Recovered Memory Therapy the hypnotised subject is gradually taken back to childhood supposedly to relive scenes and situations from that time which they have forgotten or repressed.   This is of course where DID therapists stop;  for it would undermine their pretentions towards academic rigour if they allowed their patients to delve back into past lives! 

However Bernstein wasn't a therapist, or a medical person; he was a self-taught hypnotist.  Bernstein wasn't interested in medical outcomes and attempted to take Virginia Tighe one step further; he suggested she cast her mind back to BEFORE she was born.  He was astonished to find that a personality called Bridey Murphy came through, speaking from Tighe's mouth.  Bridey Murphy claimed to be from a previous incarnation but it could easily have been portrayed as Tighe 'channelling' the spirit of Bridey Murphy in true spiritualist tradition.  

Bernstein, who had no medical qualifications but a deep interest in the supernatural,  concluded that Bridey Murphy was an earlier incarnation of Tighe's.  The corollary was that the Soul was eternal and could transmigrate into different bodies through various lifetimes.   Murphy was reincarnating through the body of Tighe!  The Bridey Murphy story became BIG news at the time because of these claims of reincarnation which was believed to offer 'evidence' of life after death.

Bernstein concluded that Bridey Murphy was an earlier incarnation of Tighe's Soul.

DID / MPD therapists today regularly use the same recovered memory techniques (RMT) to take their patients back in time to their childhood but NEVER EVER try to take them back into previous lives;  because that would simply part with any semblance of scientific method and show up their DID syndrome as just a form of Psychiatric Voodoo.

  So was there actually any truth to the Bridey Murphy case?  Read on:

The movie Search For Bridey Murphy - issued 1956Bernstein hypnotised Tighe many times and began to build an entire life story of Bridey Murphy in Ireland in the late 1880s.  Her story was impressively detailed and took months to relate.  The more questions Bernstein asked the hypnotised Tighe,  the more 'facts' Bridey Murphy would come out with,  and the more complex her 'life-story' became.  All very impressive and convincing.  Just like the outpourings of MPD / DID patients.

The Bridey Murphy experiment turned into a media phenomenon and created a lot of controversy at the time.   Bernstein milked the situation.  In 1954 The Denver Post wrote sensational articles on the experiment and it became a national sensation.  By early 1956 Doubleday had published Bernstein's book 'The Search for Bridey Murphy' and later that year the movie 'In search of Bridey Murphy' was released.   The public were hooked, all this publicity caused massive sensationalism and uproar throughout the USA and Europe. Could this REALLY be proof of the survival of the Soul after death?

By the time sceptical researchers began checking the 'history' and  'facts' which had been given by Bridey Murphy under trance, reincarnation had become accepted as a possibility by many observers and a large slice of the public. Other amateur hypnotists were jumping on the bandwagon, getting similar results from regressing their subjects too. 

It was then discovered that NONE of the details 'Bridey' had given under hypnosis were factual.  Locations could not be traced, people did not exist, happenings were incorrect, wrong or invented.  Investigators travelled from the US to Ireland to get first-hand knowledge and it was all bunkum.  The whole thing was a perfect exercise in CONFABULATION.   Unconsciously and without guile, whilst in an hypnotic trance Tighe, an unexceptional and mousey woman,  had created an amazingly convincing  19th century life-story in Ireland which she had never ever visited, and the whole thing was complete fantasy.

It was then found that NONE of the details 'Bridey' had given under hypnosis were factual. The whole thing was a perfect exercise in CONFABULATION.  

Although Bernstein never called Bridey Murphy an 'Alter' of Tighe's, clearly the phenomenon was a perfect fit for a nervous woman confabulating convincing stories under hypnosis whilst being lead by a hypnotist/therapist using leading questions. Today Tighe's story would be identical to the prognosis for MPD / DID and would probably include fantasised claims of Satanic Ritual Abuse imposed upon her mind through leading questions by her DID therapist.

Today Tighe's story would be identified by DID therapists as real and a factual repressed account of Abuse

Of course those who believe in MPD might say that Tighe must have somehow been abused and used the persona of Bridey to hide that abuse from Bernstein.   However Tighe did not go to Bernstein because of personal problems, she was a friend who was a particularly easy subject to hypnotise and so ideal for Bernstein's amateur experiments.    Most psychiatrists of course would simply say that as there was no psycho-sexual admissions or any other repressions mentioned by Bridey in her life story, it was simply the willingness of Tighe's subconscious to create a fictional personality from suggestive questioning.  The only difference between the Tighe case and current cases of MPD is that it occurred long before the idea of Ritual Sex Abuse had been invented. There was no prejudiced therapist asking leading questions about Satanic Abuse to tip the balance into fantasies about Satanic gangs and sexual torture.  

Alien Abduction and the psychiatric cross-over

Contemporaneously with the burgeoning interest in Reincarnation during the 1950s, mostly caused by the success of Theosophy (Itself an evolution of Spiritualism), came a parallel interest in Alien contact.  George Adamski, was the first man in modern times to have claimed to have been abducted by Aliens.  In 1953 the first book in his 'trilogy' was published titled 'Flying Saucers Have Landed'. The astonishing success of this ensured that it was quickly followed by Inside The Space Ships (1955) and Flying Saucers Farewell (1961).  By 1960 Adamski's books had reached over 200,000 eager readers and created the entire mythology of UFOs which has developed since. 

Adamski was a cult-leader, occult philosophist and mountebank with a long history of lecturing on ancient philosophies and fantastic ideas. He had tried various projects including bootlegging liquor during prohibition, before he latched onto the UFO shtick.  

The end of Prohibition in 1933 also marked the decline of his profitable wine-making business, and Adamski later told two friends that's when he "had to get into this [flying] saucer crap."

Yet  Adamski's idea of Alien Abduction triggered something in the popular mind and other people claiming to have had Encounters of the Third Kind,  followed in his wake. The idea of visiting Alien beings has almost become de-rigeur to hundreds of thousands of people world-wide today.  

The Reality Shift 

Largely thought lunacy at the time and thoroughly dismissed by all scientists, the flames of Alien Abduction which Adamski had stoked were fanned by none other than Carl Gustav Jung, Sigmund Freud's contemporary.   In 1958, Jung wrote Flying Saucers: A Modern Myth of Things Seen in the Skies.  Jung's intention was to try to place Alien Abduction in perspective with earlier religious experiences throughout history and posit it, correctly, as mankind's constant search for Omniscience.  However the nuances of this approach were drowned out by  UFOlogists promoting the book as 'academic proof' of historical visits to the Earth by Aliens! 

Cue Erich Von Daniken's first book, Chariot of the Gods (1968) an attempt at a chronology of imagined Alien visits to Earth throughout mankinds' history.  Daniken went on to sell sixty three million similar diatribes across the world, supporting the unproven idea that Aliens exist and occasionally visit Earth to contact humans.  All of these books and more which appeared during the same period cemented the idea in the popular mind  that world governments were conspiring to hide the fact that technologically advanced god-like Alien beings could secretly visit the Earth at whim and had controlled the history of mankind on Earth through all eras.   This of course played into the 'Illuminati' myth which underpins the New World Order conspiracy theory meme  and which found its latest manifestation in the Qanon Christian-Right political phenomenon in the U.S. Qanon is simply the compression point where the tectonic plates of science and religion collide. 

Yet, in Flying Saucers, Jung clearly stated that outpourings from patients of claimed meetings with Aliens are, like other visions and dreams, messages from the unconscious and must be taken into account during psychoanalysis.
"If the round shining objects that appear in the sky be regarded as visions, we can hardly avoid interpreting them as archetypal images. They would then be involuntary, automatic projections based on instinct, and as little as any other psychic manifestations or symptoms can they be dismissed as meaningless and merely fortuitous." (pps 16-17)
The similarities between a secret project by omniscient Aliens to steer mankind's history and abduct and perform horrific operations to 'study' human development, with a cabal of evil Satanists who have controlled the evolution of society throughout the ages by abusing children and adults is too obvious to state. Except to say that both are of course figments of the imagination.   Compare these two panels below.

Hilary Porter, Welsh UFO abductee"Hilary says she has been abducted so many times she has lost count and is convinced that aliens are already among us and only a government cover-up continues to keep it a secret.   'They know what is going on but they are absolutely powerless to stop it,' said Hilary.   However, the active member of the British Earth and Aerial Mysteries Society (BEAMS) believes the tide is turning as people increasingly come forward with their own tales of alien abduction.   Later this month she will be among a host of speakers at the Anomalous Mind Management, Abductee, Contactee, Helpline project (AMMACH) conference, which is expected to attracted hundreds.   Hilary, who has had two experiences of aliens in Wales, holds the belief that extra terrestrials are targeting the Celtic tribe. "  -  Wales Online:
"The police investigation eventually exonerated Mr and Mrs Dallimore. Their daughter's accusations were found to be pure invention and seemed to have derived from Rebecca's experiences at an evangelist church, whose priest, the Rev Arthur Row, believed in the power of Satan. He had enthusiastically taken up her allegations. Personal testimony has a peculiarly powerful effect in persuading people....    It is cases like that of the Dallimores that demonstrate the importance of corroborating "memories" before rushing to the conclusion that they are true. But the uncorroborated testimony of "survivors" is enough to convince many people of the reality of satanic abuse - even though some of the "survivors" also have "memories" of being abducted and sexually abused by aliens."    ....If those who believe in satanism get their way, the law will eventually be changed to make uncorroborated testimony of satanism sufficient for conviction. That is why we should be deeply alarmed - not about Satan, but about Ms Sinason."  - Excerpt from The Sunday Telegraph 13th February 2000.  -  SATANIC ABUSE MEETS THE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES.  by Alasdair Palmer 

The Three
                  Faces of Eve Movie Poster

The only difference between the Tighe case and current cases of MPD is that there was no prejudiced therapist asking leading questions about abuse linked to Satanism.

Three Faces of Eve - Psychiatry jumps on the MPD bandwagon

All the publicity around Bridey Murphy spawned more cases.  In 1957, with the publication of the best-selling book The Three Faces of Eve by psychiatrists  Thigpen and Cleckley, the idea of MPD was brought to the fore again, based on their experiences with just one patient ( Chris Sizemore ).  The Media got in on the act, again, and soon the sensational film Three Faces of Eve was distributed. The  public's interest, already primed by the Bridey Murphy case which was occurring concurrently, was given an additional boost with claims of Multiple Personality Disorder.   Even though the vast majority of psychiatric professionals at the time still perceived MPD as an accessory to dissociation caused through schizophrenia and not a syndrome in and of itself. 

SYBIL: The Book which launched a thousand MPD sufferers.

Despite the sensationalisms of Bride Murphy and Three Faces of Eve,  MPD was to remain simmering for another 17 years until in 1974, when the highly influential book 'Sybil'  was published, and later made into a sensational TV Series in 1976.  It described what Robert Rieber called "the third most famous of multiple personality cases."  It presented a detailed discussion of the problems of treatment of "Sybil Isabel Dorsett,".

                        Movie Poster for 1976 TV movie 3.4 hours"Though the book and subsequent films helped popularize the diagnosis of MPD and trigger an epidemic of the diagnosis; later analysis of the case suggested different interpretations, ranging from Dorsett's problems having been caused by the therapeutic methods used by her psychiatrist.... 

Dr. David Spiegel, a Stanford psychiatrist whose father treated Dorsett [AKA Mason] on occasion, says that his father described Mason as "a brilliant hysteric. He felt that Dr. Wilbur tended to pressure her to exaggerate the dissociation she already had."

As media attention on MPD increased, so too did the controversy surrounding the diagnosis.  Source: Wikipedia

He felt that her psychiatrist pressured her to exaggerate on the dissociation she already had.

Ironically even though the story of Sybil was proven to be suspect there was a remake of the film in 2007,  and it still portrayed the case as reality!  

A wealth of evidence piled up to disprove
                    Sybil.Indeed, Simone Reinders, a leading light in the post-SRA generation of DID promoters,  has herself admitted that Sybil's DID was false. In her 2008 paper for Kings College titled: Cross-examining dissociative identity disorder she writes:

'One of the best known DID cases, Sybil (Schreiber,
1973), has been found (Rieber, 1999) to have been
a manufactured iatrogenic case of multiple person-
ality. Rieber (1999) discovered how easily ‘The fine
line between self-deception and deception of others’
can be crossed when wanting to make a dissociative
identity disorder case ‘no matter what’. Sybil was
manufactured through hypnosis, pentothal and a
close emotional involvement between subject and
therapist. Using the subject’s given capacity for
suggestion, false memories of sexual abuse were created and the notion of multiple personality  implanted. Neurocase: The Neural Basis of Cognition, A. A. T. Simone Reinders. 28 May 2008,

Clearly, the history of DID and MPD show unequivocally that false 'alters' and false memories CAN easily be created under DID therapy and this is a problem known by those who practice it.  The question is how often does confabulation occur and who decides whether the patient's outpourings are fact or fiction?   Of course, in normal psychiatry fact or fiction hardly matters, because the psychiatrist does not look at what the patient is saying, they look at WHY they are saying it.   Their outpourings are a symptom of an underlying psychiatric malaise and therefore what they say is not seen as an exact statement of fact.  For instance, if the patient is a teenager and has repressed a history of childhood incest then to avoid the extensive repercussions of admitting this fact ( the resulting break-up of a family, the prosecution of the father, the personal shame, the harm to mother and siblings, etc) it is quite likely that the patient might project the abuse onto another imagined perpetrator, or create another narrative blaming the abuse on unspecified evil entities and Satanic mysteries.   There are many motives for many fantasies produced by DID patients, not the least of which is continuing to obtain continuous attention and care from the psychiatrist or therapist with whom the patient has enjoyed a transferrence.

History proves that false 'alters' and false memories CAN easily be created under DID therapy and this problem is known by those who practice it.

The frequency of confabulation is open to debate but statistics of cases derived through MPD / DID since the late 1980s show clearly that in almost ALL of those sensational SRA cases that came to court and were tested the evidence gained through DID was proven false or inaccurate - you can see details of them in the time-line in the leftmost column.  This would suggest that if not all, then the majority of DID/MPD stories are confabulated.   The SAFF has been tracking the Satanic Ritual Abuse Myth for 32 years in great detail.  We can make the categoric statement that despite thousands of DID indoctrinated patients claiming to have suffered Satanic Abuse not one case of claimed Satanic Ritual Child Abuse has ever been prosecuted successfully through the courts.  Every single one of them failed.   

The real tragedy is that victims' accounts of 'normal' abuse can be checked and questioned for situation, time, locality, paraphernalia, etc. but the confabulated accusations of abuse under MPD / DID cannot because they are infactual, and the truth is that hundreds if not thousands of innocent men have been incarcerated as a result of DID therapy because their daughters confabulated untrue accusations about imagined abuse during RMT sessions.   The Carol Myers (aka Felstead) case is a classic example of how DID can not only put innocent people into prison, but cause the death of patients.    

By the 1980s, fictional accounts of MPD cases and motion picture outpourings of schizophrenic crimes had resulted in a cross-over between fact and fiction in the popular mind.   Confusion about Schizophrenia, Multiple Personalities, and a lack of understanding of the confabulation which invariably occurs during hypnosis, mislead people and a few psychiatrists who should have known better, to believe that 'Alters' were a reflection of the patients' subconscious when in fact they were an invention of the patient's subconscious.

Believers in MPD held that 'Alters' were a reflection of the patients' subconscious when in fact they were an invention of the patient's subconscious.

Earlier in the 1970s, the spiritual revolution of the 'sixties' had developed into a wholesale melding of fringe philosophical ideas, spirituality and self-help during what was termed the Aquarian Age.  A new breed of 'psychologists' and 'therapists' were being trained.   A psychiatrist is a trained medical doctor but anyone can call themselves a psychologist or therapist.  Thus therapists who had not been properly trained in Freudian Analysis thought that these new 'Aquarian Age'  techniques ( such as re-birthing, role-playing, recovered memories, primal scream,  and the use of  hypnotic trance, etc. ) were short-cuts to the traditional and accepted method of Analysing patients.

Freudian Analysis is a gradual and minutely detailed technique which could take years of weekly sessions to uncover key neuroses in patients,  but modern life required a quick-fix and many therapists began experimenting with questionable New Age techniques to get it.      Moreover many of the new caucus of 'psychologists' and 'therapists' were in fact Neo-Marxist feminists whose whole world was coloured by the ideology of radical feminism.  Radical Feminists saw Freud's teachings as a patriarchal system designed to blame and control women so tried to transform it.  MPD became their weapon to do so. 

Radical feminism saw Sigmund Freud's system as patriarchal and intent on perpetuating the control of women so tried to transform it.  MPD became their weapon to do so.

Michelle Remembers Laurence Pazder and Michelle
                    SmithIn 1980  the book ' Michelle Remembers' was published, it was the account of a relationship between Michelle Smith and her psychiatrist Laurence Pazder (whom Smith later married) which was an updated re-run of Sybil but placed squarely in the context of SATANIC ritual abuse.  It was the first ever book to expose the idea of Satanic Abuse to the public.

During Recovered Memory Therapy Smith 'remembered' minute details of repetitive abuse in a Satanic Coven.   This was the first time that SRA had been mentioned in connection with MPD.  Earlier claimed MPD cases had not had any Satanic content.    The book was highly successful, in part powered by the intense media interest. It became the 'bible' of MPD promoters in the Western World as it shot to success 'proving' they claimed, both the existence of Satanic Ritual Child Abuse, and of the MPD syndrome.  Nobody mentioned Bridey Murphy then.  

Michelle Remembers was arguably the main influencer of the Satanic Panic in the U.S. and it was then imported into the UK where the SRA hysteria hit during  1989.  When the hullabaloo had died down researchers checked the facts in the book and found them unverifiable. 

Michelle Remembers became the 'bible' of MPD believers 'proving' they claimed, both the existence of Satanic Ritual Child Abuse, and of the MPD / DID syndrome.

Dissociation and Feminism. DID is a feminist
                    hammerWhy had Satanism suddenly been injected into MPD / DID stories?  The first-wave feminists who campaigned for equality between the genders had by the mid 1970s been replaced by Radical Neo-Marxist feminists whose intent was to portray all men as inherently abusive.  

'[the radical feminists] platform throughout the 1980s was not the traditional class warfare but the new politics of gender. This became translated into a theory where men were substituted for the capitalist ruling class as the oppressors with women and children their captives. In this world-vision sexual abuse was posited as a universal means of control of women and children as an induction into patriarchy, perpetuating the evils of history which had been caused by the violence of men poisoned by testosterone.

Note well that the ancient stereotype of Satanism perfectly symbolised all the RadFems' complaints.  A secret cult of evil men supposedly sadistically abusing, raping and killing women and children.  As one leader of a UK rape crisis centre said 'Satan is the ultimate Rapist'.  The fact that Satan is an anthropomorphic religious Christian invention appeared irrelevant. 

How the NSPCC and National Children's Home used
                    non-existent SRA to appeal for fundsThere was no proof of a global network of abusing Satanists but that failed to register in their prejudiced minds.  So they set out to invent one with the help of manic fundamentalist Christians with whom they worked in close liaison during the 1980s to create the Satanic Panic beginning in 1987 and spanning most of the 1990s.   

The fundamentalists wanted to scare nominal Christians back into the fold, the Radical Marxist Feminists were 'separatists'. They wanted to destroy 'patriarchy' ( masculine control of society)  and use imagined incidences of an epidemic of sexual abuse to do it.   Key to this was the numbers game.  Everyone knew that sexual abuse existed in the shadows, the Radical Feminists wanted to exaggerate the incidence of it and portray it as omnipresent by making fraudulent claims that '1 in 3 children will be abused by their fathers'.  Obviously on the basis of an one in three girls will be raped by their
                    fathersaverage progeny of 2.5 children per family this would mean that 50% of fathers were abusers!  Every other Dad was a sexual criminal. they said!  It was a bonkers claim but SRA gave the Radical Feminists the shock-value to get a national debate going on the prevalence of sexual abuse, helped along by money-grubbing child-protection charities such as the NSPCC who saw the scare as a new source of funding. 

Courage to Heal, the start of Victimhood

In 1988: Ellen Bass and Laura Davis published their controversial book 'Courage to Heal A Guide for Women Survivors of Child Sexual Abuse'. Which contains many stories of how adult women have 'liberated' themselves from unexplained unhappiness using self-help techniques and also includes a self-diagnosed case of a woman who recovered memories of having been Satanically abused as a child.

                    Courage To Heal Ellen Bass and Laura DavisThe premiss of the book is that there is an epidemic of childhood sexual abuse of girls which has been repressed due to the trauma involved and can be 'remembered' using New Age techniques. It is one of the mainstays of those who believe in DID / MPD and at the root of much of it.  Courage to Heal has been reprinted three times and many academics and commentators accuse the book of creating an avalanche of false-memories and wicked false allegations. 

'Courage to Heal has been criticized for being used primarily by incompetent therapists,[3] for creating in children false memories of abuse,[4] as well as for its authors' lack of qualifications[4][5] for creating an industry which has isolated and separated family members despite having no positive proof the abuse occurred,[6] and for destructively replacing individual identities with that of a "survivor".[7] Bass and Davis have also been criticized for leaping to unwarranted, implausible conclusions with significant consequences and for scientific errors found in the first edition that were not corrected in subsequent reprintings.[4] Bass and Davis responded to the controversy surrounding the book by writing "Honoring the Truth: A Response to the Backlash", a new chapter included the 1994 edition to respond to and rebut criticisms of the book, though this was removed from the 20th anniversary edition.[8](source: Wikipedia)

Satan's Underground, final proof of the existence of SRA?

 Front Cover of Satan's Underground. A best
                    seller!In 1988, after Michelle Remembers had percolated through into the popular mind and Courage To Heal had set all discontented women on a trajectory towards blaming their parents for their under-achievement, the compulsive liar and confidence trickster Rose Laurel Wilson  published  'Satan's Underground' a horrific autobiography of how she supposedly was repetitively sexually abused and tortured by murderous child-killing Satanists.  Wilson used the pseudonym Lauren Stratford to write her book.  There was no psychiatric intention in Wilson's book  and she had no feminist pretensions, but it became a best-seller. 

Satan's Underground was what both the fundies and the feminists had  been looking for for a decade; 'first hand proof' of the existence of a pan-global network of child-abusing Satanists! 
Actually it was all lies.  
Bob and Gretchen Pasantino, two journalists working at the Christian Cornerstone magazine investigated Wilson's claims and found them to be utterly false in every respect.
She had not been abused.
She had not known any Satanists.
Her story was entirely fabricated. 
They wrote a now famous article which totally undermined the book.
So much so that Wilson's publishers withdrew Satan's Underground from sale.
Even so Satan's Underground is still included in SRA bibliographies as though real;
Currently  Google Books still has it billed as: 

' an incredible true story of mind control, pornography, sexual abuse, ritualistic abuse, and Satan worship.'

Even though the publisher voluntarily withdrew it from sale because of the harmful lies it contained!

Wilson's Satan's Underground was incredible because it was untrue in every respect, yet millions still believe it had a grain of truth because that is what they want to believe.  The old tabloid axiom comes true again 'tell them what they want to hear'.

Wilson did a runner to avoid the Pasantino's enquiries. She was later discovered using the assumed Jewish name Lisa Grabowski,  pretending to be a WWII child Holocaust survivor from Auschwitz, "Wilson collected thousands of dollars in donations intended for Holocaust survivors. As Grabowski,"   those people who had pinned their colours to the mast by giving Satan's Underground credence to support the lie of SRA, looked the other way and still refuse to see the truth.

Although claimed by DID / MPD therapists as proof of their own contentions it is important to remember that Wilson's book was not connected in any way with DID therapy; Satan's Underground was just out and out fabrication by a compulsive fundamentalist liar who knew how to manipulate the minds of gullible people. What it is proof of is how easily DID/ MPD therapists can be mislead into believing nonsense.

                    Cover of Audrey Harper's Dance With The DevilA year later a similar Satan book was published in Britain which fanned the flames of belief in non-existent SRA, titled 'Dance With The Devil'. The Author, Audrey Harper, a British fundamentalist Christian had, like Wilson, not undergone any MPD therapy but she had been exorcised numerous times.  She was part of a campaigning Christian group which backed the new Satan Scare (Reachout Trust).  She told horrible tales of a baby being slaughtered and its blood drunk by a coven of Witches.  When the details were checked it turned out to be another pack of Sectarian Lies.

Yes, dear reader, MPD / DID was not simply over-diagnosed by overly enthusiastic 'therapists', it also opened up opportunities for the Christian Fundamentalist circuit, a major feature of which is the Exorcism of sinful devils from women who are brought to the churches for healing and conversion.   Audrey Harper herself underwent many full blown exorcisms after joining several fundamentalist churches and later wrote a book recommending it titled 'Deliverance Means Love'.

The profile of people looking to Christian churches for help to cope with life is an almost cookie-cutter copy of those who seek help from psychologists and therapists.  They are often one in the same.  Harper had been a dead-beat, addict and drug-pushing prostitute when young.  In later life she tried to escape her seedy past and turned to God to help her do it.  The church blamed her dissolute early life on Satan and it was a good enough excuse for many.

Exorcism, the early form of MPD

John Sentamu Archbishop of York calls for NHS
                    to pay for ExorcismsMany of the women now saddled with a diagnosis of MPD / DID have actually been 'trained' in it by Churches and gone through exorcisms BEFORE they are passed on to MPD therapists.  DID is in fact nothing more than a secularised form of Exorcism.  Just as fundamentalists blame the Devil for corrupting a Soul, so do therapists using DID blame the Devil's associates (Satanists) for corrupting a patient's mental state with sexual and physical abuse.

An exorcism involves the calling forth of devils, which are nothing other than the 'Alters' of DID therapists. The 'devils' are then exorcised through dramatic and emotional religious ceremonies where the person being exorcised confesses their past sins and identifies the devils (Alters) who made them do it.  Such as The Demon of Lust, The Demon of Drink, etc.   In DID therapy the process is exactly the same, rituals of emotional catharsis such as 're-birthing', or 'reverse remembering' are used. You can see one happening here.  Both Exorcism and DID put the parishoner/patient into a kind of trance.  Often there are multiple devils to be exorcised just as there are multiple Identities discovered in MPD.   Ultimately DID is nothing more than superstition clothed in pseudo-psychiatry.

Ultimately MPD/DID is nothing more than superstition, in psychiatry.

Doreen Irvine who wrote From Witchcraft to Christ, an early polemic against Paganism and Witchcraft published her book in 1973 ( which did not, by the way, mention Satanic Abuse because it had not then been invented). Irvine was exorcised many times over a period of some weeks and claimed that 88 Devils (Alters) were cast out of her by Pastor Arthur Neill of the Yate Christian centre in Bristol, before she was 'cured' of Witchcraft.   Disconnected from the sectarian world most medical professionals have absolutely no idea of how prevalent Exorcism actually is in the self-help world of DIY therapy.

With the help of irresponsible and unwise programs from the BBC  Exorcism has had a massive resurgence in the last few decades. 

  • Exorcisms are regularly held in Pentecostal and house-churches throughout the land.
  • The Church of England and Catholic Churches have trained Exorcists for use on demand.  
  • The Witch-Children scare of 2006 was created by thousands of children being abused in church exorcism ceremonies. Some were actually killed.  
  • On 3 November 2011 The Archbishop of York, Sentamu, made a public demand for Exorcisms to be paid for by the NHS!
  • In 2014 the Vatican, with the support of pope Francis, held an exorcism training seminar for 200 Priests.
  • The SAFF regularly collates cases of exorcism which have gone wrong and harmed or killed people. There are hundreds of them. 
Anyone who assumes exorcism is consigned to mediaeval history needs to think again.  The MPD / DID caucus and the army of Christian 'counsellors' work together because, of course,  The Devil and 'Satan' are synonymous.   The hosting of academic papers on the use of Exorcism (termed Spirit Releasement) in the Royal College of Psychiatry website is proof positive that psychiatry is being pushed back into mediaevalism.  

How MPD eventually created so many problems it was repackaged as DID

With an understanding of how easily the human mind can confabulate things like 88 Devils and 100 'Alters', the lessons of the detailed fantasies of non-existent Bridey Murphy, the ease with which professionals can be taken-in to create the Sybil myth,  the corrupt lies of frauds like Laurel Rose Wilson, and the way the Media successfully dramatises and pushes prurient public interest in MPD / DID,  the reliance on MPD as a 'real' psychological syndrome is obviously very much in question, yet it is such a money-making device that more and more DID 'therapists' are jumping on the bandwagon and teaching the method to other health workers so that it is becoming a kind of pyramid selling scheme - a dangerous bandwagon which is growing exponentially.   

The explosion of people wrongly diagnosed with MPD in the 1980s and the failure of ALL of the 21 claimed SRA cases in Britain in the 1990s, most of which resulted from fantasies generated during MPD sessions, made MPD a watch-word for Snake-Oil Psychiatry.  So bad was its reputation that MPD therapists had to arrange a PR switcheroo and began using the term DID  instead of MPD.   So after 1990 you will rarely hear the acronym MPD but whenever you hear DID it is without doubt THE SAME THING. 

  After 1990 you will rarely hear the acronym MPD but it is exactly the same thing as DID. 

DID is Dissociative Identity Disorder, but it means exactly the same as Multiple Personality Disorder.    The term 'dissociation', is fundamental to the established syndrome of schizophrenia. As the name indicates, schizophrenia causes a split-personality where the mind appears to involve two personalities or aspects of the Self.  It is a form of introspection where the 'good' mind blames the bad mind for its own negative actions.  It is a way for the Id to come to terms with one's conscience and escape the guilt which is a corrosive aspect of all mental illnesses, and it is a way for a psychotic mind to pretend to be 'normal' whilst leaving the split side of the personality comits acts which it knows are wrong so that it can live with itself afterwards.  The 'bad' mind serves as an outlet for release of psychopathic episodes which are normally repressed by the 'good' mind.

 The word schizophrenia was coined by Eugen Blueler and is from the Latin, meaning literally Split Mind ( Schizo + Phrenia) 'split' + 'mind'  Thus schizophrenia involves TWO personalities, (split-personality) because that is all the mind requires to offset it's abnormal perspectives.  This is why the original term used by promoters of MPD when it hi-jacked Schizoprenia was MULTIPLE Personality Disorder.   They took the accepted psychiatric framework of split-personality (schizophrenia) and made the radical assertion that patients could have MULTIPLE personalities instead of the two Bleuler had originally theorised.   This radical, unproven extension of the syndrome of schizophrenia which its discoverer Blueler never accepted or intended, has been foisted on the rest of the medical fraternity.  Most mainstream psychiatrists repudiate the DID sydrome and so it is the crusade of all DID therapists to establish it as true regardless of history and regardless of the facts. 

As we have seen patients can easily fantisise multiple pseudo personalities but the actual psychological mechanism of schizophrenia remains dualistic. A conflict between what the patient's mind sees as good and evil within him/herself.    MPD therapists made the crucial error of believing that each of their patients' imagined 'Alters' was actually a different part of the mind, a kind of memory bank that was holding and hiding factual experiences the patient had actually undergone from the everyday personality of the patient.   Not a mistake any psychiatrist versed in schizophrenia would ever do.  Conflicts between the split personality are due to repressions, not memories.

Daily Mirror Home, Satan Kids set free Social
                    Workers LashedThese MPD therapists did a very similar switcheroo with false accusations of SRA.  During 1988-1991 they spoke ONLY of Satanic Ritual Child Abuse.  When the first UK SRA case occurred in Nottingham in 1988 they declared it to be SATANIC and then named every other case as SATANIC until 1991 when the false Rochdale SRA case tipped the sentiments of the public and media against them. When the extent of the stupidity, foolishness and plots to incriminate innocent families were known during the collapse of the Rochdale Satanic Ritual Child Abuse case, the media turned on the therapists and social workers involved. Public inquiries castigated those who foolishly believed in SRA and MPD was blamed for producing false memories in small children and adults. 

From then on for about 8 years no SRA believer ever used the word 'SATAN'.  It was verboten within the therapy lobby.  Instead they switched to using the term Ritual Abuse. The full definition of 'Ritual Abuse' given by  RAINS to the SAFF in correspondence in 1996 was:

'The Systematic physical, sexual and emotional abuse supported by rituals or symbols with or without a religious or occult ideology.'

NO mention of Satanism at all!  Yet they're still chasing Satanic Abusers today 24 years later, as we will show below and you will clearly see from the unique Timeline in the leftmost column that DID is simply a repackaged and rehabilitated MPD with all it's earlier excesses!

When these DID Satan Hunters are talking to patients confabulating fantasies, or their friends in the fundamentalist network about abuse, they refer without question to 'Satanic Ritual Abuse, but when talking to mainstream psychiatrists and the media generally they avoid using the 'S' word because of the mistakes of the 1990s.   They talk instead of 'Sadistic Abuse', 'trigger words', 'mind control' 'post traumatic stress' and infer that 'paedophiles use bizarre occult symbols and paraphernalia to frighten children into compliance' but they avoid using the word Satan.   Now you see it, now you don't.   After a few years, when the public's memory has waned, they started to push the 'Satanic boat' out again.   You can see it in the timeline and you can see it outlined below.  They have done this so cleverly that many of the therapists who have taken up DID as a method are ignorant of the fact that mad claims of Satanic Abuse are at the root of it.  In short the ludicrious idea of a pan-global network of Sadistic Satanic Abusers is central to the promotion of DID and one of the MAIN intentions of the fundie-feminist axis within current MPD / DID therapy is to establish the idea that Satanic Ritual Abuse exists. 

The MAIN intention of MPD/DID therapy is not primarily to to cause patients to recover, but to establish the idea that Satanic Ritual Abuse exists. 

Why is this?  Why would such a nonsensical idea as Satanic Abuse be insisted upon by erstwhile intelligent people?   Because these DID therapists are being driven by the fears and fantasies of their patients.  Question any group of humans, adults or children, and the fundamental phobias of life will be present. Instinctive fears of snakes (Ophidiophobia), being buried alive (Taphophobia), fear of death (Thanatophobia), fear of giving birth (Tokophobia), fears of being injected (Belonophobia), Fear of Spiders (Arachnophobia), fear of  caves,tunnels (Claustrophobia), fear of cemeteries and graveyards (Coimetrophobia), Fear of spilled blood (Hemophobia), all these instinctive fears are within adults and children. When asked to concentrate on these things by a social worker or therapist they loom large and the scenario which allows full, unrestricted reign to the outpouring of these fears are the spooky images of horror which fairy stories implant in children and which the  Churches indoctrinate into them with tales of the devil and which the media make a reality on the screen and in fictional books and horror stories.  That is why all these phobias and more are present in almost every single diagnosed case of SRA (see SAFF's Satanic Footprint here).  

Rumplestiltschin = Abduction and killing of children from mothers cribs by an ugly demon.
Hansel & Gretel = A Witch imprisons two children in cages and prepares them for Sacrifice after which she proposes to eat their flesh.
Pied Piper of Hamelin = Children groomed by enchanted music to leave their parents and follow the piper into the woods, forever to be lost or killed.
King of the Golden Mountain = An evil dwarf tricks a man to give up his son in exchange for illusory riches. The outcast son goes on a series of harrowing adventures involving a snake, a princess and a magic ring.
Little Red Riding Hood =  Evil disgusing itself using robes and hoods in order to kill and eat a young girl.

There were many early folklorists who noted their respective nation's folk-stories but since the Grimm brothers popularised their collection of German Fairy Stories in the minds of the populace with their books aimed for the general adult market in 1812, the Media have mined them for a host of popular children's films, plays and books.  The original Grimm Stories were compiled by the brothers from spoken history and were often brutal and horrific tales of hobgoblins, ghosts, shape-shifting, werewolves and the supernatural which no child would be shown today, yet the Media sanitised these and kept the memes in the minds of the young. 

The scenario which allows full reign to the emergence of these fears are the spooky images of horror and supernatural which fairy stories implant in children and which the Churches then activate in their teachings of the devil which the media make a 'reality' on the screen.

DID is a money-making bandwagon to keep the new generation of therapists lucratively busy at taxpayers' expense.

DID is a fantastic opportunity for the mental health industry.   Because there is no real definition of DID it is a catch-all diagnosis for ANYONE who falls into the clutches of DID therapists.  I have yet to meet or hear of a person who has been told to go away because they don't have DID!  The confirmation rate must be 99.9%. Higher than any other illness pro-rata per capita of the population.

Governments in the West have all backed the idea of mental health and the UK government is pouring money into all kinds of therapies, including DID.  An hour's DID therapy will cost you about £200.00, though most therapists fleece the taxpayer by getting the NHS to pay for it.  The therapist may spend an hour with you and another half hour or so writing up afterwards. They can get through four to five sessions in a day easily.  That's £1,000.00 a day, £5,000 a week,  over £200,000 per year.  This does not of course include extra income from writing books or articles for magazines, attending and speaking at DID workshops, being a special advisor to the police or social services on cases, all of which are highly paid (£450.00 per 'expert' letter). 
What's not to like? They're not helping you for the good of your health are they?

I have yet to hear of a MPD therapist telling a patient to go away because they don't have DID!  

But why is the British Government and the General Medical Council and the Royal College of Psychiatry supporting this nonsense when the history of this illegitimate daughter of Schizophrenia has ALREADY been discredited historically and most recently in the US?  The situation in North America is even clearer and rapidly turned against DID therapy as you can see from this extract:

    "Academics and clinicians in the fields of psychiatry, psychology and psychotherapy clashed over the validity of recovered memories and the diagnoses of MPD and DID. Researchers (such as Paul McHugh and Robert Sapolsky) likened the conflict to a civil war, reminiscent of the “memory wars” over false versus recovered memories.

    But the deciding battles were fought in the US law courts in the mid to late 1990s. People claiming they had been falsely accused, and former patients claiming their memories and diagnoses of MPD and DID were induced in therapy began to sue the therapists and the hospitals. In a series of high profile medical malpractice cases millions of dollars were awarded by juries or won in settlements paid out by insurance companies. Licensing boards revoked or restricted the licences to practise of some of the main advocates of recovered memory therapy and proponents of MPD/DID.

    As a result, in north America, the recovered memory movement and the diagnoses of MPD and DID were abruptly reduced and by the end of the 1990s a majority of published academic papers were sceptical about the scientific validity of DID.   In a commentary published in the journal Current Psychiatry in September 2009, Numan Gharaibeh, a staff psychiatrist at Danbury Hospital Danbury, Connecticut, called for DID to be removed from DSM-5.   He cited a 1999 survey of 301 US psychiatrists by Harrison Pope and colleagues about their attitudes toward DSM-IV dissociative disorders diagnoses: only 35% had no reservations about DID as a diagnosis; 43% felt that it should be included only with reservations (e.g., only as a ‘proposed diagnosis’); 15% indicated that the diagnosis should not be included in the DSM at all. In response to a question regarding the status of the evidence in support of the diagnosis, only 21% believed there was strong evidence for DID’s scientific validity.

    Gharaibeh wrote: “On balance, published papers appear sceptical about DID’s core components: dissociative amnesia and recovered-memory therapy”. In 2006 Pope and colleagues published an analysis of academic publications associated with DID and dissociation from 1984 to 2003 which showed a sharp peak in articles in the late 1990s followed by a steep decline." 
Source: The Woman Who Had 48 Personalities in The New Scientist (Sept 2013).

Clearly, the experience of the 1990s stigmatised DID and MPD as not only unproven, but actually harmful to patients, so why is the RCP still supporting it?

In Britain the tracking of false memories created during DID / MPD therapy has been done by the august British False Memory Society (BFMS) a group of psychiatrists and academics specialising in the human mind which has for decades analysed, criticised and validated or discredited various false ideas about the memory and how it works.   Their website (  is replete with scientific research, lectures and case histories of how DID has CAUSED trauma in thousands of patients.  Professor Christopher French wrote in an article originally carried in the Guardian newspaper on 18 November 2014:

"As I have written in the past in these pages, the use of various dubious techniques by therapists and counsellors aimed at recovering allegedly repressed memories of childhood sexual abuse can often produce detailed and horrific false memories.   In fact, there is a consensus among scientists studying memory that traumatic events are more likely to be remembered than forgotten, often leading to post traumatic stress disorder."

The corollary of what Professor French is saying is that false memories created during DID sessions create Post Traumatic Stress disorder in those patients.    The old axiom proves true again;  The true meaning of a thing always resides in its opposite.  DID therapists tell their patients that Sadistic Sexual Abuse causes post-traumatic stress disorder and DID uncovers it, whereas in reality DID creates post-traumatic stress disorder in the patient

Colin Ross self-declared DID/MPD questionnaire

Do-It-Yourself DID

You don't need a psychiatrist to sell someone DID therapy, in fact Colin Ross, one of the front-runners who has popularised DID for decades, promoted a 'Self-Declared DID questionnaire'.   This is a tick-box questionnaire which the patient uses to 'diagnose' their own DID!  (see right)  You can sit at home and discover you've been Satanically abused! 

The questionnaire is a travesty of science, including false positives and sections which would probably diagnose every single person in the world with DID if taken seriously.   It is no more scientific than the interminable 'Answer these 20 questions to see if you are attractive to the opposite sex' questionnaires in the Weekend Supplements.

For instance, one of the most frequent human happenings which almost everyone will experience at some time or another is Deja-vu, ( the impression that one has been in that same place before or heard a person saying what they just said before) , you can probably remember having an experience like this yourself.  In the Ross Self Declared DID questionnaire' Deja-vu  is a sign that you have DID! 
And there are dozens more.
You can't escape it! 
At £200.00 a session.

DID by its very method creates false memories in those treated with it.

In a presentation at Goldsmith's University of London in March 2013 Professor Elizabeth Loftus said numerous experiments and research conducted by herself and others over 40 years showed about 30% of people were susceptible to false memories.   In one of these now famous experiments Loftus persuaded subjects to believe that they had met Bugs Bunny on a visit to Disneyland, an impossibility considering Bugs is a Warner Brothers Cartoon Character, not a Disney one.  Switch Bugs Bunny for Satan and Disneyland for a Satanic Temple and you have the source of the consistent  fantasies produced predominantly by DID patients. 

A good illustration of what can go wrong when DID is diagnosed can be seen in the terrible case of Roma Hart a woman who, going by her own legal sworn affidavit was tortured by her DID therapist using drugs and other methods which have a striking resemblance to similar tales coming out of other DID therapists' consulting rooms about Satanic Abuse.    Are these tales simply a projection onto imagined Satanists of the DID therapy being imposed on the patient?   Judge for yourself in Roma Hart's story in the leftmost column here:

Satan Hunters get in on the act

Not long after Colin Ross's DID questionnaire became 'fashionable' with MPD/DID therapists a version of it was used by RANS (Ritual Abuse Network Scotland) in  conjunction with Dundee University to distance-diagnose Satanic Ritual Abuse.  

RANS have a long history of making false claims about SRA and network with loony US outfits who underpinned the Qanon phenomenon.  See here for background.    A key worker at RANS, Joseph Lumbasi, headed an 'experiment' which collated and 'analysed' hundreds of  DSM5 type questionnaires sent out to people already known to believe themselves to have been Satanically abused.   You get the gist?   The utter bankruptcy of such junk-science can be seen when you realise that the questionnaire wasn't distributed across a population but only given to people who already believed that they had been Satanically Abused. 

Lumbasi's DSM5 type DID questionnaire was doing just one thing; officially CONFIRMING the false beliefs of schizophrenics about SRA and adding more corrupted data to underpin the fundamentally false premiss of DID, that SRA exists if patients exist who say they've been abused by Satanists.    We will no doubt see the forgone 'results' touted at the continuing Satan Seminars these people use to network 'new evidence' to back up their nonsensical ideas.

A classic illustration of how mentally ill patients were brainwashed into accepting memories of Satanic Ritual Abuse by their therapists is outlined in the case of  Roma Hart which we give in detail in the leftmost column. It makes horrifying reading, to think that there may be literally thousands of people like Roma Hart who have been 'treated' by DID therapy at the taxpayers' expense.  Yes dear reader, your tax money has been co-opted into persecuting mentally ill patients.

These deceits are just one arm of the DID industry,  in what has become one of the most lucrative and fast expanding sections of the mental health field.  Is this why  the Royal College of Psychiatry is backing it?  'Therapists' with Micky-Mouse qualifications are being churned out by the thousands. From Diplomas on Baby Massage to honours in Culinary Medicine and 'qualifications' in using crystals to heal.  The RCP appears to have given up trying to keep proper control of this avalanche of junk-science.  Follow the money!   The august Royal College of Psychiatrists was supposed to act as mediator to protect the public from unscrupulous therapy but is in fact backing it.  Not only has it accepted DID as a real syndrome (even though it is, as we have amply shown, unproven)  but the RCP library contains papers written by DID fanatics on EXORCISM. 

Shameful Exorcism From The RCP

Royal College of PsychiatristsYes folks, there is actually a paper on how Demons and Angels are archetypal aspects of the Self, and another on the therapeutic benefits of EXORCISM!    The RCP is a joke.  It's as though all scientific progress over several hundred years has been thrown in the bin in favour of a cut-and-paste DID therapy which has no substance, which is incorrectly diagnosed and therefore has no hope of cure for patients.   

The case of Tara Tully of the ISSTD who exorcised a patient who then stabbed herself in the throat to kill the 'demons inside her'.

A classic example of this apparently common acceptance of the use of 'spiritual cleansing' or 'demon revocation' (i.e. EXORCISM) occurred with an ISSTD member and influential DID therapist who was struck off in October 2020 for exorcising her DID patients.  

Tara Tulley is a licensed clinical social worker and midwife located in Arizona and member of the International Society for the Study of Trauma and Dissociation (ISSTD) who claims to be a survivor of Satanic ritual abuse, with Satanic symbols burned onto her uterus.   No talk of mambey pambey Ritual Abuse here, like many in the ISSTD Tulley is a full blown no-holds barred fundamentalist DID practitioner who believes in a pan-global satanic conspiracy to abuse and kill children and indoctrinates her vulnerable patients with those horrors.   Grey Faction's biography here makes the details of her irrational beliefs very clear. The official letter cancelling her licence is even more stark:


Your pattern of using demon and chant revocations with an extremely vulnerable DID patient group shows a genuine lack of judgement and awareness on your part that supports a conclusion that the best interests of the public are not served by renewing your licence as an LCSW in the state of Utah. 

This reckless and dangerous form of therapy, which is not based on recognised knowledge relevant to social work, created confusion, anxiety and fear in a number of your clients. In one especially alarming case, one of your patients started stabbing her throat because she believed she had demons in her throat after going through demon revocation sessions with you.

To any specialist versed in the appallingly destructive history of Exorcism, the Tulley case was not exceptional, it was predictable.  In our paper on Exorcism the SAFF covered the Gawber Exorcism. In 1974 church evangelists from Gawber, a village just south of the City of Wakefield, spent days exorcising a mentally vulnerable man.  Pronounced 'cured' he was sent home and promptly saw his wife as a demon sent to attack him and killed her by clawing at her throat until she bled to death.

The subsequent inquest pronounced that her murder was a direct result of the exorcism. Public outcry was so great that the Church of England brought in new rules banning exorcism except through a small number of CofE sanctioned and trained exorcists. 

Yet even with these clear examples of the dangers of DID, (and there are plenty of other terrible cases shown on our webpage)  today the Royal College of Psychiatrists have still not yet removed the papers enthusiastically supporting 'spirit easement' using DID from their library, even though the SAFF have brought this problem to their attention several times!  

Why?   Follow the money!

How DID, an unproven and unnecessary syndrome,  fleeces the taxpayer to the tune of £60 million a year. 

The world of psychiatry is a relatively small place and in the UK the centre of it is in London - King's College, The Maudsley, The Institute of Psychiatry, the Tavistock Clinic, The Institute of Dissociative Studies, The ISSTD (International Society for the Study of Trauma and Dissociation) ESTDUK and the Bowlby Centre.  

DID and Recovered Memory Therapists
                      in the UK.

There are approximately 300 key players in the promotion of DID all networked within and without these organisations.  There are appoximately 1,500 supporters and promoters of DID known in the Western world.

If each of the 300 key players has four patients a day that is nearly half a million ill-people being persecuted by a syndrome that is totally unproven. 
The crucial thing is this. 
DID does not offer a cure.
It does not offer a resolution of the patient's illness. 
It can only offer permanent chronic lifelong treatment. 
The cost of that treatment to taxpayers is estimated at over £1.2M per week which amounts to over £62M per year!  
Psychiatric gobbledegook certainly pays doesn't it? 
And does that go some way to explaining why the Royal College of Psychiatry dare not tell the truth about how useless DID really is?   At a time when stupid politicians have earmarked 'mental health' as the new growth service economy Psychiatric Voodoo has become BIG business.

This does not even begin to unearth the real problem which is that the malpractice of offering DID, a worthless psychiatric method, is being used in place of other more orthodox techniques which might actually work to help the patient but which are considerably costlier to the State.   Yet the bean-counters in the NHS have it wrong again. Psychiatry at least has an end-point where care drops back into an 'idling' cost; but once diagnosed as having DID, those patients are locked into a permanent and continuing therapy with no hope of escape from life-long medical intervention and continuous expensive medication.  

The real problem is the malpractice of using a worthless psychiatric method in place of more orthodox techniques which might actually work to help the patient.

The originators of DID and it's professional body the ISSTD have questions to answer.

Mike Salter appears proud of his involvement with the ISSTD but I haven't heard him discuss this:

'One of the founders of the ISSTD was Psychiatrist Bennett Braun, M.D., who recently (2000) had to surrender his medical license in Illinois. He pressured one of his patients into believing she was the high priestess of a huge Satanic cult. Then he insisted that as head witch, her job duties included the regular consumption of babies during supernatural rituals.'

Speak to most DID therapists and they will have no idea of how Bennett Braun fell from grace, the founder of their movement is still held in high regard and his early writings/books are still recommended to new DID devotees.

Neither have we seen Salter explain the actions of another key DID promoter, Tara Tulley who put her DID patient through exorcism rituals. (see above).

The latest scandal to hit the ISSTD was in November 2019 when its vice-president and long-time promoter Ono van der Hart, who had written several seminal works which expanded on the DID theory, to train-up new DID therapists,  was struck off the Netherlands' Psychotherapy list for malpractice for life.  The full extent of the free-style therapy breaches by Hart is outlined here:   and are considerable.

Mike Salter talking to Vincent den hengst from
                    the Netherlands about the British False Memory
                    SocietyIronically when Mike Salter later gave an interview to a dutch organisation which promotes the idea of DID related to Satanic Ritual Abuse in 2021 he was not asked about the errors of Hart, who had manipulated one patient's mind for 21 years,  nor did Salter  volunteer information about this ISSTD scandal, instead he attacked the British False Memory society for 'harming' children by maintaining the professional view which is current amongst the majority of psychiatrists, that recovered memories are almost entirely fabricated, often by the bias of the DID therapists themselves.   Here is that interview:

The caucus of people intent on establishing the MPD / DID syndrome in psychiatry are almost universally believers in the equally as disproven idea of Satanic Ritual Abuse.   As we have explained above MPD was the method used to infect patient's minds with the idea of SRA through leading questioning during MPD sessions where almost exclusively 'hidden memories' of abuse by Satanists resurfaced in the patient.   This statement is so obvious as to not bear repeating but ordinary folk tend to think that intelligent people within medicine are mostly scientific minded and work on the strict establishment of fact.  This is often untrue and the case of Russell Black and Stuart Checkley is a good example of why the judgement of not all doctors should be trusted all the time. 

Links between the Institute of Psychiatry, Maudsley and the Christian Association of Psychiatrists.

In the 1990s Black and Checkley were leaders of the Christian Association of Psychiatrists, a network of activist Christian evangelists within psychiatry and therapy who believed that demons and devils could possess people's minds and cause symptoms which could be mistaken for psychiatric illnesses.   Yes, I know, anyone who thought that this idea might be considered to be an enemy of science will be astounded, but they got away with it.  The instigation of a belief in demons as precursor of insanity is of course a mediaeval religious concept and has absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with modern medical science.  It should be shunned,  yet members of the  Christian Association of Psychiatrists not only believed that was the case but actually interfered with some patients' orthodox NHS treatment standing by and exorcising some ill people in their hospital beds!

Members of the  Christian Association of Psychiatrists actually  interfered with patients' orthodox NHS treatment by  exorcising some people in their hospital beds

SAFF 1991 letter to the GMC asking them to stop the
                exorcism of patientsAs far back as 1991 the SAFF had exposed the cadre of Christian evangelical Psychiatrists who were trying to revivify mediaeval concepts of demonology and insert them into the mental health system.  We wrote officially to the General Medical Council, (GMC) and began a campaign to alert Medicine to the dangers.  The GMC did not deny that unofficial exorcisms were taking place because we sent them a file of articles and documents which categorically proved it, but they still refused to take action.

They concluded that the religious beliefs of their doctors was beyond their control.  We had of course not asked the GMC to stop doctors from believing in Christianity, we had asked them to stop them forcing EXORCISM on ill people instead of orthodox medicine, as it could be making their illness worse.  By becoming protectionist when provided with evidence of wrong-doing the GMC is therefore directly responsible for the development within psychiatry of the barmy idea of MPD.

First Ever Satan Seminar held by Blacker and Checkley.

In case you don't immediately see the dangers we point out that  Russel Blacker and Stuart Checkley, who then worked at the Maudsley Hospital, were key players in starting the 1990 Satanic Panic when they organised the FIRST ever UK conference on Satanic Abuse at the Royal Society of Medicine rooms in London in April 1989.

150 delegates attended that conference on Satanic Ritual Abuse,  including many other members of the Christian Association of Psychiatrists and some  key players in the SRA myth who are now largely forgotten but who were instrumental in hyping Satanic Abuse without any real evidence, such as Maureen Davies, the director of Reachout Trust, a fundamentalist group which had set itself up to attack Alternative Beliefs and who made the most disgusting false allegations against non-Christian religions;  and Dianne Core, the leader of Childwatch and aide-de-camp to Geoffrey Dickens MP,  who eventually ended up making the astonishing claiming that 4,000 children A Dianne Core of Childwatch claims 4,000 children a
                year are sacrificed in the UKYEAR were sacrificed to the Devil in the UK alone.  In the intervening 32 years they haven't been able to find just ONE example of that ever happening but that's what these people claimed then and backed by 'specialists' with a high and respected position within the medical fraternity they were believed.  National newspaper reports of the The Blacker/Checkley Satan Seminar was pivotal to belief in SRA in the UK and a precursor to the 1990 Satanic Panic which did so much to create the tsunami of false-accusations which have reached epidemic proportions today. 

Where were they getting these barmy stories from in 1989? 
From the patients they had used MPD / DID on! 
That's right folks, under the guise of 'counselling' (a precursor to exorcism) their twisted evangelical ideas of demons and devils infecting the body was being reinterpreted as hidden satanic memories which were being unearthed during recovered memory sessions run by people utterly sold on the idea that Satan existed and who had an urgent inner need to find him/it.  

Blacker and Checkley's 1989 Satan Seminar was a watershed and caused massive nationwide publicity.  One might have thought that 'coming-out' like that would have damaged their careers in medicine but nothing could be further from the truth.   For many years until the mid-2000s Checkley was the director of the Institute of Psychiatry.  The IOP is now one of the key players in trying to establish the idea of MPD/DID as an official psychiatric syndrome, indeed all the players mentioned in this article either work at the IOP or are closely allied to it and its research. 

Checkley and Tim Tate and NHS hospital exorcismsCheckley and Blacker's loony opinions on the existence of SRA popped up in various articles and books published during the 1990s to promote the false idea of SRA.

Tim Tate's book Children For The Devil. includes input from them both and Andrew Boyd's book Blasphemous Rumours also quoted them.  Whenever anyone mentioned psychiatry or therapy linked to cases of SRA in those days it would almost always source back to these two psychiatrists as an 'authoritative source'. 

Ironically Children for the Devil  was withdrawn and pulped due to libellous inaccuracies a few months after publication but even worse happened with  Beyond Belief a Channel 4 TV programme by Andrew Boyd, in 1991. Boyd,  a fundamentalist Christian,  based his TV documentary squarely on his Blasphemous Rumours book. It turned out to be one of the biggest hoaxes of the 20th century and was roundly castigated as untrue.  

Indeed the main 'witness' to the existence of Satanic Abuse in his Beyond Belief programme was exposed within days as a mentally unstable woman who had been given 'counselling' at Ellel Grange, a Christian deliverance ministry group (i.e. EXORCISM) near Preston, Lancs. Jennifer had been programmed with false SRA claims in counselling sessions.  Ellel worked with the Reachout Trust and other evangelical organisations who promoted the idea of SRA. It was Ellel Grange which passed 'Jennifer' to Boyd who exploited her for his programme.   Thus here we have incontrovertible proof of how DID/MPD is used to create false memories by the very fundamentalist circuit set up to cycle them around and maximise the shock-horror so it could be injected into the mainstream as 'evidence' of SRA.  This is not medicine, it is an Inquisition.

As the news report ( right )  shows Checkley appeared to SUBORDINATE orthodox psychiatry to his own Christian world-view - patients whom orthodox psychiatry fails, he says, can be cured by Christian exorcism!  How this person managed to stay in position with this superstitious drivel is a wonder.

Stuart Checkley
                Lecturing on Dreams and exorcism in 2006During Checkley's tenure as head of the Institute of Psychiatry (IOP) there were the first experimental attempts to try to discover if the brain gave reliable indications of psychoses.  This involved the taping of electrodes to the heads of patients, recorded on electroencephalographs.  

It all came to nought for  brain-activity cannot be consistently placed into areas of the brain because the brain works in unison, not in isolation and different areas work in tandem at different times in response to varying interior and exterior stimuli. However it is an interesting anomaly when comparing with the latest witch-pricker from the IOP,  the magnetic resonance imaging of brains,  which we shall expose below.

Stuart Checkley specialised in the impact of dreams and visions on the brain and linked these to exorcisms (which he thought therapeutic).  He was active in Church activities during his tenure at the IOP but after retirement he committed himself to travelling around the church-circuit lecturing Christians on dreams and exorcism and the laying on of hands to heal!

Stuart Checkley shown at the launch of Doorways to
                DangerWe have no way of knowing how much Checkley's own peculiar Christian world-view affected and directed research at the Institute of Psychiatry but we do know that he was an active evangelical.  According to Kher Cuhulain, a US historian of the SRA myth (August 1993) Checkley was one of the authors of the fundamentalist Christian tract Doorways To Danger, an infamous smear-sheet published by the Evangelical Alliance in late 1987. You can see, right, a photo of Checkley at the launch of Doorways To Danger which appeared in Redemption Christian Magazine January 1988, thirteen months before Checkley held the first SRA Satan Seminar in rooms at the Royal College of Medicine, announcing the existence of Satanic Ritual Abuse.  '  Checkley is the one on the far right.  The pamphlet was crammed full of idiotic, irrational and manically religious claims about supposed 'dangers' of the Occult, Witchcraft, Tarot, Astrology and all the other hypersensitive fundie targets.  Redemption said:
'Seemingly innocent pastimes such as horoscopes,Halloween celebrations, tarot cards, and ouija boards are doorways to evil and destruction according to a report by the Evangelical Alliance, representing more than a million church-goers. Such activities can be the first-step down an occult path which may lead to mental, spiritual and physical damage for growing numbers of people many of them still at school.   The report cites evidence from leading psychiatrists, a former witch, and those who have suffered serious harm as a result of involvement with the occult. Doorways to Danger cites chilling examples of people who have suffered depression and even possession by evil spirits following involvement with so-called harmless entertainments. '

Sorry?  Did I just hear that the Christian Association of Psychiatrists were trying to convince everyone that demons and evil spirits exist and can possess the body?  Well YES!  Unbelievably, these doctors and psychiatrists were doing just that and nobody but the SAFF complained about it!

The 'former witch' mentioned in that paragraph was in fact Audrey Harper a crusading Christian who travelled to lecture at churches throughout the UK and later in the U.S.A. to make a number of wild unproven accusations about her supposed time in a Witches coven in the 1960s.  In 1987 in Doorways to Danger the worst she could invent was:

'She [Harper] witnessed real spiritual powers being exercised by the witches as they cast spells. On one occasion she witnessed the death by heart attack of a previously healthy person who had been cursed. Death, sacrifice and fear?’

In fact once the Satanic Ritual Abuse Scare had gained traction Audrey upped her accusations to include claims of being present at the ritual sacrifice of a new born baby.  However she had told the exact same tale a few months previously to a newspaper in which it wasn't a baby which was sacrificed but a Cockerel, she said. The changed story caused uproar and the police investigated her claims. They found no case to answer.  The SAFF analysed and completely undermined Audrey Harper's Sectarian lies here

The Redemption review goes on to say that Stuart Checkley said

'I have seen someone who as a result of one experiment with an ouija board, suffered frightening experiences outside his control. '

Checkley does not elaborate on what experiences those were, nor whether spirits or demons were involved but the implication is that they were and indeed Doorways To Danger is replete with similar insinuations like these:

 A 15-year—old boy who stood bolt upright in a geography lesson, shouting at a spirit to get off his
shoulder—before he ran out of the classroom....

One child who told of how, after a ouija session in a block of recreation park toilets, he was barred by a spirit from leaving the building.

Now I hope you've understood what Checkley and the other psychiatrists who contributed to  Doorways to Danger are saying here.  They are insisting that discarnate spiritual intelligences linked to the Devil, exist and can possess people causing hysterical trauma in the mind of humans.  This goes against ALL known scientific knowledge and contradicts almost all established psychiatry. 

Then Checkley himself says: ’Such things as ouija boards and tarot cards can definitely harm.
They open up the mind to outside forces.’

Outside Forces? What Outside Forces?  This religiously obsessed Christian is going against all known scientific variables to insist that spiritual and psychic forces exist autonomously in nature and can infect or possess the human mind.   It is absolutely bonkers and completely outwith the sphere of science and psychiatry.   But don't think that Checkley and Blacker were alone in their loopiness.   A number of psychiatrists , presumably also obsessed members of the Christian Association of Psychiatrists are used to authoritatively back up these illogical claims in Doorways to Danger

Dr Roger Moss, a consultant psychiatrist,

 'Peoples mental state can be seriously affected by contact With the occult, particularly among the vulnerable. This is a factor that we have to reckon with and study more closely.’  [Ed: There is more scientific  evidence to show that people's mental state is affected by extremists of the orthodox religions than by occultism.].
Psychiatrist Dr David Enoch from Liverpool,
 'If people’s lives are controlled by Astrology then it causes confusion and perplexity
and could lead to disaster.’  [Ed: There is no evidence to show that people who follow astrology are less able to cope with the vagaries of life than those who don't and there are no quoted cases of people who have suffered disasters from believing in it]
Psychiatrist, Dr Michael David,
'Patients who have suffered because of their involvement with the occult. are very often
vague, generally miserable, anxious and discouraged without knowing why,’ [Ed: The vast majority of Patients who have NOT been involved with the occult are very often miserable, anxious and discouraged without knowing why.]
Consultant child psychiatrist, Dr Graham Melville-Thomas,
'Ouija boards are, he says, ’potentially damaging and can unbalance children who are vulnerable.’ [Ed: So can watching any film classified as PG (Parental Guidance) ]
Psychiatrist Dr Chris Andrew. 
'Any involvement with the occult is dangerous,  ’There is a risk of mental and spiritual disease at every possible level.’  [Ed: What, for goodness sake, is a 'spiritual disease' ? ]
Dr Keith Sanders:
’I am in touch with 20,000 doctors around the world who would say there is no doubt that
involvement with spirits other than the Holy Spirit will lead to suffering in body, mind and spirit.’   [Ed: he means 20,000 CHRISTIAN EVANGELICAL doctors.  We doubt he knows them all by name!  For comparison there are over 300,000 registered doctors in the UKalone.  I wonder how many of them would agree with the idiotic Keith Sanders that spirits cause suffering? ] 
The only conclusion one can come to is that the loony ideas of the obsessed people in the Christian Association of Psychiatrists had a MARKED influence on the progress and direction of psychiatry in Britain and is one of the reasons why MPD / DID has prospered.

Doorways to Danger was so well received around the fundie circuit that in 1990 it was re-issued as a video.  Fundies took part in a campaign to supply every school in the country with a free copy of that video.  The controversy this caused was immense and on 21 October 1990 the Independent newspaper exposed  'Doorways to Danger, the video', in a large article headed Evangelists Campaign against Halloween. They reported that Rushcliffe Comprehensive School (Nottingham) had immediately banned the video, as had some other schools. David Hart, General Secretary of the National Association of Head Teachers said the video should be banned from schools.  

Yet despite this mainstream reaction to the nonsense in Doorways to Danger the Institute of Psychiatry, The Maudsley, Kings College and the psychiatric concensus said NOTHING about key people in their caucus flogging mediaeval concepts of mental illness.

The Psychiatric establishment kept their heads down and said nothing about Christian evangelicals introducing mediaeval concepts of mental illness which science had erradicated several hundred years earlier.

A selection of books on exorcism and 'spirits' from
                the library of the Royal College of Psychiatry
If you still do not think that the idea of possession and exorcism has been imported into psychiatry  we offer the evidence found in the Research Annals of the Royal College of Psychiatry which holds papers on Exorcism, Spirituality and Spiritual Healing for new intakes of students to indoctrinate themselves with! 

Do not make the mistake of thinking that these papers are CRITICAL of anyone who believes in spirit possession, or believes that praying over a person can cure their mental illness, these papers actually support and promote those ideas.  This is how far psychiatry in Britain has sunk. 

Articles like Multiple Personality Disorder - Demons and Angels’ by Dr Haraldur Erlendsson, and  'Spirit Releasement Therapy' by Dr Alan Sanderson. These are just two papers which should have been discredited and instantly rejected by the RCP library but were not and are now corrupting psychiatric treatments in the UK.  

Presumably it won't be long before the Royal College of Psychiatry carries a paper from some fundie obsessive who insists that sufferers of epilepsy should be burned at the stake for being in league with the Devil, as was usual in the fifteenth century?

Valerie Sinason, doyenne of Satan Hunters world-wide

The RCP can rightly come in for a lot of the blame for being gullible and malleable, but  the Clinic for Dissociative Studies was the key instigator of DID work in the UK.  The CDS was set up by Valerie Sinason. Sinason is one of the foremost believers in Satanic Ritual Abuse and a key promoter of it during the 1990 panic, and ever since.  We remind readers that despite years of Sinason warning about children being abused and killed in satanic ceremonies there was not a single SRA case which she was involved in which turned out to confirm her warnings. Not one.

Moreover in the intervening three decades, despite consistent searching and hunting for cases of SRA by the fundamentalists, with Sinason's coterie of DID therapists at their side, there has not been a single case of SRA prosecuted through UK courts.    

Sinason's methods of treating her patients who then went on to fantisise themselves as victims of SRA involved the usual MPD techniques, but because of the failure of first-wave 1990 SRA allegations the coterie of therapists, psychiatrists and social workers who believed implicitly in its existence had become discredited in the eyes of the public and most commentators.   Sinason's move away from the now unfashionable term MPD and towards DID came in 2002 when she published  “Attachment, Trauma and Multiplicity: Working with Dissociative Identity Disorder”      Early the following year she gave an interview to Graeme Galton, and during this she outlined her understanding of DID.  
Sinason clearly saying that 100 people have
                    been killed in Satanic Ceremonies "Valerie Sinason: Some newspapers have mentioned claims that amazingly high numbers of people have been murdered in these rituals. Now I’'m realising, through the DID work, that where people have experienced an inside person being killed, where there is no corpse to show, that still was a person, a death.
  GG: Inside people being other personalities . . .
  Valerie Sinason:   Other personalities that are perceptually seen as another person. So the external figures could have been very different. We have certainly found the alleged murder of an outside person very small - well, `very small', what an awful thing to say, it's like talking about `ordinary abuse'. In terms of the kind of excited, `thousands of microwaved babies' bonkers ideas, there were something like, I suppose, an average of three murders that any individual aged 40, say, was mentioning, outside of induced abortions. "

Compare this approach for professional consumption with the irrational article 8 years earlier,  'Devil Cults Slay 100' from the Daily Mirror of 26 May 1994 where Sinason unequivocally is reported as claiming that:
"More than 100 children have been murdered in Satanic Sex rituals, shocked MPs heard yesterday.
Valerie Sinason said: - 'The authors have treated patients who have detailed at least 100 murders'...
'They are mutilated, made pregnant, their babies used in sacrifices.They are tortured and killed and the bodies disposed of'

So clearly for Valerie Sinason in the early 2000s DID meant exactly the same as MPD - believe any shocking and atrocious allegation outpouring from the minds of mentally ill people who are made to confabulate memories through recovered memory therapy to suit the bias of the therapist.  In other words business as usual.

                Sinason's Track Record being exposed by The ScotsmanEarlier, in 1988,  when the idea of SRA first burst upon the UK Sinason was one of the founders of a group called RAINS (Ritual Abuse Information Network and Support).  RAINS has a despicable history of involvement in the creation of false cases and false allegations against innocent people.  It still exists today, along with it's Scottish affiliate RANS (Ritual Abuse Network Scotland).  RAINS was involved in all the infamous 1990 Satan Seminars which poisoned the minds of social workers and lead to the 'dawn lifts' of little children from their innocent parents.   You can see the utter paucity and unprofessionalism of their work on SRA here:  

Of course, when the truth came out the voluble Sinason and other RAINS members went largely quiet to avoid direct criticism.  Even so, they didn't get off unscathed as the cutting from the Scotsman newspaper (right) in 2000 (two years before she switched to DID) clearly shows. when journalist Tim Williams wrote:

"The author of the study, Valerie Sinason, says that she has 'treated' (I wonder if that means 'cured': I doubt it somehow) 75 children and adults over the past 15 years who had claimed to be victims of or to have witnessed Satanic abuse. More blood-curdlingly 46 of them claimed to have seen murders whilst a further 15 said they had witnessed..the murder of babies.  Only 14 saw nothing interesting, though maybe further therapy will enable them to recover those memories of baby-killing warlocks which they are clearly at the moment repressing........I don't believe a word of it and neither should any serious academic. " [View the newspaper article alongside in large format by right clicking and choosing 'view image', then clicking on it to enlarge to a readable size. All SAFF documentation on this web-page can be enlarged like this for easier reading]

Children Born For Sacrifice to SatanThe 'study' the Scotsman was referring to was what came to be known as Valerie Sinason's Devil Report.  On the strength of repetitive claims from RAINS The UK Department of Health (DoH) gave Sinason £22,000 for a 'study' of SRA.   They did this in the face of opposition by many groups and academics, including the SAFF who took up correspondence with them and even telephoned key people like P. Baldrin and Rob Greig at the DoH as early as 1990 to warn them that RAINS were misguided and prejudiced people using MPD to force confabulations into patients. 

The grant of £22,000 of taxpayers' money was a complete waste of time, but on the strength of her own prejudiced evaluation of the mid-term analysis of her 'research'  Sinason obtained several bouts of national publicity falsely accusing Satanists of abusing and killing children again. 

The cutting right  Children Born for Sacrifice to Satan' is just one of them - there are dozens in SAFF files.  So here in February 2000 Valerie Sinason had reverted back to disproven Satanic Abuse claims she first used in 1994, dropped in the intervening years in favour of 'Ritual Abuse' and then reinstated in 2000 when demands to see her 'Devil Report' grew.

Whenever any SRA case collapsed Sinason's 'study' was waved in the air by RAINS members with the promise of incontrovertible evidence of SRA when it was finished.  It was in fact propaganda.  Sinason's report was NEVER published because it was a travesty of scientific research which proved absolutely nothing. 

Her report was so academically flawed that the DoH dare not even send it out for peer review and kept it secret for years until all those  DoH numpties whom the SAFF had first warned about it had retired and got their pensions.  Then much later, 24 years after Sinason had waived it in the air, SAFF obtained a copy and found it inaccurate, incomplete, partial, prejudiced and offered no new evidence.  It amounted to 12 pages of nonsense!  We published it here: Valerie Sinason's Devil Report and you will see just how bad it really was and how sensational and deceitful  those Children Born for Sacrifice to Satan headlines really were.  

So what actually is DID?  Well despite three decades of DID therapists making a fortune out of it you may be surprised to learn that there is no official definition of what DID is.  The World Heritage Encyclopaedia described it thus:

DID is one of the most controversial psychiatric disorders with no clear consensus regarding its diagnosis or treatment.[3] Research on effectiveness of treatment has been concerned primarily with clinical approaches and case studies. Dissociative symptoms range from common lapses in attention, becoming distracted by something else, and daydreaming, to pathological dissociative disorders.[6] No systematic, empirically-supported definition of "dissociation" exists.[7][8]

So DID is whatever the therapist can convince you it is!  WHE goes on to say:

Dissociative disorders including DID have been attributed to disruptions in memory caused by trauma and other forms of stress, but research on this hypothesis has been characterized by poor methodology. So far, scientific studies, usually focusing on memory, have been few and the results have been inconclusive. An alternative hypothesis for the etiology of DID is as a by-product of techniques employed by some therapists, especially those using hypnosis, and disagreement between the two positions is characterized by intense debate.  DID became a popular diagnosis in the 1970s, 80s and 90s but it is unclear if the actual incidence of the disorder increased, or if it was more recognized by clinicians, or if sociocultural factors caused an increase in iatrogenic  presentations. The unusual number of diagnoses after 1980, clustered around a small number of clinicians and the suggestibility characteristic of those with DID, support the hypothesis that DID is therapist-induced.

The explosion of diagnoses of DID during the Satanic Panic clustered around a small number of clinicians and the suggestibility of those with DID confirms that DID is therapist-induced. 

Self-Victimisation Syndrome destroys all DID / MPD credibility.

Yet by 1994 the Self-Victimisation Syndrome had already been academically established as a problem in MPD / DID therapy by Jim Schnabel in his seminal  Chronic Claims of Alien Abduction and some other traumas as self-victimization syndromes:    Schnabel's academic paper confirmed that some patients who were Dissociative would invent scenarios to traumatise themselves as a form of self-punishment.  He researched and analysed a large number of DID patients who claimed to have been abducted and tortured by Alien beings.  Most all of these cases occurred prior to the late 1980s before Satanic Ritual Abuse Claims surfaced. Schnabel insisted that claims of Alien Abduction and Torture were caused by exactly the same Self-victimisation Syndrome as that which created Satanic Abuse Allegations.  Both were equally unreal.

'This paper discusses the case of an alleged alien abduction victim who claimed a wide range of dissociation-related and traumatic experiences, with a heavy thematic emphasis upon sexual abuse,
extending back to a traumatic non-abuse incident in childhood, for which she apparently was never amnesic. Certain aspects of her history seem consistent with dissociative disorders, organic mental dis-
orders, and Munchausen 's syndrome. This case and the alien abduction syndrome as well as some oral narratives associated with multiple personality disorder and "Satanic ritual abuse, " do not derive exclusively from severe exogenous trauma and may be viewed more usefully as manifestations of manipulative self-victimization syndromes.'

claims of Alien Abduction and Torture were caused by the same Self-victimisation Syndrome as that which created Satanic Abuse Allegations.  Both were equally unreal yet in DID therapy Aliens are ignored completely in favour of falsely accusing Satanists!

The Self-Victimisation Syndrome should have brought into question the entire reasoning behind MPD / DID and caused a re-evaluation of all existing cases of claimed SRA, but as usual, the therapists who were wedded to DID and making big bucks out of it ignored Self-Victimisation Syndrome entirely, just as they ignore any and every case which they had claimed was SRA but which later failed and made them look like fools.  

Valerie Sinason started the Clinic for Dissociative Studies in 1998, it is therefore the forerunner of the groups trying to establish DID in the UK. Astonishingly, devoid of the evil history of MPD and dissociated from the continuous failures of Sinason and RAINS to produce ANY firm evidence to back the mental meanderings of their MPD patients, DID became the new watch-word amongst SRA-leaning psychiatrists and therapists.  

How ESTD is linked with Marietta Higgs and the
                Cleveland ScandalIn 2006 the ESTD (European Society for Trauma and . Dissociation) was established.

Later that same year the British branch of ESTD (ESTDUK) was opened and run by Sue Richardson. 

Richardson was an old campaigner for SRA and the idea of network abuse, she was heavily involved in a group of activists who championed the disgraceful actions of paediatricians Marietta Higgs and Geoffrey Wyatt during the 1987 Cleveland Scandal in the UK. 

Higgs used a discredited method ' Anal Dilation Syndrome' to 'diagnose' abuse in children which lead to 197 children being kidnapped from their innocent parents in 'Dawn Lifts' in the county of Cleveland, UK.    The same ADS technique, taught and popularised by Dr. Jayne Wynne and Dr. Christopher Hobbs was used to incriminate hundreds of families who had their kids taken away in Leeds the same year.

The ADS method was a witch-pricker to try to uncover what these feminist child-campaigners imagined was a hidden strata of sexual abuse within society.  They inspected the anuses of children for tell-tale signs of abuse.  When proper doctors saw it they said that any of the so-called symptoms could've been diagnosed from children with constipation! 

The parents' rights were championed by local MP Stuart Bell a courageous man without whom their persecution would have proceeded apace.  His 1988 book : 'When Salem Came to the Boro’  was an indictment of Cleveland child protection practices.

A 'spoiler' book supporting the radical feminists involved in CAUSE was penned by Neo-Marxist Feminist Beatrix Campbell, later to be discredited for her part in the Shieldfield false accusations. Campbell's book 'Unofficial Secrets' came out the same year.  Publishing 'spoiler' books to counterbalance opposing views was a common practice for the Satan Hunters and shows the crusading zeal of the DID lobby revealing the political context behind the claims.

However the apologists for Higgs and Wynne and ADS rarely speak of the clutch of ADS cases created in Leeds, Yorkshire, which occurred parallel with Cleveland where Jayne Wynne and  Christopher Hobbs had pioneered the ADS technique.  Thirty Nine families had apparently been falsely stigmatised as abusers using the ADS technique in Leeds which caused a massive jump in the average statistics for abuse in that location, just as it did in Cleveland.  The idea that Cleveland was an aberration was false.  Cleveland and Leeds were a symptom of a new broom sweeping through Child-Protection services in the U.K.  A change orchestrated by radical feminists. They had decreed a hidden epidemic of incest in British families and were out to prove it.

Although no directly Satanic claims were made in the Cleveland or Leeds cases it is widely considered to be the opening shots which drove the 1990 Satanic Panic and lead to similar Dawn Lifts of children in spurious SRA cases in Rochdale, Orkney, Ayr, Manchester and other false investigations pursued at the time based on the testimony of children who were manipulated by therapists and social workers into imagining things which the believers in SRA might consider indicated Satanic Ritual Abuse. 

Satanic indicator list by Catherine GouldThis list of  Satanic Indicators  included everyday things like children passing wind when sitting at the table before a meal ( a completely natural part of the digestive process ) and many other situations, such as pulling the arms off dolls during play, which were considered a result of sadistic Satanic abuse, not the usual curiosity from children about how things are made. 

These Satanic Indicators came from Catherine Gould, a child therapist in the USA and were widely used in British social Services during the early part of the panic to identify cases of SRA, all of which turned out to be false. The JET report said these indicators were first imported by Tim Tate into the Broxtowe false SRA case in 1987.  Yet Gould had simply made up the Satanic Indicators without any scientific analysis or research, from her own prejudiced observations.  She was later utterly discredited along with her Satanic Indicator list after claiming that Satanists had tried to kill her by pumping poisoned gas into her office.   

So here we see another TWO examples of supposed techniques which have been invented by child-therapists and psychiatrists to prove an ideology about the prevalence of child-abuse which have no basis in scientific fact. 

When the government BANNED social workers from interrogating children after the utter mess they made of the 1991 Rochdale SRA case, new cases of SRA driven by childrens' testimony simply stopped.  Note that disclosure questioning of children still occurred but perpetual interrogations by biased social workers until children gave in and 'confessed' were disallowed. 

The coterie of SRA believers then switched from repetitively interrogating children to using MPD sessions where they repetitively interrogated adults to implant similar fantasies.  These firmed-up back-stories from adults were then held as proof that children were being Satanically abused!    People who, had they been treated by orthodox psychiatry, would hardly have imagined anything Satanic at all.

When the government BANNED social workers from interrogating children after Rochdale, cases of children-driven SRA simply stopped

By December 2007 Sinason was lecturing on DID to the influential , but obviously poorly informed,  London Safeguarding Children Board.  Sinason was billed as the Director of the Clinic for Dissociative Studies and her presentation; Dissociative Disorder and Ritual Abuse , proved conclusively that NOTHING had changed.  She was still hunting for non-existent Satanists on the basis of recovered memories of mentally vulnerable people sent to her for DID treatment.          
"This seminar will outline the work of Valerie Sinason, a child psychotherapist and adult psychoanalyst who has been at the forefront of the growing awareness and understanding of ritual abuse and the ways that psychoanalytic psychotherapy can be used to treat its victims. Delegates will have an opportunity to explore some of the difficulties encountered in trying to support children who have experienced ritual abuse, including where the consequences of ill treatment can lead to a further condition, dissociative disorder (DID). Treatment can be complicated by the fact that this type of abuse, and DID, is not well understood or believed. The presenter will use her extensive experience of providing assessment and long term therapy for ritual abuse survivors to consider some of the paths which can be taken and their consequences.

Dissociative Identity Disorder used to be called multiple personality disorder. It is closely linked to long-term sadistic abuse in childhood. In the United Kingdom most cases of Dissociative Identity Disorder appear to be the result of abuse within the family, including ritual abuse and mind control.

No mention of Satanic Abuse in this conference flyer eh?  No mention of the untimely death of poor Carol Myers either.  Sadistic Ritual Abuse is the DID euphemism for Satanic Ritual Abuse.

At this point the acronym DID was relatively little known.  Most people were unaware that it was simply discredited MPD by another name. By presenting DID as a new form of psychiatry which is 'not well understood'  SRA believing therapists avoided drawing attention to the fact that it is in reality simply a witch-pricker used by believers in SRA to uncover what they believe to be a pan-global network of abusing Satanists which had already been discredited in the 1990 Satanic Panic. The London Safeguarding Children Board is so uninformed it was oblivious to the switcheroo.    

To show how MPD/DID 'therapists' created false victims of SRA we need to return to the late 1980s, in the lead up to the SRA witch-hunt,  and cover the astounding and tragic case of Carol Myers.   Carol died in mysterious circumstances in 2005 whilst undergoing MPD therapy for Satanic Abuse during which she falsely accused her own parents of being Satanists.  A police investigation ensued which cleared them.   Her parents have since conducted a crucial campaign to discover why Carol turned against them and to unearth the true facts surrounding her death. They published a book in 2013 titled Justice for Carol which is an astonishing indictment of how the medical profession covers up its own mistakes.  Below is an extract from that book which covers Valerie Sinason's involvement in the case, as taken from Carol's medical records.

Front cover of Justice for Carol"Treating Survivors of Satanist Abuse (edited  by Valerie Sinason) was published in 1994. The  book has the distinction of being voted in a  peer review as the second worst psychiatric  publication of the last hundred years. Simon  Wesley, professor of psychiatry at King’s College commented that one nomination for Sinason's  book stated it was ‘credulous, superstitious,  iatrogenic, illness-inducing, self-righteous,  incendiary garbage’.

Chapter 32 is a  jointly authored essay  by Robert Hale and  Valerie Sinason. It  focuses on three adult  case studies who they  treated in the Tavistock Clinic.  Using the pseudonym  of “Rita’ to disguise  Carol'’s real identity,  the authors state that she was their first joint patient.  As another of  Carol’'s many psychiatrists would write a few  years later:
"With regard to the special nature  of her case, I do believe she was Valerie Sinason's first case at the Tavistock and it was  based on Carol’s experiences that Valerie wrote  a book and started her interest in Satanic  abuse.”
In other words, Carol’'s case propped up  the whole field of Satanic Ritual Abuse in the  UK. Carol’'s history is demonstrably false; it  begs the question of how many other patients  treated for Satanic Ritual Abuse have befallen  the same fate. "  [full chapter here]

Simon  Wesley, professor of psychiatry at King’s College commented that one nomination for Sinason's "Treating Survivors of Satanist Abuse stated it was '‘credulous, superstitious,  iatrogenic, illness-inducing, self-righteous, incendiary garbage'’.  

Valerie Sinason's Clinic for Dissociative Studies
                funded by NHSDespite Valerie Sinason's 32 year failed track-record of multiple false accusations of baby sacrifice and imagined sadistic abuse in Satanic Ceremonies which she has never been able to prove and  despite her much vaunted Devil Report commissioned and funded to the tune of £20,000 in 1996 by the Department of Health and still unpublished 15 years later,  and despite the controversy over Carol Myers' death;  by 2010 Sinason's putative Clinic for Dissociative Studies was being funded entirely by the NHS as Private Eye Magazine pointed out (right).  

In 2019 CDS financial records show a funding income of £870,656.00

Sinason's Campaign for Recognition of DIDCarrying the NHS banner on CDS letter-heads and literature gave the CDS great kudos. By April 2011 Sinason and her followers were far more bullish.  They collectively started a campaign to have DID formally recognised within psychiatry as a genuine therapeutic technique (see rightmost panel). 

Among the great and the good who joined in this was one Jacqui Dillon, a
 'survivor of organised ritual abuse, torture and mind control'.
Dillon is a schizophrenic patient who first came to the notice of the SAFF in 2009 when she attended a Satan Seminar held at the Bowlby Centre in London (see here).  At this seminar she gave an account of her SRA abuse in a lecture the sole purpose of which appeared to be to accuse orthodox psychiatry of not understanding schizophrenia and attendant symptoms because they refused to believe in Satanic Abuse.  

Dillon later started a self-help group for schizophrenics.  It was called 'Hearing Voices' and was one of the groups supporting the Campaign for Recognition of DID ( as you will see in the above panel).  Sometime after the 2009 Satan Seminar Dillon began using the prefix 'Dr.'.  Check the panel above and you will see that Sinason's Clinic for Dissociative Studies is listed alongside ESTD (European Society for Trauma and Dissociation) and you will also find RAINS back on the bandwagon again after many years in decline. Same old Same old.   

That 2009  Satan Seminar was attended by many SRA hunters from across the world, including the discredited Ellen Lacter a key speaker who gave two keynote lectures on SRA and DID.                                                  

A deeper look into the activities of Lacter is revealing. Her 'professional facing' website   contains links to many of the old satan scare motifs, but she also has another site where links to claptrap on Satanic Worldwide Conspiracies occurs. According to postings from Lacter published on some of these links she appears to agree with and assist people who believe in the Illuminati conspiracies. (The Illuminati are supposed to be a race of demi-gods from a distant planet who have steered mankind's progress by occasionally transmogrifying into the bodies of great and influential historical personages like George Washington at crucial points in world history...  need I go on?)

Elen Lancter's mentor is sued over putting false
                memories into a paitnets mind using DIDLacter admits to having been tutored in SRA and DID by Reverend Stephen Oglevie, ( consultant to Elijah House ministries and minister of the Church of the Nazarene). 

Oglevie's reputation for identifying and treating DID patients who were diagnosed as having been Satanically Abused was shattered in 2006 (three years before Lacter was invited to speak at the London 2009 Seminar) when an SRA patient sued  him for implanting false memories!

This lawsuit was a direct unmasking of the dangers and falsities of DID which are ignored by its proponents and the Royal College of Psychiatry,  yet there have been many such instances in the U.S. and Canada where therapists have been sued for harming their patients with DID.   So Lacter's mentor, the person whom she freely credits with teaching her all about SRA was utterly discredited three years prior to her appearance in London  flogging SRA and DID to UK therapists in 2009!   These people have absolutely no shame.

The Bowlby Centre which hosted the 2009 Stan Seminar turns over about £200,000 a year in running costs and was also included in the 2011 conference to formally establish DID;  as was a relatively new 'survivor's group' called NAPAC (National Association for People Abused in Childhood).   In 2020 NAPAC turned over £640,000 which included a £345,000.00 government grant.  NAPAC  had worked-up a head of steam in the previous few years in response to the hysteria surrounding historical sexual abuse claims and the enthusing of victims to network together to talk about their experiences. This movement spawned the government's extensive IICSA Historic Abuse Inquiry which was also encouraging victims to come forward and tell their tales in a kind of therapy of 'Truth and Reconciliation'.   As you will see from the flyer bove, speakers in the 2011 DID conference included Peter Saunders who ran NAPAC.  Unfortunately Saunders fell from grace a few years later when he had to resign for having sex in a restaurant toilet with a woman who had been an abuse-victim.   

David Icke filtered SRA 'victims' to Valerie Sinason and RAINS

Ironically whilst this 2011  'push to establish DID as real' campaign was actually ongoing the SAFF unearthed evidence that Valerie Sinason was being sent 'Satanic Abuse Victims' by David Icke, the infamous anti-semitic conspiracyloon troublemaker who thinks that Alien reptiles have taken over the bodies of key personal in the British Establishment and that  Queen Elizabeth II is the head of a Satanic Abusive cult.  

In June 2011 a moderator for Icke's forum replied to a poster who, like many there, claimed to have been Satanically Abused: 

"Hello Sweetheart, you might like to check out the RAINS website (ritual abuse information and network and support). It is run/supported by David Icke and Valerie Sinason.  You will find a wealth of informaton here and support/help , should you need it. "
Sinason has never been questioned about this source of 'victims' nor whether she supports Icke's views on Qannon, EMF fallout from 5G telephones, anti-vaxxing and other bonkers ideas.   However this is an incontrovertible piece of evidence showing the cross-over between Alien Abductees and Satanic Abuse Victims within the panoply of DID / MPD therapy.     You can see an overview of Icke's history of failed accusations and ideas spanning 30 years in parallel with the SRA myth, here:

Treating Survivors of Ritual Abuse a 30 year
                  overviewThe European society for Trauma and Dissociation (ESTD) a front-runner in the push to establish DID, also gave a talk at the 2011 campaign launch. It has carried articles promoting the idea of Satanic Ritual Abuse in it's journal. 

In 2014, just a few years after this 2011 campaign to officialise DID was started, the ESTD published an article by  Suzette Boon-Langen headed: The treatment of victims reporting ritual abuse by organised networks; a reflection on 30 years of clinical experience.  This is  simply a Dutch re-run of the accusations about Satanic Abuse which Sinason and others in RAINS were making in the 1990s in the UK and which were subsequently utterly disproven here and in the Netherlands.   In fact Boon-Langen uses the very same failed arguments. She states: 

"The networks are similar in the following ways: the abuse is systematic and there are multiple perpetrators; both men, women and children are involved; the group or organisation knows a strict hierarchy; children are systematically trained to be obedient. All clients report forms of sadistic torture aimed at teaching them to be obedient and loyal to the group. Clients who (also) report ritual abuse, in particular, all have experiences of becoming perpetrators themselves at a young age, committing acts of abuse and torture on other children, adults or animals. The systematic indoctrination of the beliefs and ideas of the group are an important part of the so-called training. And perhaps most importantly: early attachment relationships are systematically manipulated and exploited as the children are neglected, abused and isolated by their primary care-givers, only to be lovingly received and praised again when they have demonstrated "good" behaviour within the group. Siblings are also systematically played off against one another to prevent them from forming an alliance or confirming each other's testimonies later in life. Subsequently, children (and later: adults) are continually intimidated with threats to their own lives or the lives of loved ones and with the possibility of having movies and photographs distributed of the acts in which they have engaged. Moreover, wide use seems to be made of deception and trickery in these "trainings", including the use of drugs and medication that induce hallucinations. Memories seem to be systematically manipulated. Reality is manipulated and distorted to such an extent that any testimonies given about the network and its activities will seem to be inaccurate and therefore not pose a threat to the network." 

Again, note that the word SATAN is completely absent, yet it is abundantly clear that is what Boon-Langen is talking about.  This summation is, like it was in the 1990s scare, absolutely untrue and misleading in every respect. 

  • No Satanic Networks have ever been found,
  • No corpses of sacrificed humans or animals have ever been discovered.
  • Numerous in-depth police investigations over three decades have never ever turned up any pornographic Satanic films or pictures and no self-declared victims who claim to have been photographed have ever saved any to show. There is NO proof of it.
  • The annals of occultism do not have any ceremonies or documents where children are required to be abused.
  • There are no rites or ceremonies which require abusive group indoctrination. 
  • There has been no instance of children being found drugged in Satanic Ceremonies.
  • There have been 14 extensive/national public inquiries across the globe and many official investigations into false claims of SRA since 1988 and every single one of them concluded that it was nonsense.

The epidemic of hysteria surrounding Satanic Ritual Abuse propagated out from the U.S. via international fundie links right across the Western World during the 1980s and was seeded by fundies and feminists who imported the scare locally.   The ESTD is widening the scope of the use of DID for diagnosing Satanic Abuse into other non-Western countries where, ironically, evidence is appearing showing that SRA DOES NOT EXIST.  

There is a single reference to Satanic Ritual Abuse on the ESTD's website. It is a review of DID cases in Turkey where Prof. Dr. Vedat Şar the ESTD's representative in Turkey, writes:

"Satanic Ritual Abuse has never been an issue in Turkish psychiatry (there are no patients who claim it; therefore it seems to be a culture-bound syndrome); "

This finding is a bombshell to the ESTD and is fully in accord with the SAFF's own research over the past 30 years.   Evidence of Satanic Ritual Abuse is ONLY found in Christianised countries.  Countries which espouse Islamic, Buddhist, Hindu and other religions DO NOT HAVE cases of SRA even though psychiatrists there may use MPD and DID therapy on their patients they do not create images of a network of evil cults claimed to be abusing them.     The reason is obvious, the patients' thoughts are lead by already sold therapists to create false memories of Satanic Abuse to match local cultural abominations.  Archetypes which have currency in their society.   

This can be clearly seen in cases of DID in the U.S. and the U.K. in which patients who do not come from a religious background create false memories of being abducted and abused by Aliens, not Satanists.    Strangely the ESTD website contains not one mention of patients producing memories of Alien abducters using DID even though there are hundreds if not thousands of these cases recorded. 

The 'experts' at DID simply ignore the fact that these claims of Alien abduction occur during DID sessions. There is no record of them in ESTD annals, therefore the Self-Victimisation Syndrome highlighted by Jim Schnabel which accounts for patients creating false experiences of suffering in order to punish themselves, can be ignored.  Could it be that DID therapists who DO believe in SRA are simply projecting those beliefs onto their patients in leading questioning which creates the SRA fantasies?  Well YES, that is definitely the case, and the main reason why Alien abductees are never represented in ESTD papers.  Alien abductors are not mentioned because DID therapists don't ask about them. If they did they would get stories about shape-shifting alien lizards, anal probing and the other stuff common to those fantasies, instead of stereotypes about SRA.

The Oude Pekela Case and the ESTD

In the Netherlands the SRA scare began in 1987 when a child was diagnosed by his doctor, Dr Freddy Jonker, as having been abused, because there was instance of annal bleeding.  The remarkable similarity to the UK's 1987 Cleveland Scandal where 197 children were wrongly taken into care using the discredited 'Anal Dilation Syndrome' (also used in another 500 cases in Leeds, England)  to falsely incriminate hundreds of other false cases of abuse cannot be overlooked] .

Jonker was a general practitioner in Oude-Pekela,  a small socially deprived village in Groningen.  By 1989 the story of the child's abuse started a hysteria where hundreds of children were diagnosed as having been Satanically Abused by a process of continual questioning and implanting of ideas in childrens' minds by teachers, social workers and worried parents. Just as it did during the same period in the UK. 

The rumour broke nationally when  a Christian evangelical programme, Tijdsein,  broadcast fundie suspicions about mass-abuse in Oude Pekela from whence it grew into a national and then international phenomenon where Freddy Jonker became a celebrity lecturing to academic audiences. He attended one at London University and contributed to influential articles such as the NSPCC funded BAPSCAN's journal The Child Abuse Review in 1991. 

Like all such hysterias the trajectory of development of the rumour was almost identical to those which occurred in the UK and elsewhere.  The Oude Pekela and Rochdale SRA cases are virtually identical in profile. And both were of course inventions created by hyper-sensitive Christians in social care.   A special Social Services Investigation into Rochdale proved that the cause of 13 children being taken into care there in 1990 was prejudiced badgering of small children with leading questions during long hours of interrogation and this technique was outrightly banned by the Inquiry in 1991.   In June 1994 the UK Government's  detailed La Fontaine report was published which had analysed all 84 claimed UK cases of SRA during the 1990 panic in great detail.  Prof La Fontaine had special dispensation to see all the confidential documents and disclosure audio-recordings and videos right across all cases and her report concluded that this 'first wave' of SRA allegations was entirely created by people in social work and therapy who created false memories in the minds of children by insisting on a predetermined Satanic outcome until, after the children grew exhausted following hours of continuous interrogation, they 'confessed' that what they had denied 100 times before, was true.  After the Social Services Inspectorate banned inquisitorial questioning of children the fundie/feminst SRA hunter axis switched from using children and began cultivating adult 'victims' instead.  

A classic example of this torturing of small children to 'confess' SRA is given in the SAFF exclusive here, where Laura, a child victim of the 1990 panic, now an adult with a family of her own, tells how the media, academics, social workers and therapists let her down by allowing her mentally unstable mother to physically beat her and verbally assault her until she 'admitted' that she had seen children sacrificed just to stop the punishment.  Laura tells how she was then dragged in front of social workers and made to repeat the false claims which she did because her mother was present and she knew she would be beaten again when they got home if she didn't comply. 

In 1989  Benjamin Rossen  published a full outline of how the hysteria had been created in Oude Pekela in a paper for the Institute for Psychological Therapies journal. titled  'Mass Hysteria in Oude Pekela' which makes a very valuable snapshot of what was truly happening in Groningen at the time.   In response to the nationwide outcry the Dutch government set up the Hulsenbek Committee which looked into the Oude Pekela case in great detail and found, exactly as in the British experience, that it was created by mass hysteria. There had been NO satanic abuse at Oude Pekela

Of course we can see from Suzanne Langen-Boon's 2014 article for ESTD that she had been involved in hunting down Satanic Ritual Abusers for '30 years' ; in other words she must have been one of those people at the heart of the Oude Pekela case and the coterie of SRA believers in Groningen are a scion of those busted 1989 claims.  The question is:  Why is the ESTD giving these people with a track record of failure upon damaging failure, house-room? 

Therefore Boon-Langen's paper published by the ESTD is nothing more than a causal link back to the bad old days of the SRA panic.   The mad Satan-Hunters who massaged the hysteria in the 1990s, who invented the DID method to brainwash patients into believing they had been Satanically Abused,  are at the core of modern DID therapy, regardless of the technical veneer of the second generation of DID therapists.   DID was invented to rubber-stamp claims of Satanic Ritual Abuse, and it has consistently failed to do so.

  Behind DID is the SRA hysteria, plain and simple.

In three decades  of striving to find evidence of SRA police forces across the world with an army of literally millions of volunteer religious zealots have been trying to hunt down imagined Satanic Abusers and there has not been one case of it found anywhere. It is bunkum.  Yet again, here, Boon-Langen and the ESTD and the CDS and the Institute of Psychiatry plus numerous fundamentalist Christian agitators who work with them; and over 300 DID therapists on the make are insisting that it existsThe words of Anatole France come to mind:

' If 50 million people believe a foolish thing, it does not make that thing any the less foolish'.  

SAFF work over the years has informed and attenuated the damage false accusations of SRA caused in the UK,  but in Europe there is no counterpart group to the SAFF and so a caucus of believers have flourished there. 

In 2017 at the yearly ESTD conference in Berne, Switzerland, Dr. Brendan O’Mahony, Professor Becky Milne and Dr. Kevin Smith presented a revolutionary paper demanding that DID therapists be compulsorily called to attend first-level police interrogation of claimed SRA victims to 'interpret' the evidence! 

What this means of course is that it would be impossible for the police to obtain that crucuial unguarded and  unadulterated first-hand legal statement from any person claiming to have been abused.   What would be obtained is an interpretation of the view of their supposed abuse filtered by SRA hunting DID therapists, who would intervene to 'explain' what the 'victim' was saying, moderating their lunacy to make it palatable for police ears. 

 As yet government has not allowed this to occur nationally but some police forces who are predisposed to belief in SRA do indeed allow intermediaries in on formal interviews with people who make SRA allegations, especially if they are classed as MPD/DID therapists.  Trust the DID/MPD crowd to spot an opportunity to push their poison!   They are a mirror image of the Ecclesiastical Inquisitors whose silken tongues turned any statement a witness made to their prime purpose which was to burn as many witches at the stake as they could.   We don't see much difference between, some DID therapists and Sir Edmund Anderson who addressed a witchcraft trial jury in 1603 by saying:
"The malice of witches is great, their practice devilish, AND IF WE DO NOT CONVICT THEM WITHOUT THEIR OWN CONFESSION OR DIRECT PROOF WHERE THE PRESUMPTIONS ARE SO GREAT AND THE CIRCUMSTANCES SO APPARENT, they will in a short time overrun the whole land".
In her article Suzette Boon-Langen heavily criticises LEBZ and infers that it is suppressing the truth about the prevalence of  Satanic Ritual Abuse in the Netherlands.  In fact LEBZ, a Dutch government body which analyses claims of abuse ( which have been recovered during therapy)  has been the saviour of the Netherlands, protecting it's innocent inhabitants from the wave of ludicrous false-allegations which have swept Britain in the past decade. LEBZ avoided imprisoning innocent people, destroying lives and careers and wasting child-protection resources on the wild-goose-chase of SRA.  

"In the Netherlands, most cases involving alleged recovered memories no longer make it to court. This is probably a result of the governmental regulation “Investigation of Sexual Abuse in Co-dependent Relationships” (Government of The Netherlands, 1999) introduced in 1999, which states that if a case [of family break-up] involves a claim of recovered memory, the prosecutor should consult the Dutch National Expertise Group on Special Cases of Sexual Misconduct (Landelijke Expertisegroep Bijzondere Zedenzaken) before deciding whether to prosecute or not. This recommendation also applies to cases involving claims of memories of abuse before the accuser’s third birthday and to allegations of ritual abuse. The Expertise Group is keenly aware of the risk of questionable therapeutic techniques resulting in the creation of false memories and will therefore typically advise caution when it comes to these cases. The fact that recovered memories no longer make it to court in the Netherlands does not mean, however, that the problem [ of falsely created memories] does not exist there. From 2011 to 2018, 13 new cases were reported to the Dutch equiva-lent of the BFMS, the Fictitious Memory Group  (Paper on Memory Wars in Europe by Julia Shaw and Annalies Vredeveldt, for the Association of Psychological Science, 2018)

Of course the ESTD cannot successfully push its DID poison whilst LEBZ exists so removing it is a prime strategy for them and their new trick MRI diagnosis method (outlined below) is clearly a method of side-steping both LEBZ and the majority of mainstream psychiatrists who think DID is dangerous and harmful.  

In a knee-jerk reaction to a sensational documentary on Satanic Ritual Abuse by Argos Radio in October 2020, (Shards of Glass) members of the Dutch Parliament made an unwise but unanimous decision to demand a new official inquiry into SRA even though there had already been one earlier in 1994 during the Dutch version of the Satanic Panic (the Hulsenbek Committee) which found it didn't exist.  

Readers should note that this radio programme 'Shards of Glass' was made up almost wholly of 'evidence' given by patients of ESTD aligned DID therapists and was contributed to by ESTD members and other life-long satan hunters.   The programme was utterly biased and prejudiced towards promoting DID regardless of the suffering it has caused many thousands of people over the past 30 years, Its shocking narrative featured unproven allegation of a small girl being abused by having a glass bottle pushed en uterus which broke; hence Shards of Glass.   This perverted image was new to claims of SRA and carried a high-impact emotional charge which rightly caused outrage amongst Dutch citizens.   Such a claim was unique, SAFF research spanning three decades can only find one instance of a similar claimed act of abuse. The 2009 Irish national Inquiry into abuse by Catholic priests (The Ryan Report) had one case where  a priest Fr Noel Reynolds, pushed a crucifix into a child's vagina. 

The objective of Argos was not to present a balanced documentary of facts but to prejudicially re-ignite the idea of Satanic Ritual Abuse in the minds of Dutch citizens.   But why did the Dutch parliament fall like dominoes to give the DID therapists what they wanted?   To outsiders it was puzzling. All became clear a few months later when it was discovered that a police inquiry into maladministration of child-benefit to Dutch children spanning decades ruled that the Government was implicated in bankrupting and breaking up hundreds of families who had been mistakenly given child-benefit through no fault of their own. The scandal of the government persecuting children whom they were charged to protect caused the immediate resignation of the entire Dutch government!  Shards of Glass was made during the ongoing police special investigation and the instant capitulation of the Dutch parliament to calls for a new Satanic Abuse Inquiry can now be seen as an easy opportunity to portray the caring bona-fides of a soon to be disgraced government.

Kenny MacDonald believes Carl 'Nick' BeechArgos are clearly in league with the ESTD crowd as many of their journalists are networked into and followers of  Simone Reinders' twitter account @AATSReindersftp
 whereas none of them are followers of @SAFFtweets (the only organisation in the world that has been tracking and dissecting the Satanic Ritual Abuse Myth since 1988)!   You will see how this current lobby has gained influence beyond its size when we analyse Simone Reinders' new method of diagnosing DID from MRI scans, below.  First we discuss Carl 'Nick' Beech the archetypal SRA victim.

Carl 'Nick' Beech. The Victim-Imposter whose story exemplifies the dangers of DID intermediaries.

Carl Beech, AKA 'Nick' gets 18 years for lying
                  about sexual abuseThe classic example of why DID therapists SHOULD NOT be allowed to act as intermediary in police investigations which involve recovered memories is the 2015 Carl 'Nick' Beech case.  Beech  made heinous allegations of sexual and sadistic abuse and murder by past prime-minister the late Edward Heath and others, including Harvey Proctor whose life Beech more or less destroyed with his lies. 

One of the pertinent facts in an expose of the run of events by barrister Matthew Scott here, was that an on-line newspaper, Exaro, which had scooped exclusive access to Carl Beech , was present at his interrogation by the police.  To show how this kind of intervention can corrupt proceedings, it was later discovered that prior to one of these interviews Exaro staff had 'primed' Beech about people he couldn't identify by showing him a photograph to make it easier for him!   

Ironically that is exactly the same intervention that Satan-Hunter Dianne Core was accused of using in Hull in 1990 when, according to police, she interfered in an investigation of abuse by several men who groomed kids in an amusement arcade.  Convinced that this was her first case of SRA (it wasn't, she never had any real cases) Core showed the kids photographs of the men she suspected and in the process ruined the police case.  For a while the Hull police were considering prosecuting her for perverting the cause of justice.

Clued-in observers may know that the police wasted over 2 million pounds in chasing Carl Beech's lies and persecuted many innocent and upstanding members of society based on his accusations. On 26th July 2019 Beech was sentenced to 18 years for perverting the course of justice by pretending to be an abuse victim to claim £22,000.00 in compensation.

The year previous he had pleaded guilty to another charge after a police investigation found that although he was claiming to be a 'survivor' he was actually a paedophile who had been secretly filming young boys with clandestine cameras.  

These revelations made the high-level politicians, and survivor groups and stars of child-protection who had believed Beech implicitly, look like  the fools they really were.  Real survivors of sexual abuse were done a great disservice by the unquestioning acceptance of Beech's fantasies and by the stories of other liars who jumped on the compensation bandwagon,  because when the bubble burst for Beech, a shadow was also thrown across their genuine claims.  It is in everyone's interest to get at the Truth and stop abuse but chasing phantom Satanists does not help.

The reign of nonsense created by Beech's lies about networked abuse at Westminster was not the only instance of survivor-imposters being exposed but it was the most high-profile when it was realised that he had taken in many therapists and survivor groups, including  NAPAC who accepted Beech's false abuse-story without question and published a 'weeping' poem by Beech in 2012 supposedly outlining how terrible his abuse had been.   None of it was true of course. 

That's what you get when you unquestioningly accept the word of self-declared 'victims' without checking the veracity of them.   The dangers of instantly believing any self-identified abuse victim is clearly shown, yet that is EXACTLY what DID therapists seek to do.  

The dangers of instantly believing any self-identified abuse victim is clearly shown, yet that is EXACTLY what therapists in DID seek to do.

It was the unquestioning belief in ALL allegations of abuse by self-declared victims which drove the massive increase in accusations of abuse during 2011 to 2019 and the many prosecutions of VIPs and celebrities which were eventually overturned.  The highest profile one was of course Cliff Richard, but there were dozens more, Harvey Proctor, Lord Brammall, Jimmy Tarbuck, Benjamin Herman the Queen's Equerry, William Roache,  Paul Gambaccini, Lord McAlpine and many, many more.

This resulted in the official Judge Henrique Inquiry in October 2016 which found serious errors in police investigations and castigated them for not using common-sense and checking allegations before believing in them.   What the DID caucus wants of course is to turn time back to those bad old days.

RAINS, Sinason and a host of DID therapists in a
                  state of denial over Carl BeechYet on 28 July 2019, just two days after Carl Beech was sentenced to 18 years for knowingly perpetrating the most despicable untrue lies, the same old crowd of SRA believers and DID therapists had the temerity to get the letter you see (right) published in the Guardian which basically tried to misrepresent Beech as a Victim of circumstance and mental illness!  

These DID pushers were pandering to the Feminista Guardian audience, railing back to try to minimise the impact of Beech's case on DID.  They were maintaining that a lying pervert who set up hidden cameras to film boys and who was imprisoned for a stack of kiddie-porn, who tried to claim TWO lumps of £22,000 compensation for abuse which had never happened, who accused an innocent man of child-murder, who went on the run to avoid the truth being aired at trial,  who delighted in the pain of his innocent victims  -  that such a man was himself a victim!   With DID practitioners up is down and down is up.

Beech lied about facts time after time after time. 

  • He said he feared water because of his abuse trauma - then someone produced a photograph of him swimming in a pool on holiday. 
  • He gave a knife to the police which he said had been used in the murder of a child - then his grandmother said she had given him it as a present after the date Beech specified for the murder.
  • He said Ted Heath had abused him on a double-bed in his yacht Morning Cloud - Heath's boat was a racing boat and only had hammocks.
  • He named a child who had been murdered from his class at school who didn't even exist.  
  • Even Beech's own mother tried to tell the police and the therapists that he was an out and out vicious liar but of course she was ignored - what would she know?  She was only his MOTHER and  DID therapists always know best.  
The sympathy of these DID pushers has always been misplaced.  They cloyingly hang on every word of neurotics who manipulate them, like Beech did, and apparently have absolutely no care whatsoever for the thousands of people who have been falsely accused of abuse using their favoured Recovered Memory Therapy;  nor those who have had their lives and careers destroyed. 
People have died. 
Some have committed suicide.
Yet these DID pushers don't seem to care.  
In contradistinction they molly-coddle any dead-beat who comes to them with incredible tales of Satanic Abuse.    This is a blindness which calls into question everything they say and do, and particularly their judgement of who is and who is not 'dissociated'.   

IICSA report on VIP abuse at WestminsterHow relevant is their DID/MPD syndrome if they can make so many continuous mistakes over so many decades?   Not once, not twice, not thrice, but HUNDREDS of times?  The full story of Beech and the REAL victims of DID  (the innocent people whose lives he destroyed), is set out in this excellently detailed Daily Mail article here.
After reading it you will wonder how on earth any of these DID pushers could have the gall to try to ameliorate what Beech did but as SAFF have stated many times, they live in a Bizarro world of their own making.

In February 2020 the IICSA (Indpendent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse) reported on their long and  detailed inquiry and questioning in open court of police, politicians and institutions connected with allegations of abuse by a supposed network of Sadistic Child Abusers centred around parliament.   False memes about VIP abusers at Westminster were first created by DID patients of  the psychiatrist Joan Coleman, a founder of RAINS (Ritual Abuse Information Network & Support) which the SAFF first exposed here:  and were built upon much older rumours and gossip surrounding a Gay brothel close to Dolphin Square, which the SAFF had earlier shown was nonsense here:   IICSA's report said that 'there was no evidence to support these sensational allegations that there has been a powerful paedophile network operating within Westminster.'

IICSA creates 4500 sex abuse allegations at a
                  cost of 100 million poundsMost of the people who claimed to have suffered abuse from this VIP clique were, like Beech, fantasists;  and many of them had undergone Recovered Memory Therapy during DID sessions.  It is difficult to estimate how much money and resources DID has wasted but the SAFF reckon it now stands at about 400 Million pounds worth since 1988.  Money which could have gone to real children at risk but which instead went to false-accusers and a sequence of unnecessary and expensive Public Inquiries paid for by the taxpayer.   

This does not take into account compensation pay-outs for historical claims of child-abuse which ambulance-chasing lawyers have got rich upon over the past two decades.   The government's CICA (Criminal Injuries Compensation) paid out £71 Million to claimants in 2019.  The vast majority of these claimants deserved compensation but a not inconsiderable number, like Beech, were later found to have lied, some making multiple false allegations to get money.   DID / MPD plays into the hands of fraudsters like these enabling them to make up any old tosh and be implicitly believed by DID therapists. They know it and they string DID therapists along because those 'professionals' have proven themselves gullible fools.

ESTD and the European Satanic Circus.

The European Society for Trauma and Dissociation (ESTD)  was formed in 2006.  It appears to be a highly funded organisation and impressively professional in style, but it has clear links with dozens of first-wave Satan Hunters and their nonsense.   In the 2017 ESTD annual conference held in Berne attended by delegates from all over Europe and from the USA, in which Dr. Brendan O’Mahony, Professor Becky Milne and Dr. Kevin Smith, presented their paper to formalise a 'registered DID therapist' being present at the interrogation of every accuser which that therapist had treated' there was a veritable firmament of VIPs, including the head of the UK government's Historic Abuse Inquiry, Alexis Jay! 

However amongst those august people were also SRA troublemakers like Rainer Kurz.  Kurz is a chartered psychologist who bridges the gap between academic psychiatry and the SRA lunatic fringe. He delivered two lectures at ESTD 2017; one on Lost Memories (a subsidiary term for Recovered Memories)  and another on the 'Organised Ritualised Crime Abuse Network (ORCAN), a supposed network of criminal Satanic abusers in the UK imagined by Kurz through rolling together unconnected historical crimes and incidents.  There is absolutely no evidence of ORCAN's existence, but how were delegates to ESTD to know that?   Kurz is a colleague of Wilfred Wong, a fanatical Catholic fundamentalist agitator who was intimately connected behind the scenes with pushing the 1990 Satanic Panic in Britain. Wong was recently imprisoned after trying to kidnap an alleged Satanic Child Abuse Victim 'at knifepoint'. Full Background here: 

Rainer Kurz SRA
                  Impressario exceptionelleWong and Kurz appeared together as the only speakers at another Satan Seminar held in London on 22nd September  2017, organised by Canadian counsellor Sandra Fecht, another long-time believer in SRA and DID.   Wong spoke on Satanic Ritual Abuse and mounted his sectarian campaign to convince listeners that it exists.  Kurz took to the podium to lecture on 'Family court Child Snatching', the idea being that the Family Courts are supposedly in the thrall of Big Boss Satanists and in some unspecified way thwart people like him from getting evidence of SRA. (  Ironically on 4th November 2020, Wong and five other people were arrested and remanded in custody for 'abducting an 8 year old child at knife-point' after kidnapping him and driving him 230 miles from his home.  The case is ongoing as we write and we will report on it soon. ) 

Kurz's idiotic beliefs in SRA are clearly revealed in the illustration (right) from his own website where he declares that a bronze statue of a 16c Swiss folklore character is evidence of Satanic Child Abuse!  The question is, why are the ESTD and DID therapists giving these extremists house-room?  

Another SRA fanatic at the ESTD is the Dutch SRA activist Suzette Boon-Langen who in March 2014 wrote an article on her 30 years involvement in trying to persuade the Dutch government that SRA exists.  In her article she claims to have been involved in leading edge investigations into SRA through her work with 'survivors' of SRA as far back as the mid 1980s. 

Indeed Langen-Boon's article even includes references and quotes from two leading pushers of the 1990 Satanic Panic, Valerie Sinason and Tim Tate, a TV producer and writer whose documentary 'The Devil's Work' for the Cook Report has since been roundly condemned and discredited as bogus here.           and his 1991 book on the panic, supposedly providing incontrovertible proof, is reviewed here.   Both Sinason and Tate became involved in promoting the idea of SRA during the late 1980s.  Precisely the time that SRA was first 'discovered' in the McMartin Case in the USA,  and began to grow into a panic of national and then international importance.  

As you can see, despite the academic psychobabble now put out by a new generation of therapists about the importance of DID to mental health practitioners, the source of it is an a priori belief in Satanic Ritual Abuse of adults and children, even though there has not been one successful case of it found in over three decades of these people searching for it.

The danger to DID patients and to those falsely accused by those patients is that this now wealthy and expanding faction of psychiatry is bleeding enough funding from the NHS and government to be able to amply propagandise their DID promises and manipulate governments, as they have just done in Holland. On 5th October 2020, a motion was accepted unanimously by the Dutch Parliament for the Dutch government to start an investigation into the existence of SRA in Holland.  

Readers should know that such an in-depth investigation had already been undertaken in response to the 1990 false SRA claims which also occurred in Holland just as they did in the UK.   This official inquiry (the Hulsenbek committee) concluded in 1994 that SRA did not exist; just as the British government's own official inquiry, The La Fontaine report, said that it was a figment of the minds of fundamentalists searching for evidence of the Devil to suit their own religious beliefs.  

Just as the Cook Report's 'The Devil's Work', started the 1990 panic in Britain by working with Members of Parliament and accepting 'expertise' from DID psychiatrists and therapists in RAINS,  this new push to get SRA recognised in Holland was also done with the aid of a media company, Argos, in league with the ESTD which had produced a  documentary called 'Shards of Glass'.  The programme was basically a re-run of what the Cook Report did in 1989.  That is; portraying weeping 'survivors' of SRA that tugged at the heart-strings of viewers and inciting rage in the audience with heinous unproven tales of accusations of torture and abuse of children.

The public and media outrage generated in Holland when the circumstancial evidence contained in 'Shards of Glass' was broadcast in September 2020 was typical of what happened in 1989 with the Cook Report.   Equally as typically, the Dutch government capitulated to the unproven false allegations just as the British government did in 1990.  Having manipulated Dutch MPs, the DID satan-hunters have renewed optimism in pushing for more money and resources for a Psychiatric Voodoo which has been proven harmful to many, if not all, patients who are given it.  

People often forget the end result of believing the outpourings of recovered memories, so we will remind them; literally hundreds of innocent men and women are rotting in jails for things they never did due to false-accusations against them derived from Recovered Memories which were put into 'survivors' minds by DID therapists. Thousands of innocent people have had their careers, and homes destroyed, far too many have committed suicide, whilst many thousands of small children have been unnecessarily ripped from their families and taken into care to be traumatised for their later adult lives.  Presumably these poor victims will then fall into the hands of DID therapists again who will start the cycle all over.   DID is an EVIL, not a therapy.

The pan-European caucus of Satan Hunters comes to the UK Institute of Psychiatry to inflict Frankenstein medical practices  onto patients.

                  Resonance Imaging Brain-scans - can you tell which is
                  which?In September 2019 Simone Reinders a Netherlander who is a leading player in the coterie of SRA hunters in Europe within the panoply of the ESTD published the results of a Dutch and English funded project to try to use MRI scanners to identify people suffering from DID.   Apparently the Dutch gave her 300,000 Euro for it! 

Reinders is now claiming to be able to identify DID patients by looking at MRI scans of their brains. It is a witch-pricker of enormous implication for the future of psychiatry and the expansion of mental health treatment and will produce literally millions of SRA patients 'on demand'.   The full paper was published by the British Journal of Psychiatry (the RCP outreach) and you can see it here: Pattern Recognition Study of Brain Biomarkers to Aid in the Diagnosis of DID

Despite the paper's impressive technological discombobulation, in reality it is nothing more than a reinvention of the quackery that was Phrenology and it is scandalous that the people who run British psychiatry have portrayed it as accepted scientific research.   

An example
                    of a Bodking Witch-Pricker The point pushes back
                    into the handleDID Magnetic Resonance Imaging diagnosis  (DIDMRID) is yet another 'witch-pricker' by the same SRA crowd.  For those that do not know, 'witch-prickers' were fraudulent devices that witch-finders of the 15c/16c used to convince the public that anyone they wanted to accuse and burn, was a witch. They used bodkins (pointers) with retractable blades which, when pressed on a mole or birthmark, made the point go back into the handle. It appeared to onlookers that the point was penetrating the skin, but when removed there was of course no wound, no blood.  This was 'evidence' of the accused being a witch and literally hundreds of thousands of innocent old women were burned alive at the stake in Europe using similar deceitful devices.   DIDMRID diagnosis is nothing but the same clothed in scientific jargon.

However this is not the first foray that Reinders' has undertaken to find a witch-pricker for DID.   In 2012 along with several others she undertook experiments at Groningen University and Kings College (both are hotbeds of DID fanaticism) where electrodes were taped to patient's scalps and read-outs taken to try to find brain activity which was peculiar to DID patients.  A. A. T. Simone Reinders, Antoon T. M. Willemsen, Herry P. J. Vos, Johan A. den Boer, and Ellert R. S. Nijenhuis organised the experiment.  The idea was to identify a certain method of concluding that a person was suffering from DID and avoid the 'Fantasy Model' explanation of DID memories

Fantasy Vs Trauma

The arguments for and against DID can be brought down to Fantasy versus Trauma.  There is the 'Fantasy Model' (It's all made up)  and the 'Trauma Model' (Sadistic abuse causes repression of memories) .    The latter is clearly nonsense as survivors of the horrors of the Nazi death-camps suffered far worse trauma than self-identified SRA victims can imagine and can always remember their sufferings in great detail.  In fact the problem Holocaust victims have is to forget these awful images, which they have to live with almost daily.    

Indeed, there are Holocaust Museums in almost every major country around the world and their problem is that they have so many first-hand accounts of truly despicable acts against human beings that they must censor the worst of what camp inmates went through because some of the situations are so heinous that in today's world of uber-sensitivity they cannot be shown to a mixed audience.  

If the theory that PTSD routinely causes repression of memories were true, none of the thousands of books and documentary programmes on the Holocaust would have ever been produced.

Reinder and other 'second wave' DID pushers now believe that Sadistic Abuse causes actual physical trauma in the brain.  There is absolutely no evidence to indicate this is true, nor how that can happen, but that is what they would like to believe.  No scientist has ever been able to discover where the Mind actually resides (the Mind-Body problem) so suffering cannot cause the mind to physically alter the brain but it is one theory to counter the objections of the 'Fantasy Model' held by most of mainstream psychiatry.  Currently the general belief in psychiatry is that false memories are easily confabulated by vulnerable people under DID therapy and there are many studies which show this.

For years DID practitioners have been casting around for a way of proving their 'Trauma Model' and the 2012 brain-activity readouts were one failed attempt to do so.    Ironically the Institute of Psychiatry also attempted this in the 1990s when similar studies were undertaken from a general psychiatric angle, of changes in brain-waves of mentally ill patients.  It came to nothing and was jettisoned, which is what probably happened to Reinders' Groningen experiments and why she moved on to DIDMRID.

Simone Reinders and Valerie SinasonReinders is a trustee of Sinason's Clinic for Dissociative Studies.  In 2019 financial records show a funding income of £870,656.00 at the CDS.  Reinders' relationship with Sinason's work can be seen in this recent tweet by Reinders recomending and promoting Sinason's latest nonsense on DID.  Let us hope that it is a little more academic than the dross in Sinason's Devil Report.  I wonder if Reinders believes in those failed allegations and Sinason's earlier claims that 100 children had been satanically sacrificed? 

Simone Reinders' most recent academic paper ( on MRI scanning for DID ) has been extremely well received into psychiatry without much criticism, because it not only identifies as many DID patients as they could ever want (follow the money), but it also confirms DID as a 'genuine syndrome' and therefore rehabilitates them all from their past MPD excesses.  Reinders is therefore running on a high at the moment and getting plaudits world-wide.

However, when anyone with insight looks in detail at the research it can be seen to be very weak on  several counts.

1:  Reinders checked MRI scans of 32 people who had been diagnosed as having DID and then compared them with scans of a  control sample who were not diagnosed with DID. This is obviously utterly unscientific.  What should have happened is that the 32 DID and 43 Non-DID scans should have been shuffled, mixed up and then each analysed for DID using Reinders' stated premiss and then the results calculated and checked to see if correct.   As it is, she appears to have simply confirmed earlier diagnosis in each set!  The brains of those she believed to suffer from DID appeared to show divergence but unless Reinders method can identify DID patients from a mixed bunch of scans unknown to her then this new technique is non-definitive and not as claimed.

2: Peoples' bodies and brains are not the same, just as people come in various sizes so do brains.  After the age of 20 brain size and weight diminishes in a regular curve as the person ages.  Thus the brains of patients diagnosed with DID will be proportionately different in mass and weight at age 40, than DID patients at age 30.  How will Reinders tell the difference in her MRI scans?  

Reinders technique relies on the preponderance of grey matter in relation to white matter in the bran scans.  The hypothesis is that a difference here might indicate cellular changes due to psychological trauma.   This difference between DID brains and non-DID brains white and grey mass is worked out by trick computer modelling.  The same kind of computer modelling that is used in weather forecasting and which predicted, wrongly, half a million people would die from Covid19 in the UK!   

The qualifying criteria for white/grey proportion is set in the computer by the observer.  There has been no prior work on the percentage of natural divergence and average preponderance of grey/white matter in brains across the population and across ages and races, therefore the grey/white matter variable used by Reinders is complete and utter guesswork.   It could simply be that some people are born with different grey/white brain matter masses and that has no implication whatsoever for their mental function. We have no analysis of grey/white matter distribution in races, nor in gender, nor by human size or body-mass.  Therefore her entire hypothesis is utterly flawed and inevitably inconclusive

We draw readers' attention to the controversy over the  Body-Mass-Index relied upon by hundreds of thousands of dieticians and medics which turned out to be thoroughly misleading and of no consequence to the campaign against obesity.

3: There is absolutely no evidence in any scientific literature that the mind can physically alter the brain. If so it would prove telekinesis!  It is all just mental health voodoo.  Diseases can physically alter the structure of the brain and continuous use of some medicines may do,  but the mind and its fears cannot alter the structure of the brain.  This is so self-evident that it was entirely ignored by the Reinders' research because it would have invalidated the experiment at the start. 

Moreover although Reinders claims to have made allowances for the people in her sample having used medicines and drugs (obviously most of them will have been on tranquillisers at least and maybe others on Litharge to quieten their schizophrenic symptoms and some on anti-depressants or both) there is no detail of how she differentiated these people and we cannot see how it would be possible to compare the multiplexities of a person's medical history and their profile of medicine intake and then relate that to affects, or not, on the structure of the brain.   It could well be said that any differences between the DID and non-DID MRI scans are more likely to have been caused by exterior variables such as medicine intake, than the supernatural idea that psychological trauma causes changes in the physical structure of the brain, yet Reinders' experiment did not test that key point.

4: There is a fourth and most important final point about the misuse of MRI and DID.   Researchers now think that false memories created during DID sessions are so intolerable that they create Post Traumatic Stress disorder in those patients.   DID therapists falsely tell their patients that Sadistic Sexual Abuse causes post-traumatic stress disorder and that DID will uncover it by seeking out buried memories, whereas in reality DID therapy actually creates post-traumatic stress disorder in the patient by furnishing them with intolerable memories of Sadistic and Satanic Abuse during DID therapy sessions.  Thus even if we give credence to Reinders' interpretation of grey/white matter preponderance (which we do not accept) any PTS found in patients undergoing DID therapy will be as a result of that therapy and not an indication of a pre-existing state. The experiment therefore nullifies itself. 

Thus Simone Reinders'  entire research is shot through with false premises and misleading conclusions. Unfortunately there are now sufficient players in the DID industry (1,500 at last count) that Reinders' findings have been given a  respectability it simply does not deserve. Thousands more DID aligned people who support MRI scanning as a new witch-pricker are cheering her on so they can happily go on confirming SRA in mentally vulnerable people who need proper psychiatric care instead of this DID nonsense.

You can see where this is going.   All the earlier SRA victims in cases which failed during the 1990 Satanic Panic will now be MRI scanned and their stories pronounced true!   The fact that all of them were tried in court and found to be either lies or confabulations, will be ignored.  Demands will be made, as they were successfully in Holland recently, that the government instigate a new inquiry into SRA to overturn the conclusions of the 1994 La Fontaine Report.  based on MRI diagnosed DID.   It is yet another form of historical revisionism using junk-science as justification.  British psychiatry should be ashamed of how it has allowed these interlopers to corrupt established science.

Nazis measuring Jewish NosesThe most shocking thing about all this is that this push on DID has for many years now been supported and promoted by the Royal College of Psychiatry and the Institute of Psychiatry at King's College. Academics who should know better,  but who are even now offering articles to students on EXORCISM as a therapy for DID.  Truly an insane abdication of scientific thinking.  And they are doing it by diverting YOUR tax money which could be better used in other areas of the NHS.

History warns us to be VERY careful of eugenics and what they can lead to. The SAFF see the use of MRI scans to diagnose DID as dangerous in the extreme.   Few people realise that it wasn't the Nazis who invented Eugenics, it was the British scientist Francis Galton whose immoral teachings migrated to the USA where they were expanded and built upon by the medical profession there for decades before they were exported to Nazi Germany and ended up killing an estimated six million Jews and hundreds of thousands of mentally ill children and adults in asylums.  Race purification theories weren't invented by Hitler, they were invented and pursued by scientists and clinicians from major centres of Western Medicine and then hi-jacked by Hitler when it suited his political purpose. 

Had academe restricted or shaped the growth of eugenics sensibly in the late 19th century then this might not have happened so they are arguably just as guilty for the Holocaust as German scientists who ended up measuring Jewish noses to see if they qualified for extermination.

Although we have featured the state of play in the UK with regard to the promotion of DID their are coteries of DID therapists networking together to push DID onto patients in the Netherlands, Australia and Canada.  In the Netherlands many of these researchers and therapists are based at Groningen University which has also 'set standards' which some may find disturbing, for instance, in relation to establishing protocols to enable the killing of new-born infants who are found to have incurable diseases.  The Groningen Protocol is a collection of rules enabling doctors to kill those babies born with 'futile' lives.  

DID and Recovered Memory Therapists
                      in the UK.Conclusions:

  • We have shown how MPD was an unproven method which corrupted orthodox psychiatric teaching related to schizophrenia. 
  • We have shown the history of MPD and how it evolved into its present state, not from scientific analysis, but through sensational cases which were popularised by the media and later found false but used by the coterie of MPD believers anyway to further their claim for it to be established within orthodox  psychiatry.
  • We have explained how the very earliest recorded cases of MPD had absolutely no Satanic Content and the idea of Satanic Abuse was piggy-backed on to the MPD theory in the 1980s when Feminists and Fundamentalists found it politically useful.
  • We have explained how MPD was monopolised by the clique of motley  therapists who believed in Satanic Abuse in the 1990s to confirm their prejudices and preconceptions about suspected widespread networks abusing children which never existed.
  • We have exampled the fact that every case of MPD produced by these people turned out to be false and damaging for patients who were treated with it.  We have illustrated how MPD is not a cure (there is no recovery from MPD) and that it lengthens, not shortens, therapy for patients and has in some instances caused suicides.
  • We have shown that the work of  Jim Schnabel identified the Self-Victimisation syndrome in 1994 which accounts for most if not all confabulations and false accusations accruing from DID , yet those therapists promoting DID ignored his findings and went on using DID regardless.
  • We have shown how a 'new generation' of therapists are jumping on the DID bandwagon with little or no understanding of it's appalling early history embodying sectarian hatred and the harm it can do.
  • We have further shown that millions of pounds worth of resources is redirected from genuine cases and wasted on suspect MPD and recovered memory therapy. 
  • We have Illustrated how the cadre of believers in MPD/DID have ensconced themselves within orthodox psychiatry to influence it and promote supernatural ideas.  They are now attempting to establish MRI scans for DID which are nothing more than a modern form of phrenology, condemned by all psychiatrists everywhere as junk-science.  
  • We have categorically proven that we have warned the government, the department of health and the Royal College of Psychiatry about these things many times and predicted hundreds of thousands of unnecessary and false DID cases which MRI testing will produce. Yet the government appears totally disinterested and the Royal College of Psychiatry and Kings College ignore our warnings and still continue to allow this cadre of Satan Hunters to do their worst.   

The SAFF has long experience of this kind of cognitive dissonance. It usually continues, as officials turn a blind-eye to avoid facing it head on, until deaths begin to occur, whereupon they deny that they could have known about the problem and are therefore not responsible for those unnecessary deaths.   When in fact they are directly responsible.
That is what will happen again in the next decade. 
Watch this space!

There are very few people who understand and know the full history of how MPD / DID has been foisted onto the modern world. This SAFF Special Report of the Dangers of DID is being published so that in coming years people victimsed by DID therapists can have all the information necessary to sue the therapists and organisations which promoted this psychiatric voodoo.  

John Freedom,  Mortlake,
Tony Rhodes, Director SAFF.
With additional research and contributions from 'Vagdavercustis', Groningen. 

Parentalia, 2021


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